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[email protected] engineers are doing a purge of vapor fumes around the Dragon Endeavour to ensure the safety of our #LaunchAmerica crew when they open the hatch.

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La cápsula fue recogida en aguas del Atlántico por el bote de recuperación «GO Navigator». Allí los astronautas deben ser sometidos a chequeo médico antes de ser trasladados a tierra

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טוב זה מדהים! בתמונה רואים את הצוות מתחנת החלל הבינלאומית (2 אסטרונאוטים) שנוחתים באמצעות הדראגון. חללית פרטית של ספייס איקס. החללית המריאה ב30 למאי ונחתה היום. זו הפעם ה1 שחללית פרטית משמשת להעברת אסטרונאוטים לתחנת החלל וממנה. מרתק!

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NASA astronauts @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug splashed down safely in the Gulf of Mexico aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon “Endeavour,” wrapping up a two-month, mission to the ISS. Shot on #HELIUM8K #ShotonRED Courtesy of NASA/Mike Downs/ Rodney Grubbs

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Now that the astronauts are home, NASA and SpaceX teams will comb through the data and prepare to certify the Crew Dragon craft for future missions to the space station. The first of those missions could happen as soon as September.

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In pics: The SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour #spacecraft carrying two NASA #astronauts parachuted to a splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida on Sunday, completing a two-month mission to the International Space Station.

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El presidente Donald Trump, que había viajado a Florida para el lanzamiento de la cápsula hace dos meses, elogió el regreso exitoso y agradeció a los participantes del proyecto

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NEWS: SpaceX’s Crew Dragon splashes down in the Gulf of Mexico, completing a historic NASA mission from @CNBC:

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In February, SpaceX recognized the hard work and dedication of every member of the Crew Dragon team before the capsule left the factory floor. Just 6 months later the caption can now read mission success: returned human spaceflight capabilities to the United States!

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NASA astronauts are back on Earth after a successful Crew Dragon splashdown -

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Crew Dragonテスト成功でSpaceXはNASA初の有人民間宇宙飛行事業者へ

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[Actualizado] Termina con éxito la la primera misión tripulada de una Crew Dragon #Espacio #Noticias | por @Wicho

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In the US, the crew of the NASA SpaceX Dragon Capsule have splashed down safely upon their return from the International Space Station, making it the first US-crewed water landing in 45 years. It is also the first commercial crewed mission to the ISS. Image: EPA-EFE

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SpaceXの有人宇宙船Crew Dragonがメキシコ湾に着水し船上回収成功

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For the CREW-1 mission @SpaceX adds Dragon Fire upgrade to Crew Dragon. Multi-outcome system of disposing of the residual hypergolic fuel.

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Bob and Doug get to upgrade their uniforms to officially include this Crew Dragon Mach 25 patch now.

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Two NASA astronauts returned to Earth on Sunday after an ‘extraordinary’ Dragon test flight, paving the way for regular space station crew rotation flights with SpaceX’s new spaceship. FULL STORY:

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SpaceX Crew DragonがISSより帰還。民間初、米国の宇宙船として9年ぶりの有人飛行 #エンガジェット

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crew dragon無事帰ってきたんだね〜 良かった… 宇宙旅行がもっと身近になったらいいですね 私は身体弱いから耐えうる気がしないけど、丈夫だったら絶対行ってみたかったな、宇宙旅行

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NASA Astronaut @AstroBehnken exiting the Crew Dragon capsule as @Astro_Doug offers thanks to all involved in the historic #SpaceX DM-2 mission


[email protected] engineers are doing a purge of vapor fumes around the Dragon Endeavour to ensure the safety of our #LaunchAmerica crew when they open the hatch.

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Demo2: The deorbit burn is complete; Hurley, Behnken and their Crew Dragon capsule are now committed to a Gulf of Mexico splashdown; atmospheric entry expected at 2:36pm

Spaceflight Now
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Deorbit burn complete! SpaceX mission control reports a good rocket firing to commit the Dragon Endeavour spacecraft to re-entry & splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico at 2:48pm EDT (1848 GMT). Next will be closure of the nose cone at 2:11pm EDT (1811 GMT).

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У суботу астронавти Боб Бенкен і Даг Герлі покинули МКС на борту корабля Crew Dragon компанії SpaceX і повертаються на Землю

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Watching and waiting for the departure of GO Navigator. The SpaceX Crew Dragon recovery ship is making final preparations at the Pensacola Naval Air Station.

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Astronautas de la NASA salen de la estación espacial a bordo de la nave espacial SpaceX Crew Dragon

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Корабль Crew Dragon отстыковался от МКС и возвращается на Землю

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VIDEO: La Crew Dragon de SpaceX se desacopla de la EEI para llevar a la Tierra a 2 astronautas de la primera misión tripulada privada de la historia

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Crew Dragon с двумя космонавтами отстыковался от МКС. Корабль SpaceX вернётся на Землю сегодня вечером. Астронавты пробыли на станции два месяца

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🎥 #VIDEO: La cápsula Crew Dragon de @SpaceX ya viene de camino a la ¿sabes cuánto tiempo estuvo en el espacio? 🚀😯

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