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@FuzzyFlake His hair fell from his head to his back to keep him warm. All jokes aside Russia is very cold, and hair loss is natural for men 40 and older.

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@AileenPansy @IvankaTrump by our country, are you from Russia, China, or Saudi Arabia?

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I liked Stranger Things 4 | From Russia with love… | Netflix - From Russia with love… -

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It’s old fashioned but harder to hack the results from Russia!

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In only 5 of 16 surveyed NATO member states – the Netherlands, the , Canada, the UK and Lithuania – do half or more of adults say their country should use military force to defend a NATO ally from a hypothetical attack by Russia.

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@davidgraeber wouldn’t Russia benefit from a warmer climate in the arctic? Seems like they’d stand to gain shipping routes at least. And perhaps a significant amount of land that is now tundra might become warm enough to farm. Unless that’s not the case.

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Nearly 40% of Russia’s Food Still Comes From Small, Family Gardens

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Stranger Things 4 | From Russia with love… | Netflix via @YouTube

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@denisewu @NatSecLisa LPage just tweaked McCabe for * the same way that she did, but I’ll bet you knew that, or you wouldn’t mention the the FISA abuse investigation is still a thing.

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20 years ago I was adopted from my home country Russia and brought to the USA. I am so grateful that a wonderful family was able to find me and more of my siblings. I love my family!

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@Avenger2Toxic Brennan HIMSELF is a Russian Secret. Leftover from when Russia was a Communist country. BRENNAN WAS/IS a Communist and a SPY

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@_DPRlAN Apparently still from planet Earth, Russia to be specific. All hail Vitas. 😔

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@FuzzyFlake His hair fell from his head to his back to keep him warm. All jokes aside Russia is very cold, and hair loss is natural for men 40 and older.

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@Mahyar01674117 Okay,do the same when information comes out from Russia-China camp too!

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@JJ76292061 Shared information will no longer be automatically shared. We will be at the mercy of the USA, Russia and China when going cap in hand for trade deals. We walked away from the EU and 200+ tariif free/low tariff deals. But hey, billionaires will be richer.

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But in private, EU officials reckon that the climate impact of piped gas from Norway or Russia is markedly lower than that of fracked US gas, which is shipped to Europe over longer distances using big LNG tankers.

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@All4Our2 @realDonaldTrump Obama was too busy being flexible with Russia which allowed Putin to take land from Ukraine ...oops

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@tom_tkearney922 @realDonaldTrump Came from the fbi doing their job was watching the Russians But trump being the narcissist he is needed to make it all about him .. true is truth .. trump’s lies are just who he is he lies about everything

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“Erdogan’s Turkey has pivoted so far away from the US not only from the transAtlantic alliance but also its values especially parliamentary democracy human rights&rule of law that it is extremely difficult to pivot back” Read more: 

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@RichardGrenell Macron seems to be advocating for turning away from the US and embracing Russia as its partner. Your thoughts?

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@Poli_Holidays They are indeed! We even drove into Abkhazia from Georgia then out the other side into Russia in think we were the first people to do that for a LONG time!

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@Reuters let’s bring real peace together you need to earn your people back that’s true gift from all Gods when you feel it from the smiles on your people faces ! definitely NOT those cold bloody weapons sold by Russia and USA

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Stranger Things 4 | From Russia with love… | Netflix @YouTubeより

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Special thank you to my 6 new followers from Russia, and more last week.

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It’s #IMAA2020 day!! A great session this morning that is taking us all around the world from Papa New Guinea to Peru to Russia and back home via Estonia! Looking at agricultural revolutions and crop developments 🌱🌾 #IMAAworkshop

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