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New listings! 100 (CIX100), Elrond (ERD).

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Eneste jeg tenker på er da jeg husket LRH som Elrond Hubbard. Fniser hver gang jeg tenker på det.

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$ERD #elrond This may be your path to financial freedom💰.

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Right now, everyone’s in all these cinematic/series fandoms but bitch wait till the LOTR series on prime gets released and ya’ll turn out to be Eonwe, Celebrimbor, Gil-galad and Elrond’s BITCHES..

$ERD #elrond This rally is cool, but the real one will begin when we enter the price discovery zone🔥 Another 15% up for now, keep going!.

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Elrond still looking pretty good, nice healthy retracements, one last resistance on both the BTC and USDT pairings until we get into price discovery territory. Looking for 60-61 to hold for continuation. $erd.

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$ERD (#Elrond) bullish consolidation under resistance, looking great. marked potential resistances. Interested in the move after the potential pop here jumping in on a retrace, ideally 59-65 flipping to support..

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@TeawithTolkien He is going to tell you he is like Bilbo in the house of Elrond, lol.

#Elrond $erd bull run is just at the next target 100 sat! @ElrondNetwork 🍀🚀🤩.

$ERD #elrond $ALTS: Price made it all the way up, double top coming? If $BTC chills and dominance goes down, I can see this breaking ATH levels. Want to see a HTF close above 55 sats. Sell volume is high tho and I think this more likely goes down to the 45 sat area, the 50% fib..

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Elrond tps are mind blowing!! $ERD #ERD #elrond @ElrondNetwork.

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The Elrond Network is a project which is able to solve the trilemma of blockchain scalability of networks and enhance the interaction of technology with real sectors of the economy. #elrond.

Rüyamda Daenerys Targaryen Jorah Mormont ve ben Ankarayı fethetmeye gidiyoruz Ankaranın başında da Kanuni var baya bi direniyor tam düşürücez Elrond Arwen ve Mansur Yavaş elf ordusuyla yardıma geliyor bakıyorum karşı kadro daha sağlam oraya geçip bunları def ediyoruz.

#Elrond is still cheap! @ElrondNetwork 🤩🚀🍀 Just sayin’ like always! $erd 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Elrond eliminates the need for intensive PoW consensus algorithms and proposes a novel and more robust Secure Proof of Stake consensus, enhancing intra-shard communication and pruning the blockchain state to the most essential #elrond #erd.

Ladies! Are you: - tired by the failings of men? - desperately trying to bring order to the group project? - just want to stay at home and read? Congratulations! You’re not a woman at all but the half-elf, Elrond..

@jemimargh And none of them (Gandalf, Galadriel, Elrond) could have just taken it for themselves even for safekeeping because as Gandalf said, through them it would have too much power. It wasn’t a case of him not knowing or not caring, but waiting for fear of just making everything worse.

Over 500 daily 🌍 registrations on 12,6k on 4,5M $ERD for 260 #nERDs 🛠 Elrond VM is now open source 🔬 Node monitoring with Grafana&Prometheus 🔥 CryptoBubbles coming soon Eat, sleep, #buidl, repeat @ElrondNetwork.

#Elrond’un düşüşünü iyi takip ettik ama 30 satoshiden alamadık neden bu fırsatı kaçırdık diye inceledim. Ben uyurken 1 saattlik grafikte alçalan kamanın desteğinde çift doji oluşmuş ve bunu kaçırmışız. Market böyle asisti her zaman yapmaz. Hatamızdan ders çıkaralım. Bunu not alın.

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Dont forget #elrond was the highest demanded ieo on #binance so far, could it be they know something we dont 🧐🤓, could it be that the matic run may look like a spec compared to the $erd run.

Very interesting the Elrond project #elrond #erd. I have been following the development and work of a strong and experienced team of professionals. I advise everyone to pay attention..

1/ Elrond VM is open source you can check it out here VM memory optimizations through custom memory handler and garbage collector. Other optimizations on VM are in work.

@zilliqa is doing great job by trying to implement sharding! But will they survive against fully sharded architecture of @ElrondNetwork? Or #elrond will kill ZIL?.

Daily Motivational Quote: “That future is almost gone.” “But it is not lost.” -Elrond and Arwen (Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)).

El concepto de Thranduil y Elrond quejándose de las malas decisiones de sus hijes haciendo videollamada con el Palantir mientras Galadriel se ríe de ellos y bebe vino.

New listings! 100 (CIX100), Elrond (ERD).

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