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Spoke to Bibi @Netanyahu to congratulate him on a great and hard-fought win. The United States is with him and the People of Israel all the way!.

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Israel construirá un Beresheet 2 para volver a intentar llegar a la Luna #Espacio | por @Wicho.

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International Union of Muslim Scholars urges imams to preach violent jihad against Israel, quotes genocidal hadith.

Check out how UFC President Dana White reacted to last night’s thrilling Kelvin Gastelum vs Israel Adesanya title fight! #UFC236.

Andamento do início do Programa de Dessalinização da água no Nordeste com o Governo Bolsonaro. Trabalho oriundo de Israel com a iniciativa do @mctic via @Astro_Pontes ..

Israel plans new moonshot after maiden mission fails.

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@CrooklynVIII Yes. They will behead you for telling the truth, and think they are doing God a favor. THIS is why Israel is last. Like I said, I was amongst the most brainwashed. It will be easier to wake up the rest than it was me; why I’m optimistic..

@realDonaldTrump Mr. President, only the cursed Muslims have committed this terrible crime as they do in Israel and in other places in the world they love you here in Israel, Mr. President.

Eis a lista atualizada de países com os quais o regime criou tensões/incidentes: Venezuela Egito(e os demais 21 países da Liga Árabe) China Noruega França Uruguai Argentina Paraguai Cuba Nicarágua Holanda Alemanha Chile Rússia e agora Israel (por essa, confesso, não esperava).

@SBakabella Gotta get a tour of Israel going. Maybe Thailand. I know a guy who can get you some one way flights, real cheap.

Israeli forces killed a 15-year-old boy during protests near the fence surrounding Gaza. Israel has killed 200+ Palestinians during protests demanding an end to the blockade over the last year, including 40+ children. In Feb. 2019, the UN said it might be guilty of war crimes..

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Democrats 2020 platform: Open borders Bring back ISIS War with North Korea Make America Socialist Free post birth abortion Crime Crash the stock market Nukes for Iran Put people back on food stamps Illegals over vets Children voting Demonize Israel Who supports this?.

Beresheet came the closest Israel ever has to land on the moon, but unfortunately the landing was not completed successfully. We applaud 👏@TeamSpaceIL for a tremendous scientific achievement, they made history by making Israel one of 7 nations who had ever orbited the moon 🇮🇱.

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Bolsonaro cita Israel como exemplo e diz que falta fé ao Brasil.

5 things you need to know about the Israeli moon landing >>> YESTERDAY 'BIBI' Wins and TODAY ISRAEL 'LANDS ON THE MOON'..

Rehovot, Israel’s Ohio, favored Blue and White in 2019.

Imagine going on the greatest stag do ever with ur mates to Vegas and then finding out u were rooming with Israel #Folau.

@SethAMandel Glenn Beck? What have I missed? He’s always been pro Israel/Jewish..

Quinto mandato. Na Venezuela chamariam de ditadura (mesmo sendo eleições mais claras).

Israel: Defending the Indefensible | Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services.


El presidente estadounidense Donald Trump llamó para felicitar al primer ministro Benjamin Netanyahu por su victoria en las elecciones, desde el avión de la fuerza aérea uno. El Presidente Trump felicitó calurosamente al primer Ministro Netanyahu y al pueblo de Israel.

Parabenizo @netanyahu pela grande vítoria e pela renovação de seu mandato como Primeiro Ministro de Israel. Bibi é um grande líder e seguiremos trabalhando juntos pela prosperidade e pela paz dos nossos povos, com base em nossos valores e convicções profundas..

My heartfelt thanks to you, my dear friend @NarendraModi, Prime Minister of India, for your warm wishes and for the courageous ties between us. The partnership between Israel and India is a great blessing for both peoples. 🇮🇱🇮🇳.

Spoke to Bibi @Netanyahu to congratulate him on a great and hard-fought win. The United States is with him and the People of Israel all the way!.

Good for Israel, good for America, good for the world. #CongratulationsNetanyahu.

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