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#ElClásico King: #Messi at the Bernabéu 🙌 Which one do you pick?

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GMA The Heart Of Asia
GMA The Heart Of Asia ()

Stream ON ME like it’s nobody’s business to remind everyone that give Sehun his moment and he will show that he is a mighty force to be reckoned with. Happy Birthday to a very talented artist, king of footwork Oh Sehun! #28thSpringWithSEHUN @weareoneEXO

depresso bi guy
Depresso bi guy ()

@king_cowb0y @lyricalmess6874 but its okay. no one loves you any less because you wanted to spend time with your partner. i get that you hate inconveniencing people, i do too. but it will be okay. juno doesnt hate you, and i seriously doubt theyll hold any grudges. you dont have to regret being happy

Umusicjapan ()

👑King & Prince👑 📢King & Prince「Beating Hearts」 MV 4/14 12:00公開📽 7th シングル 5月19日発売 ⬇詳細はコチラ⬇ #KingandPrince​ #BeatingHearts

B/R Gridiron
B/R Gridiron ()

The NFL is expected to pass a rule that will relax jersey number restrictions, per @peter_king — QB: 1-19 — WR: 1-49, 80-89 — RB: 1-49, 80-89 — TE: 1-49, 80-89 — DB: 1-49 — LB: 1-59, 90-99 — OL: 50-79 — DL: 50-79, 90-99 These would be cold ‼️ (1/3)

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SMTOWN Indonesia
SMTOWN Indonesia ()

‘K-POP King’ EXO Rilis Video Spoiler Album Baru Cek artikel lengkapnya di Official Facebook Page SMTOWN Indonesia 👉🏻 @weareoneEXO #EXO #EXO9thAnniversary

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World’s Greatest Millenial Dad
World’s Greatest Millenial Dad ()

@HELLLLHOOOOLE Adrienne I promise I’ll stop tweeting about the Mossad at you, I’m on to Uyghur genocide denialism now

FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona ()

#ElClásico King: #Messi at the Bernabéu 🙌 Which one do you pick?

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Viola Davis and Regina King for Entertainment Weekly’s Oscars Issue. Photographed by AB + DM.

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畑中(固定ツイートいいねでフォロバ100)DHCの商品は買いません@赤木俊夫さんを忘れない ()

セルビアで不可解なPK与えた審判、15カ月の禁固刑と10年の活動禁止処分に サッカーの審判は、職権乱用で禁固刑になるが、安倍晋三氏は森友、加計、桜を観る会で職権乱用したのに、いまだに逮捕されない。おかしくない?

Microsoft Taint
Microsoft Taint ()

HAAAAAAAAAAPPY EEEAAAAASTER TWITTER!!!, Completing the request of Just Jayy, I drew King Shark from DC Comics. Though scary in his initial debut, he has become quite a SILLY character thanks to various Batman medias. I drew him collecting Easter eggs in a field I hope you like.

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maple ⋆。°✩
Maple ⋆。°✩ ()

ranboo is king of establishing boundaries. when asked to do something he is uncomfortable with, he simply says “no 💜”

宝鐘海賊団🏴‍☠️船長マッサージ係シュン ()

村クエ全てクリアー! 今日から集会所上位回していくぞ! オロミドロ一式のスキルが有能で良い!

Roberto Rezende de Assis (Bob) 🇧🇷
Roberto Rezende de Assis (Bob) 🇧🇷 ()

@paulaiaiai @if4taejin Starbucks é um café qualquer metido à besta, o Carlinhos do táxi acho que resolve bem o Uber aí e os hamburgers dessas redes é bem xexelento (qualquer podrão tem mais sabor), mas os anéis de cebola do Burguer King são bem legais.

밀떡 ()

@king_moa_2 @eungae_0304_ 광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기광기

yuísa is STRUGGLING. . . !!❀
Yuísa is STRUGGLING. . . !!❀ ()

jus watched king k0ng vs g0dz1lla !! :) that was cool but i was triggered a few times from loud sounds in tha theatre

Ivy ()

If everyone doesn’t stop being rude to Mr. King Kong we’re gonna have a problem!!!!!

Chris James
Chris James ()

Bill Camp iconically in the car. Absolutely love the chaos. Go absolutely OFF, King! #SAGAwards

Monica Defender
Monica Defender ()

serving dumb king, but he works out a lot so if he accidentally sends home one of the better competitors it will be a serve

Be A King
Be A King ()

This King is seldom shared. As you tweet about my father today, please know that he believed: We have the resources to end poverty, but lack the will. Militarism, poverty and racism are interconnected Triple Evils. We need a radical redistribution of wealth and power.

狂 ()

@_O_NEGAI 小僧、お前何しに来たのだ 俺に傷つけられに来たのか?(呆れ)

Rouss ()

Jordan’s top general says king’s half-brother urged to stop undisclosed activities amid arrest of former royal officials

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まる ()

ピンチで火消し 頼りになるロッテ・田中靖洋の存在 | BASEBALL KING

レコード屋 ()

最近HEAVENとして各イベントに引っ張りだこ!まだまだ行きますよ!こちら買っておいてくださいね!FLAKE初のカセットとしてリリース!一部店舗限定販売!限定200本。DLコード付き。絶対チェックしといて! non albini / NOSTALGIA KING / CT / ¥1,320

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Fre 💕
Fre 💕 ()

King literally takes every pair of shoes I own and stores them in his kennel 😩☺️

bely ⊬🐍
Bely ⊬🐍 ()

@Drifting_King_ robby Gilberto Carla Diaz Caio Fiuk Lumena Big Brother Projota juliette Lucas thais Rodolfo Camilla sarah Viih Tube Karol Pocah Tiago Boninho Prior Karol Conka BBB #BBB21 #RedeBBB

Kay ()

nageki through this whole scene had me losing it he straight up said to ryouta “maybe i am your hallucination. why does it matter” king shit

King Calm 😎
King Calm 😎 ()

I’m watching the original Japanese version of King Kong vs. Godzilla and thus far it’s not a massive improvement over the American version lol

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✭Did i touch a nerve?✭
✭Did i touch a nerve?✭ ()

@BigGhostLtd @thegeorgeyoung Yeah DMX said that in 2012 but in 2016 after speaking with Drake, he gained respect for him. This what makes DMX such a genuine guy tho, to come back in a humbling matter and say this. Solid dude

Batman Forever
Batman Forever ()

@WinterbauerJohn @TheCinemaTicket Return of the King is the best movie ever. Return of the Jedi is one of the worst Star Wars movies ever:

A Pimp Named Darkseid
A Pimp Named Darkseid ()

Rewatched the very first King Kong movie and it’s amazing how the new movies sanitized the racist undertones behind it. Made me appreciate Godzilla winning even more.

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