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Hearing about @Shadbeast is breaking my heart. I pray he is ok and I pray for his family! Please join me as Shad is such an incredible person who always lights up a room with his welcoming smile! Hope he’s ok 🙏🏼

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నందమూరి తారక రామారావు ()

Nandamuri Taraka RamaRao - Nandamuri Abhay Ram - Nandamuri Bhargava Ram 💙🖤 Nothing caring & most happiest smile on his face which lights up seeing his sons 😍 . #HappyBirthdayNTR @tarak9999

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HyPeD uP KiD ()

@Faye_Tozer Dancing is magical and lights up a spark within us, when that sparkle shines bright it’s there for others to see and enjoy :) xx

Iyunade Blog ()

Wizkid Lights Up The World Of Formula 1 Driver, Lewis Hamilton With His New Music Announcement

Drip up or grip up ()

now why my sister gon come and tell me it’s the devils hour right before i go to now all 5 lights in my room are staying on all damn night, enjoy that bill going up

Brianna 💐 ()

lrt, i want the mushroom lights and other furniture, the star lights and light up moon chairs too.

Harry Updates ()

No se sabe la razón (y de momento es un rumor) pero One Direction ha sido recientemente añadido como cantantes de “Watermelon Sugar” y “Lights Up”

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For Aslan! پرابہا ااپا ()

Will the last person not arrested or have an FIR lodged against them in UP please switch off the lights?

♡𝔽ĮєÃн♡ ()

@11kyakya Right?🥺 he have this such a beautiful pair of big brown eyes and always lights up when he doing something he loves and his nose is just 🙈😍 I have no words to describe it🙈

@evie.aesthetique ()

𝗯𝗼𝗻𝘂𝘀 - once your room is clean you can make it super aesthetic :) ♡︎ take anything that doesnt suit you anymore off your walls and put up polaroids/fairy lights instead ♡︎ get a succulent for your room ♡︎ consider adding beanbags or more pillows for a cozy look

🏳️‍🌈 gess 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Uma modelo de Lights Up contou a experiência, disse que quando o Harry chegou falou com todo mundo e perguntou o nome, que ele é muito brincalhão, curioso e que durante as pausas ele perguntava como falava certa palavra em espanhol e tentava dizer, deus tem seus preferidos

Lil’oreo ()

Thinking about how I fucked up my new led lights and have to go but connectors in the morning

Commercial Interior Design ()

Studio N Lighting lights up Caboodle Pamper & Play in Abu

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• O(Nae)⁷ • ()

i love lightning shows on cloudy nights bc it lights up the entire sky, pretty 🥺🥺🥺

Chachi | nsfr ()

STOP IT Harry asked the people in the lights up mv how to say some words in Spanish between takes I LOVE HIM SKAKSJSBSB

Claire McAtear Logan ()

@realDonaldTrump Sweet Jesus - so much stupid! Shouldn’t you all be drinking disinfectant & shining lights up your arses?

Frχηcεscχ 🪐 ()

Ya termine mi caca de tarea, me duele todo y acabo de leer de la chica que salio en lights up quiero llorar cxau

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William ☀️ ()

Mae el Hilo de la tipa que sale en el video de lights up , coñooooo Por que no me pasa algo así debo salir de Nicaragua ya

Mariana ()

anyways sigan tirando hate y queriendo competir, me iré a darle stream a la gran pieza mexicana lights up <3 buenas noches people

Camila loves harry ()

el hilo de la chica que salió en el video de lights up realmente me hizo llorar la piba es su fan, cumplió su sueño y lo conoció es lo más hermoso que leí

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-𝙖𝙡𝙢𝙞𝙨 🍉 VOY A VER A HARRY ()

despues de leer el hilo de la chica q grabo con harry lights up me quede pensando dos cosas,, la primera es que no enteindo como no se le apago el cerebro ahi mismo yo creo q caigo al piso cual bolsa de papas Y DOS NUNCA ME VA A PASAR ESO DIOS #LightsUp

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𝐆𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐢𝐚 ˡᵒᵛᵉˢ ˡᵒᵘⁱˢ🍉 ()

Que onda con las chicas que solo han escuchado Adore you y Lights up, van a un concierto de H y le pueden dar un abrazo o ni lo conocen y lo encuentran pq si,,, QUE TENGO QUE HACER PARA VERLO AUNQUE SEA A 100 METROS DE DISTANCIA?? SER LOCAL?? AMAR A BAD BUNNY? me voy a matar

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Amirah 🦋 ()

@lights_stylesup Like straight up one of them read Malignant and was like we need to address this

Ashish Kumar Sharma ()

@alexa99 we decided to give a face to up brightly every time we say Hey Alexa!

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Diana WS ()

@lipashallway voy a tu casa ahorita mismo a llevarte cositas y vemos ws y lights up varias veces si?🥺

Paola needs louis ()

@goldsteinn91 lo vi en un video de una chica que salió en lights up y contó que jamás les dijeron para que hasta que apareció harry. les quitaron los teléfonos y toda la cosa ultra secreto mini espías like

Lilian Garcia ()

Hearing about @Shadbeast is breaking my heart. I pray he is ok and I pray for his family! Please join me as Shad is such an incredible person who always lights up a room with his welcoming smile! Hope he’s ok 🙏🏼

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