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passei algumas horas lendo sobre e ainda estou impressionado com a trajetória do elon musk se tornando pessoa mais rica do mundo só com a venda dos albuns da grimes

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vituh 🎣
Vituh 🎣 ()

twitter por favor deixe eu seguir o elon eu sei que vocês não gostam de negros homossexuais mais por favor eu imploro 😭

primate empleado
Primate empleado ()

Año 2085 Elon Musk presenta un proyecto para revivir a MARADONA. Vuelve a estar con nosotros, mata a Elon de un pelotazo mal atajando se queda con todos los recursos y los invierte en poblaciones vulnerables.

Band Aid King Dempsey
Band Aid King Dempsey ()

Elon gonna have an independent city state in Texas. I had them Ducats? I would too

leon pancetta
Leon pancetta ()

@ConnorSouthard @bigblackjacobin Elon is going to use that to cut children in half instead.

Enesmafaka ()

arkadaslarım: knk hep gzeiyosun cok zenginsin mk mark zuckerberg: la bi beslik at bakim elon musk abi: kardesim gel nusret yapak aksam aslında olan:

Elon Фото,Elon Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты

Elon Musk pledges $100M to whoever can solve carbon capture by @KlenderJoey

Daily Express
Daily Express ()

🚘 @Tesla confirms 2021 range improvements - including popular Model 3

Bloomberg ()

Elon Musk said he plans to donate $100 million towards a prize for the best carbon capture technology

James Cullen Bressack
James Cullen Bressack ()

@DaveWeasel @elonmusk There are people that dont follow elon musk? How will they learn about dogecoin

Krzysztof Jendrzyca
Krzysztof Jendrzyca ()

Ostatnio wspominałem, że będę ograniczał teksty typu musisz x. Jednak im częściej rozmawiam z programistami, którzy szybko levelują, tym częściej widzę, że podstawy opisane w Clean Code, to jest must read. This is why:

Critical Enthusiasm - Warren Redlich
Critical Enthusiasm - Warren Redlich ()

There’s a flood of Elon haters attacking @boringcompany in the replies. Jump in and educate them. @BoringPrufrock

🉐 ()

Nigga like me buying the political party of a resource rich nation and exploiting the locals for cheap labor. Word to Elon 💯

Bloomberg Next China
Bloomberg Next China ()

Elon Musk all but confirmed last week that Tesla will enter India, but it may prove the company’s hardest yet market to crack

Electrek.Co ()

Tesla is hiring people to address complaints to Elon Musk on Twitter by @fredericlambert

Bruja Roja
Bruja Roja ()

@Miss_karenSdo Hahahaha amé. Esa de Contigo no le tengo miedo ni a la misma muerteeeeeee es wenísima, cuando me case con Elon Musk en marte lawaponer

Adam Weinstein
Adam Weinstein ()

Hey Elon have you ever noticed how few basements we have here in South Florida

Osita ()

me parece una falta de respeto que a esta altura exista gente que no conoce a Elon Musk

Mariox ()

@Gumaro2004 @OOCprogresismo Elon Musk: Legalizen la comedia Carlos Maza: tu eres, y siempre seras el mas cabronazo y imbecil de esta pagina

Alex ()

elon musk is extremely good at not understanding any piece of media he interacts with

Global News
Global News ()

@MMCrypto Have you seen this event yet? Tesla and Elon made me a rich person! Check it out ASAP!! I was able to get loads of coins from this===>


Encrypted-messaging apps Signal and Telegram are reporting massive surges in new users following tweets from Elon Musk, who urged his audience last week to drop Facebook-owned WhatsApp over its recent privacy policy changes.

Roy Murphy
Roy Murphy ()

This will drive BTC Store of Value HODLers incandescent with rage. Elon gets it. 👍 Bitcoin is #BSV

BBC Radio Wiltshire
BBC Radio Wiltshire ()

Elon Musk - one of the richest people on the planet - has been invited to consider setting up a new manufacturing site in Swindon.

River_Tam ()

Eligibility is the only thing stopping Elon Musk from being President

Chrystian Orion 山崎 🍥
Chrystian Orion 山崎 🍥 ()

Será que ainda da tempo do Elon Musk pedir o Auxilio Emergencial?

Elon Фото,Elon Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты
Tech Lagi
Tech Lagi ()

Elon Musk telah mendermakan $5 juta kepada Khan Academy, sebuah platform pendidikan atas talian melalui pertubuhan Musk Foundation untuk membantu menghasilkan lebih banyak pengisian pembelajaran akademi tersebut. Khan Academy banyak membantu min semasa zaman asasi dulu.

Elon Фото,Elon Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты
Bloomberg ()

Elon Musk’s tweets have been known to drive big stock moves, with a Japanese toy and game maker being the latest beneficiary

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott ()

Elon Musk knows what’s up. Some people think that people like him moving from CA to Texas will turn Texas blue. That’s false. He consistently makes comments like this that push back against liberal political correctness. He’s a true believer in freedom & less government.

Rafael Lange #OrdemParanormal
Rafael Lange #OrdemParanormal ()

passei algumas horas lendo sobre e ainda estou impressionado com a trajetória do elon musk se tornando pessoa mais rica do mundo só com a venda dos albuns da grimes

Dan Price
Dan Price ()

Elon Musk has donated of his fortune to charity. Jeff Bezos has donated of his fortune to charity. Together, they have $380 billion and pay lower tax rates than you. Relying on billionaire philanthropy is not the answer.

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