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I’m on my way to the and Europe today for the first foreign trip of my presidency. I know that democracies can rally together to meet the challenges of this new age – this week, in Europe, we have the chance to prove that.

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Ishaq Chebli
Ishaq Chebli ()

Belaïli est un monstre tout simplement, et mérite une place de titulaire avec un bon club en Europe #TeamDz #TUNALG

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The Times Of India
The Times Of India ()

Macron calls for easing of supply of ingredients for production of Covid vaccines to India, others

Gini Wijnaldum
Gini Wijnaldum ()

So excited for the next chapter in my journey 🙌🏾 Signing for Paris Saint-Germain is a new challenge for me. I’m very proud to join one of the best squads in Europe. I want to bring all my desire and commitment to this ambitious project. @PSG_inside

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert ()

So now that Biden has been to Europe, does that mean Kamala can go to the border now?


Do you ever notice how Americans aren’t given much news or perspective from Black & brown countries including the ones that are geographically closer to the USA than Europe & Asia?

The New York Times
The New York Times ()

President Biden, on his first trip abroad since taking office, arrives in Europe with a daunting agenda: — Group of 7 and NATO summits — Meetings with EU leaders — A sit-down with Vladimir Putin — Reassuring allies that the Trump years were an aberration

President Biden
President Biden ()

I’m on my way to the and Europe today for the first foreign trip of my presidency. I know that democracies can rally together to meet the challenges of this new age – this week, in Europe, we have the chance to prove that.

SpacTraderInTraining ()

My parents are planning to go to Europe for a month in August to celebrate my Moms birthday/take a post covid trip. I asked them today how much it would cost and they told me 13-15k. Told them I’d cover it as a gift to my Mom, they were left speechless. Breathtaking moment. ()

We now have reports that in Spring 2020, Dr Fauci privately warned Europe that Covid leaked from the Wuhan lab while he publicly told the American people the opposite

Mike Pompeo
Mike Pompeo ()

On this day, in 1944, brave American and allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe. We honor their unparalleled efforts and sacrifice to defeat tyranny. #DDay

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Reuters ()

Pope calls for reconciliation, healing over Canada school discovery

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MCGI Youth
MCGI Youth ()

The participating divisions are here to break the news to us! Be on standby for the Youth News entries from Europe-Israel-Africa, Cavite, Visayas, and Rizal Division. #MCGIYouth #IYC3pleTreat

Jordyn ()

Nazis murdered 2/3 of Europe’s Jews in the Holocaust, we still haven’t replenished our pre-war population, and when I say “mishpacha, have more Jewish babies,” I’M the fascist?! Classic.

Candice Malcolm
Candice Malcolm ()

Government defends quarantine hotels as Trudeau plans to trip to Europe via @truenorthcentre

MCGI Youth
MCGI Youth ()

Our first participant is Sis Gionna Privado from the Europe-Israel-Africa Division, with her cover of With You. #MCGIYouth #IYC3pleTreat

Dr Sandro Demaio
Dr Sandro Demaio ()

Strong lessons for us here in Australia, from US & UK. The summary: get vaccinated as soon as you’re eligible. #COVID19Vic

Jessica Simor QC
Jessica Simor QC ()

So no tests now in Europe if you’re double vaccinated but if you return to the UK you still have to take 2 tests at a cost of around £160 from private companies chosen by the Government. Call me cynical.

McLaren ()

For all McLaren Plus members that do not live in Europe, don’t worry! We have plenty more competitions lined up for you.

McLaren ()

It’s competition time! ✈️ As the world starts to open up again, you can win a two night stay at a Hilton Hotel thanks to our friends @HiltonHonors. Good luck, McLaren Plus members! This competition is open to those who live in Europe only.

Florian Philippot
Florian Philippot ()

Stratégie totalement gagnante pour la Suède qui est restée ouverte, sans confinement, sans masque : - Selon Bloomberg son économie reprend « bien plus vite » que les autres en Europe et a déjà retrouvé son « niveau d’avant covid » - 13% de morts/habitant en moins qu’en France !

Andrea Canales
Andrea Canales ()

At some point, whose narrative will be utterly ruined if a USMNT squad of players based mostly in Europe fails to do as well in competitive games as the USMNT squads that were majority MLS-based? And will the blame then be on the few remaining MLS players or the MLS coach?

Florian Ederer
Florian Ederer ()

What do Europeans feel most attached to: region, country, or Europe?

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William Gillis 🏴
William Gillis 🏴 ()

This gap in highway coverage is notable on a map, but during the 90s when Foster was called cyrillic avenue because of mass migration from eastern europe after the fall of the USSR, it functioned as the missing highway (and high speed death trap).


Ayer, Madrid recibió la medalla de capital mundial del deporte 2022, aunque no fue una sorpresa: era la única candidata que se había presentado tras pagar euros en tasas a una asociación con sede en Bruselas llamada Aces Europe

CoinMarketCal ()

Our audience in May 2021 👇 🇹🇷 Turkey - 24% ➡️ 🇮🇳 India - 9% ⬆️ 🇺🇸 USA - 6% ⬇️ 🇮🇩 Indonesia - 5% ⬆️ 🇬🇧 UK - 5% ⬇️ 🇮🇷 Iran - 4% ⬆️ 🇳🇱 Netherlands - 4% ⬇️ 🇰🇷 S. Korea - 4% ⬇️ 🇵🇰 Pakistan - 3% 🆕 🇦🇺 Australia - 3% ⬇️ 🌏 Asia - 59% 🌍 Europe - 26% 🌎 Americas - 10% 🌐 Other - 5%

Tim Murtaugh
Tim Murtaugh ()

46 out of 47 countries in Europe require photo ID to vote. Is the whole continent racist? Remember this when liberals hold up Europe as the model for America to follow on other policies.

Tatsu ()

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Jonne Järvelä🎉 デビュー当時「Korpiklaaniと一緒にバーベキュー大会」に参加。その模様は当時のBURRN!にも掲載されました。自分はJonneにリクエストしHELLOWEENの「Eagle Fly Free」とEUROPEの「The Final Countdown」をナマで歌って貰ったのが思い出🤣 #JonneJärvelä #Korpiklaani

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Sandeep Mall
Sandeep Mall ()

We are also increasing our capacity big time to cope up with the demand. Steel plants in Europe are booked till first quarter 22 and are accepting orders only for second. Would have loved to do a space on why we are not growing but I know will be illogically trolled.

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SoaR Dazs
SoaR Dazs ()

Every pro player at Apex Legends Championships right now should remember how far they have come and that this is still the initial days for Europe and NA. Keep pushing and proud to see every doing so well!

Champions of Europe 🏆
Champions of Europe 🏆 ()

Official Memberships are on sale now! 🔵 Get priority ticket access to watch the Champions of Europe, discount on merchandise, plus more exclusive benefits! 😁

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