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URGENTE! Acabo de ter acesso a provas de que Damares pediu a Bolsonaro que não enviasse aos indígenas, que padeciam pela pandemia da covid-19, leitos de UTI, água potável e itens de necessidade básica. Havia um plano de extermínio em execução e eu vou até o fim pra fazer justiça..

🚨 Há exatos 2 anos, a primeira vacina contra a Covid-19 era aplicada no Brasil..

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Study shows Ivermectin is effective against Covid 19. Why was it dismissed in 2020?.

The House Oversight Committee will soon be holding a much-needed hearing on the widespread waste of taxpayer dollars in COVID-19 programs. The rampant waste, fraud, and abuse needs to be uncovered, and those responsible need to be held fully accountable..

Covid 19 is such a hovac that its roots are still present. Saint Ram Rahim Ji guided his followers for having some citrus fruits to improve immunity and always use mask in his 13th Letter. #TipsForCovid.

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@ChopraNimmi777 We are very thankful to Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji who has told us many tips to avoid Covid-19..

@ChopraNimmi777 By adopting these tips, the immunity system of the people is increasing, which helps us to fight against terrible diseases like Covid-19..

Denmark official faints during Covid-19 conference via @YouTube Safe and Effective!!.

@jimmy_dore 1. still zero evidence of a lab leak. 2. it was always recommended to use medical masks. 3. no one said it wasn’t. 4. untrue. 5. reported from the start. not a secret. 6. reported from the start. not a secret. 7. everybody already knows exercising is healthy. 8. not for Covid-19..

I have history of ischemic strokes & Chiari don’t understand had COVID-19 for 2 days in Sept 2022. I’m ankle brachial index test tmrw aft &see my cardiologist in Feb but I still don’t know what’s going on/how to address it.

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🔴Suma #Tamaulipas 57 nuevos contagios de COVID-19 Los contagios fueron notificados por Tampico con 12 Victoria con 9, Reynosa 8, Nuevo Laredo y Matamoros con 7, Madero 5, Mante 4, Altamira 3, mientras que Rio Bravo y Tula reportaron 1.

7/ダムの助手を含む少なくとも100人の役人やビジネスマンが、Covid-19テストキットの配布を含むスキャンダルに関連して逮捕された。 37 人 (その多くは上級外交官や警察) も、パンデミック中のベトナム人の本国送還に関する捜査で逮捕されました。.

6/フックは指導者としての政治的責任を負った」と述べた。 今月初め、同国の国民議会は、ファム・ビン・ミンとヴー・ドゥック・ダムを副首相の地位から解任した。 ミンは外務大臣を務め、ダムはCovid-19パンデミックへの国の対応を担当していました。.

@gatewaypundit Fortunately, no covid-denying anti-vaxers die from Covid-19..

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@stillgray Explain this? #wef #KlausSchwab it sounds like on a few years we will look back on this green initiative like we are on the Covid-19 vaccine.

あー、突然ですが、市川さんはコロナ陽性になりましたー。体調つらいよー😢 I caught the annoying Covid-19. Bummer.😫.

Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed new legislation to permanently prohibit COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates in Florida..

#TipsForCovid @Gurmeetramrahim @DSSNewsUpdates Doctor saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji dwara bataye hue nuskhe apnaen aur covid-19 se dur hai.

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‘Diamond’ of Diamond and Silk did not die of COVID-19, death certificate reveals.

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Five-day COVID-19 lockdown imposed in Pyongyang | Coronavirus pandemic News – EAST AUTO NEWS.

Puebla realizara vacunación contra Covid-19 en las escuelas -.

まだCOVID-19の感染力や重症化リスクが大変危険なレベルなので、身内や職場に迷惑かけられない そんな訳で、今年もライブ遠征はやめておこう、と判断した …久し振りに大阪行きたかったけど、感染してまたあんな死にかける状態になるの嫌だし.

COVID-19 Update: 4 new COVID-19 cases reported on January 24.

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A ban on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been imposed for five days in Pyongyang.

Tiga tahun lalu, saat pandemi Covid-19 sampai ke Indonesia dan hampir semua negara di dunia, banyak menyarankan agar pemerintah melakukan lockdown. Tapi saya memiliki pertimbangan lain..

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@SOS149 Stewing in your own juices! Kaaaaran needs to stop doing urine therapy. Storing and drinking your own (or others) urine was touted by leaders in the movement as the “antidote to Covid-19..

Many countries are abolishing further vaccinations against COVID-19 for all non-high-risk individuals (the UK is the latest example), while others are attempting to introduce mandatory vaccinations for children. Such laws are currently being discussed in the New York Senate..

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japantimesさんからRT: Tokyo reported 5,061 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, down by about 2,600 from a week before, with the nation see…   01月26日18時07分台のニュースでした.


@LadySam721 OKAY! After Getting COVID-19, a cancer scare in my family, Australia and the Golden Globe for best Drama Series, I’m finally finishing “House Of The Dragon”. Will check back..

@ksorbs WORST IS TRUE: Dems released the Covid-19, killing millions… to tarnish the trump Presidency..

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