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I’ve had dreams of this Game 4 seconds left on the Kickoff thru the uprights would win it. The the the CELEBRATION after. The stadium would go BANANAS on a walkoff 79+ yard BOMB to win it.

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Linn ()

(Show: Black Sails) Lately I’ve been really into pirate stuff. So I guess it wasn’t a suprise when I started watching this. But tbh it is a little slow, rn anyway, we’ll see if it change. Also I gotta say that I find Jack Rackham very attractive, he’s just so charming.

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GoneDoc ()


macy 🪐waiting for soft boy
Macy 🪐waiting for soft boy ()

@kaylee_maybe tommy jack meetup stream, irl tubbo stream, wilbur geoguesser, phil apology and i think that’s it but i’m not positive

Loui ()

tommy progressively getting more and more disgusted at jack manifold dancing

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Samurai Matt
Samurai Matt ()

Tw// Frank Miller . . . . . . . . . . . . Só comprei pra poder falar que Samurai Jack é melhor

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JOEL_456 ()

@Antonyesewey Recuerdo que hacían esa misma mierda con el de como entrenar a tu dragón y Jack frost

NWA ()

The #NationalWrestlingAlliance would like to send our sincere condolences to the family, friends, and many, many, many fans of Jack Veneno. Rest in Peace | Jack Veneno | 1942-2021

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Matthew paul mikula
Matthew paul mikula ()

Matthew Paul mikula real cowboy 2 138 Matthew Paul mikula you tube party 1;497 Matthew mikula Taylor Swift song 32;005 mikula hoola 13;525 Matthew Paul mikula jack grace song 7;373 Taylor Alison swift I love you lets play guitar !!

Lord of the Black Water 🇨🇦
Lord of the Black Water 🇨🇦 ()

@Bearocalypse Yeah the UK wow Their history of being absolutely corrupt or inept shit heads is indeed epic&well recorded! From Jack the Ripper, a killer they made more famous, instead of catching, to Benny Hill&this guy last

Lady Bridgerton
Lady Bridgerton ()

@bridgertoncast I mean, it just makes perfect sense for me that Jack would be for Portia? And also Theo for Edwina? The descriptions fit perfectly? Also, yes to an older woman being romanced and courted!👌#bridgerton

Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee ()

I’ve had dreams of this Game 4 seconds left on the Kickoff thru the uprights would win it. The the the CELEBRATION after. The stadium would go BANANAS on a walkoff 79+ yard BOMB to win it.

寂空-JACK- ()

FM JACK!ラジオサーキットはじまりました! 天気は雨模様だけど、心はフルエナジー!🔥 Day1の本日は、@FMHi769 スナオマサカズさん@m_honesty の番組に17:25からお邪魔します〜🏄 インターネットラジオからもどうぞ!

肩書きを飛び越えるパフォーマー K@ITO
肩書きを飛び越えるパフォーマー K@ITO ()


ジャックとりり様。 ()

眠すぎてそれどころじゃなかったけど 今日の朝の熱烈フンフンがすごかった 午前5時ごろ フンフンフンフンって鼻息をかけてくる 1匹のタヌ、いや🐈。

Schereeya ()

I need a new pair of Bluetooth headphones cuz this fancy ass iPhone doesn’t have a headphone jack. This means that one of my most important sensory hacks/stims is not available to me 😭 Most of the time it’s fine but today I’m really struggling without this option

RAE ()

Cuando se cumplen 737 años del fallecimiento de Alfonso X el Sabio, recordamos que los sobrenombres se escriben con mayúscula inicial, con el artículo en minúscula y no se separan con coma del nombre: «Alfonso X el Sabio», «Juana la Loca», «Jack el Destripador».

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Wolf Conservation Center
Wolf Conservation Center ()

Did someone order two cinnamon rolls? 🐺🐺 Curl up with red wolves Jack and Charlotte right now via live webcam ➡️

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Claudia Unruh
Claudia Unruh ()

@JackBergman_MI1 Thank you President Biden. F you lying seditionist Jack Bergman. And you’re still a trump cultist. @DefundBergman

Dan ()

Few Wrestlemania title matches have aged quite as uncomfortably as Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger for multiple reasons.

☦︎ Jᴀᴄᴋ Cᴏɴᴡᴀʏ ☦︎
☦︎ Jᴀᴄᴋ Cᴏɴᴡᴀʏ ☦︎ ()

las faldas no están muy cortas? que clase de lugar es este? y por que las demás meseras no dejan de mirarme, tengo algo en la puta cara o que?

Skios ()

@hhaeyeun Tommy visited dream got stuck in the prison with dream. Tommy died. Everyone found out about his death. Jack took over a hotel Tommy was owning. They tried reviving wilbur. Not sure what happened with quackity. Karl found the other side. Different than the inbetween

Alisa Niksch, M.D.
Alisa Niksch, M.D. ()

@Potato_Chip Agree with better bun! Would go with pepper jack, sliced avo, pico de gallo, and grilled onions. 😋

Controller General💭
Controller General💭 ()

@Oficiel_A_salam @Letter_to_Jack Zidane in his time won player of d league in ligue1 96, seriaA 00&01,laliliga also won best player of d tournament in WC 06, Euro 00, UCL 01. Also won MOTM WC final, UCL final. Also won 3X FIfaWPOTY & BDOR. Man did it in 3 diff leagues &3 diff tournmnts. overrated 🤡🤡

のこ@波乗り中のヒゲ柱 ()

@busaikuoneone おはようございます☁️ あらら、いよりさん… 歯の違和感は解消したのかしら? 今日も穏やかな一日を🌸☘️🌸

Masaki ()

東スポwebでジュリア様が詩美さんに対する記事を読んだ。 赤ベルトの価値、スターダムでの振る舞い方を誰よりも熱い想いを持っているジュリア様。 ジュリア様を知ってスターダムが好きになり、会場に行くようになり、スターダムありきの生活に変わった。 生え抜きの詩美さんとの闘いが見たい!

anais ❁
Anais ❁ ()

@veggiekcals JACK HERER !!!! bc even tho its sativa dominant i find its still very nice n relaxing & doesnt put my nonstop adhd thoughts into overdrive :-)

Jack Black.
Jack Black. ()

No se desanime, señorita, pero para entrar en política lo que menos hace falta es ser justo.

portal the greatest brasil
Portal the greatest brasil ()

jack antonoff entre na minha casa e coma o cu de toda minha familia

Re:ビブ ()

@jack_punipuni 色んなクエストに連れて行ってくれてありがとう😁 めっちゃ楽しかったよ!

The Snuts
The Snuts ()

Today we release our debut album It is everything we’ve ever felt and we hope you feel that too. Love always The Snuts Jack, Callum, Jordan & Joe

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