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Ang ganda sa pandinig ng pangalang “Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli.” Ang elite ng dating. ☺️

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Vahn Dragon ()

So the pedo has people protecting her. and she accuses people who try to expose what she does to she also got called for dating a Kid. even have video yelling that kid.

6’3” in Rollerblades ()

@Pork_Chop_Hair @justmiche74 I was driving back into the marinas fee years ago and the motor just fucking fell of my boat. That’s my relationpontoon. That’s a fucking metaphor for my entire dating life. The fucking motor fell off my relationship. This is not the self actualization I needed this morning.

Penguin ()

The culture that absolves the female gender of any responsibility when it comes to dating married men will never seize to amaze me. Considering the fact that some women do the chasing and all the strategic positioning in the world to make these men ask them out.

Cool Ranch Luke ()

I’ve sat through many of these, dating back to probably 2004, and the air gets thick with anxiety the second the officer board the bus. They’re bad memories and even worse experiences for immigrant riders. Happy ⁦@GreyhoundBus⁩ is taking a stand.

🎃 The Rated R Ice Cream Bar 🎃 ()

Does anyone else think about couples from two different franchises dating or going on double dates? Cause I really want to write a BBxRae/White Rose double date fic

💖babie marshmello💖 ()

I wish I would have seen this before dating one And now he still owes me money

Sarah ()


Waymon Harley ()

Fulton to hold dating violence program for high school students

ً ()

oomfs after more than a year on this account i finally feel comfortable enough to tell the truth about who i really am. i hope you guys don’t view me any differently and as some of you have probably i am twice’s momo, and i am actually dating minatozaki sana.

Angelica Ross ()

Tip for men on dating apps: Read First. Swipe second. It really will save us all so much time.

Nergigante Fanbirb ()

Monster Hunter dating sim. Aka find various ways to get rid of your handler while still swooning over handsome wyvern.

Ratuy ()

@kdrama_menfess marriage not dating, because this is my first life, my husband oh jak doo

Linda Nene ()

This dating chat is why I always tell people to date in their tax bracket. Leave people who can afford R600 Uber rides alone. To those who have money let the poor date the poor. Stop putting other kids under pressure

Naomi Torres. ()

Boys say they don’t have time for no ugly ass attitude yet they are literally dating a psychopath

Spacelordnova ()

TBH I wouldn’t recommend dating ugly men. They still do you dirty, might as well get played by someone who’s nice to look at LMAO.

Peaches ()

One time a guy I was dating saw the stretch marks on my stomach & then asked me if I’d had surgery 🙃

CrazyEyedJedi ♦ Jedi of the Insane ♦ ()

@LadyGravemaster @ZubyMusic after four years dating 38 years of marriage. 8.) be yourself, your style of humor, of good looks, of fitness. live up to yourself, your man will appreciate you having a self standard and self-esteem. 9.) never listen to twitter 🤡

Lupenyo ()

@CartierZagorski @PhathuMakwarela And how young was the blessed hubbie when you started dating. Just wanna see

ً ()

which is why women who have a dating history of hotties>>>>>> women who settle

ًgrace⁷☺︎ ()

the first army they showed was the army that jhope gave his bag to, accidentally followed on twitter, and waved to on new years. jackie and hobi are dating confirmed

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Lyza ()

Just want to remind these two na lifted na dating ban,,,,,, just putting it out there,,,,, chz,,,, not chz

Vancouver Island Free Daily ()

Don’t be blinded by love: #Saanich police warn of online dating red flags

✰ sora ⁷ ()

hi sayang <3 cantiknya <3 dating dgn i HAHAHAHAHA but srsly ure 🥺💋

Lee Waton ()

You get some right belters on these dating sites eh?! My block button has never had more use 😂😂

Yansghorl ()

Sa wakas ayos na lahat pero di na mabalik yung dating kasiyahan,kulitan awayan,tampuhan 🥺💙😭

Zeri. ()

Upang ang iyong paglilimos ay malihim: at ang iyong Ama na nakakikita sa lihim ay gagantihin ka. Mateo 6:4 Tagalog (Ang Dating Biblia) (1905) (TAB) #ThanksgivingFromTheHeart

Zeri. ()

Mateo 6 Tagalog (Ang Dating Biblia) (1905) (TAB) 1 Mangagingat kayo na huwag magsigawa ng katuwiran sa harap ng mga tao, upang kanilang makita: sa ibang paraan ay wala kayong ganti ng inyong Ama na nasa langit. #ThanksgivingFromTheHeart

Sarah Jones ()

My dad and I have a lot in common we are both virgos, have the same birthday, and have huge goals in life. But one thing we don’t have in common I don’t cheat on the people I’m dating or married to

Dayanyanne ()

Nauulit na naman kase mga dating nangyari na ayaw ko na sanang maulit pero bakit, bakit?

Jason Paul Laxamana ()

Ang ganda sa pandinig ng pangalang “Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli.” Ang elite ng dating. ☺️

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