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Ronaldo has become the all-time top scorer in European Championship history! 🐐

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Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan ()

BREAKING: ⁦@Cristiano⁩ becomes highest goal scorer in history of European Championships. Another record smashed. Another reason he’s the 🐐

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Goal ()

Ronaldo has become the all-time top scorer in European Championship history! 🐐

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Xavier Sala-i-Martin
Xavier Sala-i-Martin ()

The injustice of the Spanish democracy against good people like Andreu Mas-Colell explained by son and Princeton Professor @AlexMasPton. The European Union should be ASHAMED that these things happen within their borders while they look away. ENOUGH!

Paul Charles
Paul Charles ()

“Why doesn’t the Government give an opening date for the travel sector in the same way as it is for the domestic sector, so that both can benefit from the vaccination rollout?” 31st July would boost the travel sector enormously. @ThePCAgency @Telegraph

Graham Smyth
Graham Smyth ()

Three years on from his appointment by a midtable Championship club, Marcelo Bielsa has made European football a possibility for Premier League Leeds United.

B/R Football
B/R Football ()

Pedri starts for Spain against Sweden. At the age of 18 years, six months, and 20 days, he becomes the youngest player to represent #ESP at the European Championship 🌟

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Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ()

Meditation gives deep rest in the shortest time. It helps overcome depression and keeps a check on aggression that comes up due to stress or circumstances. Over 1M people from 44 European countries joined #EuropeMeditates and meditated together.

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ZUBY: ()

Florida has been open for the whole past year and has fared just as well, if not better, than most other US states and European countries. Can we talk about this please?

Euroboys #147K#
Euroboys #147K# ()

Award Best European Gaysite: #FREE Belami on 👉 Best European Gaysite 👈 Euroboys on [#RT]

Kappaも米国株商い中。❤️よろしくお願いします。 ()

🇨🇳 EV車メーカーのNIO 欧州でES8の型式認証を取得した。 9月からノルウェーで販売を開始。 European Whole Vehicle Type Approval for the NIO ES8. 株価は急上昇⤴️⤴️😁

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Ezra(n) | inactive bean 🤠
Ezra(n) | inactive bean 🤠 ()

Hi pls if someone still sees my tweets sign this petition my country is absolutely insane and we need help ! fellow lgbt+ members please sign !!

Andrew Reeves
Andrew Reeves ()

I know that all cinema, TV, etc. is stylized, but one of my pet peeves in movies set in the European Middle Ages (or cod-medieval fantasy setting) is that chain mail is about as effective as spun sugar. People wore armor of quilted padding + chain mail because it *worked.*

Zerlina on Peacock
Zerlina on Peacock ()

What a difference a year makes. “Our European allies are having a bit of whiplash. One year we have Donald Trump coming there and talking about America first, which really meant America alone,” @ambchrishill President Biden brings “a very new view.”

Mao Khan
Mao Khan ()

My embarrassingly nerdy thought for the day: It is common currency that dual wielding swords is a Hollywood thing, but that was how Musashi did it and he was them greatest duelist to ever live. Also evidence from the European middle ages/Renaissance shows this was a thing

Oldpete1865 ()

@BaruchPletner I know Putin is supposed to be the huge bogeyman of the world but he seems to have very astute observations about America and seems to appreciate at least what was Christian western European culture…. Very interesting!! 👍

Double B. $VRA is ready!
Double B. $VRA is ready! ()

@LayahHeilpern @BTC_Archive The DNA test she took proved that most Americans of European Ancestry, have MORE Native American Indian DNA that she does. This is a known but not widely shared fact. She is a Total Fraud! I perpetual liar.

Belfast News Letter
Belfast News Letter ()

America – the United States, Washington – the UK plus the European Union have one thing we absolutely all want to do and that is to uphold the Belfast Good Friday Agreement - Boris Johnson

Ismet Krasniqi
Ismet Krasniqi ()

Warmest congratulations to the @SpyrosCapralos for his election as the new President of the European Olympic Committee. I look forward to working closely with you🤝. @EOCmedia #EOC50 #EOCGA

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Carol Radull
Carol Radull ()

CP3 can assist Timo Werner till the latter wins a European golden shoe #NUGGETSvsSUNS

Commisar Lad 🇮🇪 🇺🇲
Commisar Lad 🇮🇪 🇺🇲 ()

@Tenvenir_VA Eastern European post apocalyptic games (Metro,Stalker shadow of Cherynobl) are better then western post apocalyptic games (Fallout,Last of us 1&2)

Sky Sports News
Sky Sports News ()

The six English clubs which secretly agreed to play in a European Super League will pay just over £20m to draw a line under their ensuing row with the Premier League.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr
Robert F. Kennedy Jr ()

Regulatory documents revealed Pfizer didn’t thoroughly examine biodistribution and pharmacokinetics issues relating to its vaccine before submitting the vaccine to European Medicines Agency for review. SUBSCRIBE to #TheDefender:

Womens Transfer News
Womens Transfer News ()

Despite significant interest from many top European clubs, 17-year-old wonderkid Haley Bugeja will stay with Sassuolo for the upcoming season. (Source: @junews24com)

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David Phillips
David Phillips ()

This is so pathetic. The uk government negotiated over 4 years and signed an agreement with the EU in December 2020. Since then they realised what a disaster they had created, and then tried to blame everything on the European leaders.

NotJuche ()

@PxeYou nah its just western european housing prices combined with romanian net wages

Katie Harbath
Katie Harbath ()

I wonder if this topic will come up at all during President Biden’s European trip.

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League ()

📅 #OTD in 2015, Barcelona crowned European champions for 5th time 🏆 🔵 Barça secure second treble 🔴 Xavi Hernández ends on a high @FCBarcelona | #UCL

UK in Nigeria🇬🇧
UK in Nigeria🇬🇧 ()


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Ranks FC
Ranks FC ()

NEW EURO SPOTLIGHT 🇪🇺 @stighefootball and @jackjcollins take a deep dive through the squads of the bookies favourites at this summer’s European Championships —England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 —France 🇫🇷 —Belgium 🇧🇪 —Portugal 🇵🇹 —Spain 🇪🇸 —Italy 🇮🇹 —Netherlands 🇳🇱 —Germany 🇩🇪

Pedro Ramos cryptonuno
Pedro Ramos cryptonuno ()

ECB: Digital Euro to Boost Global Appeal of European Money, Fight ‘Artificial Currencies’ – Finance Bitcoin News

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