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BREAKING: Car rental company Hertz files for bankruptcy protection, pushed by debt and coronavirus pandemic

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Hertz sells some of its commemorative Chevrolet Corvette Z06s:

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What a crescendo to a CV. We got Arthur Anderson in there, CHK, Xerox throwaway Conduent. Now Hertz. Icahn, my cousin in law that went to bunker hill community college has a better track record of governing his bong collection.

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In the span of just 2 weeks, some of the best-known brands in America said they were entering Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and closing locations across the country.

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Depois da Avianca, agora é a locadora de carros Hertz que recorre a lei de falências dos EUA em função da pandemia do #coronavirus.

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Après la faillite de Hertz aux États-Unis, est-il risqué de louer une voiture en France ? >

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クレアさん…いいねありがとう…w 今まですみませんでした…メンバー復活させてくいただきます!!!ポチィ!!!!(チョロオタク)(クレアさんはいいぞ…)

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Car rental company Hertz files for bankruptcy due to debt and Covid-19

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さんは七条レタスさん時代に、あの有名なBorder of extacyを作詞したひとだから一度でいいから聴いて頂きたい…絶対ハマるw

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Koronavirüs seyahat sektörünü yıkıp geçiyor: 100 yıllık araba kiralama devi Hertz iflasın eşiğinde. #Hertz

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The Two Ronnies are after the best football player for Hertz in 1988

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Žrtev koronavirusa? Hertz tudi uradno bankrotiral.

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Dice il Signor CEO “È fallito Hertz? E allora? Chi può affitti la limousine nera, gli altri stiano sul divano”

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Car rental company Hertz files for bankruptcy amid coronavirus pandemic

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With nearly $19 billion of debt and roughly 38,000 employees worldwide as of the end of 2019, Hertz is among the largest companies to be undone by the pandemic.

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Hertz filed for bankruptcy protection Friday, unable to withstand the coronavirus pandemic that has crippled global travel and with it, the heavily indebted 102-year-old car rental company’s business.

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Die Mietwagenfirma Hertz ist pleite. Anscheinend haben zu viele Kunden ihr Auto mit vollem Tank zurückgegeben.

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La empresa Hertz se declara en quiebra por #coronavirus e incapacidad para pagar deuda

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El golpe del coronavirus ha conseguido lo que no pudieron ni la crisis de 2008 ni el crack de 1973: Hertz, la empresa de alquiler de coches fundada en 1918, se declara en bancarrota

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The tide just brought in loads of cheap cars like a 2020 BMW 740i for $52,949 with only 8,595 miles on the odometer, ( over $10K below Blue Book value) Can you take advantage of the opportunity?

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@RETEU3 I always thought Hertz Van Rental was a famous Dutch impressionist - learn something new everyday 🙂

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Après la faillite de Hertz aux Etats-Unis, est-il risqué de louer une voiture en France ?

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Pandemia leva Hertz a pedir proteção contra falência nos EUA. Isso se chama crise e se engana quem pensa que grandes empresas estão blindadas.

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Helter Skelter Hertz, compañía de alquiler de vehículos, se declara en bancarrota en EU por la COVID-19

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Every day under the pandemic brings surreal new information, such as the detail that the Hertz bankruptcy could cause used car prices to collapse because it owns so many cars.

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Rental-car giant Hertz — which also operates the Dollar, Thrifty and Firefly brands — files for bankruptcy after being devastated by the plunge in travel since the pandemic hit

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BREAKING: Car rental company Hertz files for bankruptcy protection, pushed by debt and coronavirus pandemic

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JUST IN: Hertz filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after sweeping travel restrictions and the global economic collapse destroyed demand for its rental cars

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