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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIN! The Weeknd, Lizzo, Louis coming up , @MFBTY_Official and Jin @BTS_twt in the 9pm ET! NOOGA NIGHTS is on now! #JinOurDecemberStar 💫.

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Happy birthday jin!!! You have grown so much and your love for ARMYs always grow thank you for being such a wonderful hyung to the members. You are our ⭐️ star that always takes care of everyone. Thanks you for being there 💜🎂 #JinOurDecemberStar.

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happy birthday jin, thank you for always being so funny, kind and considerate. You’re so incredibly loved and cherished by everyone. Te quiero mucho mi pedacito de cielo bonito💓 #HappyBirthdayJin #JinOurDecemberStar.

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is amazing🥺 Happy birthday to the sweetest most talented man ever💜💜 #JinOurDecemberStar #HAPPYJINDAY @BTS_twt.

it’s jin’s birthday. he’s the reason i started this account. i’ve been busy with senior year and i’m losing hella followers but i can’t believe it’s my 2nd birthday with jin. #JinOurDecemberStar. i love you.

loving this boy more than anything #JinOurDecemberStar 💗💕💞.

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@BTS_twt Another well deserved award! Your trophy wall is growing into a huge trophy room now I bet! Congrats! Another happy birthday wish to you as well. Love ya! @BTS_twt #JinOurDecemberStar.

Jin MMA 2019 ‘Boy In Luv & Dionysus’ Focus REACTION [HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM ... One last hurrah! Happy birthday Jin!! Have an amazing day!!!! #HappyBirthdayJin #JinOurDecemberStar @BTS_twt.

just letting people know that this ga is still happening and will end 12 AM PST. thank you everyone who has entered so far 💜 #JinOurDecemberStar #JINDAY @BTS_twt.

@BTS_twt I know in SK time your birthday is already gone but happy birthday love🥺❤️😫. May these years to come be filled with love and success and happiness surrounded by the ones you love. I love you to the moon and back. #JinOurDecemberStar #VocalKingSeokjin.

#JINDAY #JinOurDecemberStar i’m so late but happy birthday jin! i just wanna say thank you for enlivening my days with your jokes that i always laugh too. thank you for taking good care of the members, i’m sure us armys and the members really appreciate what you’ve done! i luv u.

thanks bts bagged 8 daesangs in less than a week! #JINDAY #JinOurDecemberStar.

Happy Birthday to an amazing big brother of BTS! Jin you are the glue to BTS and your always there to make everyone happy. I love you💜✨and you’ve help me keep going!💜✨🥺. #JinOurDecemberStar #JINDAY I purple you!💜🥰.

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@BTS_twt Happy birthdqy seok jin💛 Love you the best You are too precious to us #JinOurDecemberStar #HappyBirthdayJin @BTS_twt.


Walaupun kamu koplak, selamat ulang tahun ke-27 yah, Mr. Worldwide Handsome!!! 🤗🎉💕 #HappyJinDay #JinOurDecemberStar @BTS_twt.

Jin Feliz Cumpleaños🎊🎉 Q vivaaa el cumplañero siiii🎉🎉 Te deseo lo mejor y espero q la pasas de maravilla con toda tu familia en tu día😍te querio mucho nunca cambies #jinbirthday #JinOurDecemberStar @BTS_twt.

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@BT21_ Nice new flashy winter vibe!! Thank you. From Odin @BTS_twt #JinOurDecemberStar #TonightAndAlwaysWithJin.

This is so late but Happy Birthday, Jin! You never fail to make me laugh or smile. You one out of the seven people that bring me so much happiness. I hope you had the best birthday ever, I love you very much! 💜💜💜#JinOurDecemberStar #HappyJinDay.

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Happy Birthday to one of the best vocalist out there in the music industry, don’t tell me otherwise 💜#JinOurDecemberStar.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIN! The Weeknd, Lizzo, Louis coming up , @MFBTY_Official and Jin @BTS_twt in the 9pm ET! NOOGA NIGHTS is on now! #JinOurDecemberStar 💫.

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happy birthday you beautiful human and i hope that you come back well from military and i love you 😘😘 #JINDAY #JinOurDecemberStar.

happy birthday to the person who can make a bad day of mine turn to something better. thank u for always inspiring me to always try my best to reach my goals. got so much love for u & i hope u get all the awards u will always deserve today 💜🤪🥰 #SeokjinDay #JinOurDecemberStar.

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Thank you for your hard work, thank you for your beautiful voice, thank you for your beautiful dance, thank you for the love you have given us, thank you for always making us laugh and be happy, and thank you for everything. #JinOurDecemberStar #WorldwideHandsomeJinDay.

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