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I often reflect on @AyannaPressley‘s words: “people closest to the pain should be closest to the power.” @IlhanMN is a Somali refugee. She has felt the ravages of war. Watching her question Trump’s envoy to VZ, who pled guilty to several Iran-Contra crimes, feels like justice..

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Pakistani Suicide bomber kills 27 Iranian Border Guards, Iran vows revenge.

Iran embodies, and is synonymous with, 80 million people. IRAN is not a terrorist country - - Islamic Republic (جمهوری اسلامی) Regime is. Call it by the right name- words matter..

در حالی که آمریکا و لهستان، میزبانان مشترک #کنفرانس_ورشو، این کنفرانس را «تاریخی» و «پربار» خوانده‌اند، سخنگوی وزارت خارجه ایران گفت که بیانیه پایانی این کنفرانس «سند شکست» آن است..

今天在广泛的主题上坦诚,坦率地交换意见#WarsawSummit - 恐怖主义,导弹发展,网络犯罪,侵犯人权等等。正如我对同事们说的那样,如果不提及中国政权,就很难谈论这些话题#Iran 。.

These are the fruits of the sectarianization of the ME: The shift from clandestine normalization to open alignment with Israel. Arab leaders now sit in the same room as Netanyahu, echoing his long-held claim that toxic Iran is the real threat to the region, rather than Israel.

این گام دوم، انقلاب را به آرمان بزرگش که ایجاد تمدن نوین اسلامی و آمادگی برای ظهور است نزدیک خواهد کرد. #گام_دوم_انقلاب #انتقام_کور.

Pompeo says Trump administration doing everything it can to free Americans in Iran.

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وزارت خارجه آمریکا در هشتمین سالگرد، حصر خانگی موسوی، کروبی و رهنورد را محکوم کرد.

Régimen de facto apenas logró apoyo concreto de 10 países en #ONU, la cual reúne a 193 Estados. Los países son: China, Rusia, Corea del Norte, Irán, San Vicente y las Granadinas, Surinam, Siria, Cuba, Nicaragua y Bolivia. También estuvo Palestina, miembro observador. #Venezuela.

Actually, watching a woman who seems unclear of what Iran-Contra even is accusing a human-rights promoter of supporting genocide feels mostly like an embarrassment. When is someone in press going to ask @IlhanMN or AOC to provide their defense of Maduro?.

I often reflect on @AyannaPressley‘s words: “people closest to the pain should be closest to the power.” @IlhanMN is a Somali refugee. She has felt the ravages of war. Watching her question Trump’s envoy to VZ, who pled guilty to several Iran-Contra crimes, feels like justice..

[email protected] deleted their tweet and replaced “war with Iran” with “combating Iran”.

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The new border deal has $ billion for a wall on the southern border, which is less than the $ billion in CASH we gave the dictators in Iran Why are Democrats ok with giving pallets of cash to Iran but hesitant to give that amount or more to secure our country? 🤔.

Those who have viewed Iran’s politics over these last 40 years exclusively through the lens of Islam have overlooked important social dynamics that undergird the regime, writes @nargesbajoghli..

Pashmak, a hand-pulled cotton candy treat from Iran, looks like threads of unspun silk. It is a popular decorative garnish for ice creams, cakes, and puddings, and is sometimes flavored with orange blossom, rose water, cardamom, pistachio, and saffron..

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Democrat Ilhan Omar has called Israel “evil,” compared Israel to Iran, continues to push anti-Semitic tropes, and supports the anti-Semitic BDS movement to boycott Israel. Nancy Pelosi was wrong to elevate her to the Foreign Affairs Committee. Now Pelosi should remove her..

After 40 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has failed to fulfill its promises to uphold and safeguard the rights of its citizens. The 40th anniversary of the Iranian regime only serves to highlight four decades of failure and broken promises..

مصاحبه با Doug Altman، از رهبران کاکرین که به‌تازگی درگذشته است:.

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Under Obama, Congress wasted: 3 Billion on a broken Obamacare website 3 billion on Obama’s failed Cash For Clunkers program 2 Billion on the Solyndra scandal Billions to IRAN But they’re not okay with 5 billion for a border wall to keep America safe? 🤔.

Como irán vestidos los chicos? No se pero estoy segura de que todos van a estar hablando de lo increíble que se van a ver, de lo bien que lucen y de lo hermosos que son @BTS_twt #TearItUpBTS.

Asi me llega,La táctica Maduro : mantener cosas como están hasta q la gente pierda la fe en el cambio. Buscan q la oposición comience a pelear nuevamente y esperan algún evento q mantenga a USA ocupado en otra cosa. Entonces irán contra @jguaido. Por eso hay que apurar El Paso !!.

#earthquake hits Iran Affected countries: - Bahrain - Saudi Arabia - Oman - Pakistan - Qatar - UAE - Afghanistan.

When you read Tony Blair‘s piece in @WashingtonPost on how #Iran is responsible for all evil in the Middle East, it is important to know that Tony Blair is getting $12 million from Saudi Arabia to advise them..

در گفتگو با روزنامه المصری الیوم: روابط دوستانه قاهره و تهران بعد از سرنگونی رژیم و آزادی ایران دوباره برقرار می‌شود. In my interview with AlMasry AlYoum newspaper: “Once Iran is freed from this regime, friendly relations between Tehran & Cairo will finally be reestablished.”.

The Saudi-Pecker scandal could be a more sordid but also more serious version of the Iran-Contra scandal, because it could implicate the sitting president directly..

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