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We just processed first Dogecoin transaction in @mlb history! #DogecoinToTheMoon @Athletics

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Sir Doge of the Coin 🐶
Sir Doge of the Coin 🐶 ()

We have people that are pure even in the shadows, do not let them shake you out! 🐶🚀🌕 #dogecoin #doge

✌🏻 ()

I am waiting for this Dump. Let’s dip more #Dogecoin. You all know that it will hit new ATH @ $ next right?


Attention: #DogecoinArmy We were at $.53 just 2 days ago. Now at $.58 cents. Everyone smoke some weed and drink some water. We’re still gonna hit these next milestones. #Dogecoin tattoo still happening with my bro @DogecoinRise

Ben Askrens Hair 🥊🤼‍♂️💣
Ben Askrens Hair 🥊🤼‍♂️💣 ()

@Boogerbeard1 Welcome back Booger! The bans were I hope you didn’t sell your Dogecoin while you were 💰

B.R.U.N.O ()

Person wey dey drive me crazy talk say fuel don finish Oo, I don the use leg waka.#dogecoin

#dogecoin Фото,#dogecoin Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты
Jon Erlichman
Jon Erlichman ()

Value of $1,000 invested 1 year ago: Dogecoin: $274,521 Ethereum: $17,186 Bitcoin: $5,872 Penn National: $4,700 The Gap: $4,375 Tesla: $4,103 Moderna: $2,754 FedEx: $2,613 Zoom: $1,900 Twitter: $1,797 PayPal: $1,748 Google: $1,728 Apple: $1,679 Amazon: $1,383

Rhiannasbae ()

@gurgavin He should do Dogecoin as a vaccine incentive if he wants to really be effective.

American Cancer Society
American Cancer Society ()

#Dogecoin 🪙 is now officially on our list of accepted cryptocurrencies. COVID-19 reduced our ability to fund cancer research by 50% in 2020. Donating is now more important than ever. Using $doge makes it easy! @dogecoin

American Cancer Society
American Cancer Society ()

Starting today, you can make donations to the American Cancer Society with @dogecoin! Your #cryptocurrency 🪙donation is tax-deductible and will help offset the funding shortfall caused by COVID-19.

Chef Andrew Gruel
Chef Andrew Gruel ()

Dogecoin was priced at $ on April 27, 2020. Had you invested your first $1,200 stimulus check into $DOGE it would be worth $360k today.

J-16 ()

@bitfinex @dogecoin ⭐️ We make millions, do you want to join us? 🤑 ➡️ Search in Telegram: TheRealPumps

Tyler Winklevoss
Tyler Winklevoss ()

Dogecoin is the people’s money. It’s organic, irreverent, and fun. @Gemini now supports $DOGE. Deposits are open. Trading to follow shortly.

Yomi ()

Infinix Note 10 Pro Expected Specification, Design, Arriving May 13 | After 27 | Desmond Elliot | Elon Musk | #dogecoin |

رحّـــآل•^ ()

#dogecoin listen to this , I know it is stirring something in your chest. this is The Quran, words of god (allah). read about islam

Kiki Gani
Kiki Gani ()

Ramadan!! How many more days do we have to go 🤷😂 As in ama doing the usual stuff 😆😆 after the fasting, I gt to respect my Muslim frnds 🙏🙏 Good Morning😜😂😂 Melinda | Ghana | Christ Embassy | #dogecoin

Dave Kaval
Dave Kaval ()

We just processed first Dogecoin transaction in @mlb history! #DogecoinToTheMoon @Athletics


#DOGE is at .39❗️Push through 😤 the haters would hate for us to see .50 before Elon hits SNL this weekend❗️#Dogecoin

Bitcoin News
Bitcoin News ()

A great number of people replied to Elon Musk’s tweet that day. “Your words give life and energy to #dogecoin,” one woman from India wrote.

Bean ()

@elonmusk Guys! I made $1,000,000 off dogecoin! I’m giving away $1000 to 100 lucky people who follow me and retweet this! Hurry! Go, go, go!! Good luck 🍀

Bloomberg Quicktake
Bloomberg Quicktake ()

Dogecoin started as a joke but a crypto frenzy is now sending it to the moon. @EdVanDerWalt explains what it does better than any of its rivals

Elon Musk
Elon Musk ()

@Farook768777681 Donate $500 worth BTC to this wallet And get $2000 worth Dogecoin courtesy Elon Musk team 🤑🤑🤑 hurry send A DM once done. 1DcJMjLAS8yXGwZAZyLiVDq9qp7nrts7kv bitcoin://1DcJMjLAS8yXGwZAZyLiVDq9qp7nrts7kv

#dogecoin Фото,#dogecoin Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты
A ()

Mark Cuban told Ellen DeGeneres buying Dogecoin is a better investment than a lottery ticket😈 He made that shit jump overnight🥰Elon Musk gonna be on SNL to pump it up more May 8th🤑 Yall keep holding! I ain’t taking shit out til these rich niggas do & that’s on perioddddt💸💰💸

Bloomberg Asia
Bloomberg Asia ()

Dogecoin has shot up 6,000% this year thanks to memes, hope for a big score, and not much else via @BW

Bloomberg ()

Dogecoin has shot up 6,000% this year thanks to memes, hope for a big score, and not much else via @BW

Dogegod ()

@mcuban Sending one random person 75$ in $DOGE To Enter: • FOLLOW 🚀 • RETWEET 💎 • LIKE 🚀 (Must be following so I can DM you) #Dogecoin #Doge


If not thats ok too !! Do whats best for you but im holding !! The moon and mars are not the same distance from earth !! Meaning your moon may be 1 others may 10,100,1000 do what your moon is !! IMO #DOGECOIN

#dogecoin Фото,#dogecoin Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты
Stacey Barnhart
Stacey Barnhart ()

Dogecoin SECRET CLUE From Elon Musk ⚠️ FUTURE CRYPTO OF EARTH ⚠️ via @YouTube

Mike Novembear
Mike Novembear ()

@dogecoin_empire Your question is missing information, the price of doge is only limited by time.

Pravin jadhao
Pravin jadhao ()

Doge Day Redemption? Elon Musk Teases Dogecoin Push on SNL

Rahul D
Rahul D ()

@MileyCyrus @elonmusk Haters don’t get too salty. There is room in #dogecoin for everyone. Buy now and join the elite #dogearmy 😎

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