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It was an absolute honor to receive the 2019 Friend of Israel Humanitarian Award from the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. What a wonderful night! Thank you 🇺🇸.

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¡ATENCIÓN! Israel declaró su apoyo a la presidencia de Juan Guaidó #TeamHDP.

It was an absolute honor to receive the 2019 Friend of Israel Humanitarian Award from the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. What a wonderful night! Thank you 🇺🇸.

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Jewish groups condemn Rashida Tlaib over ties to radical pro-Hezbollah, anti-Israel activist She’s a Muslim racist!!!.

Who should sing for Israel at Eurovision 2019? 💙🇮🇱 Should it be Shefita? Watch full version>> The Grand Final tonight at 20:15 CET..

Combat soldiers to get free entrance to gyms across country.

Can we stop pretending that Republicans care about bigotry. Given that there is more anger about a Congresswoman tweeting criticism about a lobby group for Israel, than when the President of the United Fucking States made this racist jibe..

@seabzy rly just wanna pop off on the unrequited obsession evangelicals seem to have with Israel but am too tired it’s never been about the Jewish people.

[email protected] boosts Israel lobby smears against @IlhanMN Omar.

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@KyleKulinski I would like to thank Ilhan Omar for showing us that the Democratic Party is okay with calling out the Saudi Government influencing US policy, but not Israel through AIPAC..

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El absoluto silencio de los corresponsales de los diarios más leídos, respecto a uno de los asesinatos más brutales en los ultimos años en Israel, ha dejado clara, no sólo su total falta de empatía hacia las víctimas israelíes, sino su total desprecio por la información..

Tel Aviv irate after Total says Israel not worth investing in.

Arms imports 2017 (World Bank data, million USD) S. Arabia:4,111 India:3,358 Egypt, Arab Repub.:2,355 Australia:1,806 Indonesia:1,196 Chine:1,117 S Korea:918 Algeria:905 UK:899 UAE:848 Italy:794 Oman:783 Pakistan:710 Vietnam:690 Qatar:670 USA:547 Israel:528 Japan:500 Turkey:410.

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@mtracey It has more to do with her suspicious silence about the influence of other countries on American politics. She solely focuses on Israel..

Russia meddling is somehow very bad. Israel meddling is different, though. At some point even stupid people break the conditioning and see through the BS hypocracy of our govt..

Israel and Saudi Arabia are bedfellows. Saudi Arabia unleashes Wahhabi terrorists to fight in Syria, Israel patches them up in Golan field hospitals. And nobody sanctions either. The shitshow rolls ever on..

COUNTER THINK (Full Show) Sunday - 2/10/19 • • via @YouTube real talk on mandatory vaccines for poor children & how our rich are anti American Canadian the psychopaths wars $to Israel.

@Deve_Dy @elium2 Theres also the fact that none of these things exist in a vacuum. The journalists who get a free 10,000 dollar trip to Israel where theyre pumped full of propaganda while being pampered get to dictate narratives on their platforms and their audiences then grow up pro-Israel.

The Holocaust didn’t show us we need Israel. It showed us that once fascism takes hold, any refuge is extremely precarious..

@Chet_Cannon @IlhanMN Point to a single anti-Semitic quote that isn’t just her being critical of Israel for their persecution of Palestinians..

@Dean64Gagliano @Briteeye777 If you like walls, Israel is heaven on Earth.

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@bungarsargon I’m an American Jew. And a former resident of Jerusalem. You do not speak for me. Rep Omar is absolutely right. The Israel lobby has so much influence on our congress that we’re on the verge of shredding the 1st Amendment to protect their awful policies. I am NOT OK with that..

Acaba de publicar una foto en Parque Nacional Sangay zona baja.

Please fuck off to Israel and stop ruining our nation. Sincerely, American whites..

Expulsion of Israel from the UN @RashidaTlaib? Really? You realize the founder of BDS was a raging anti-Semite right? Pay to slay all good w you? The Palestinians literally pay ppl to murder innocent Americans & Israelis like Taylor Force; a USMA grad & Army Vet..

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: I commend the ISA and Israel Police special anti-terror unit for apprehending – within a few hours – the abhorrent murderer of the late Ori Ansbacher. The long arm of Israel will reach whoever hurts us and we will settle accounts with them..