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@Loki_122 (내적 비명) 여보, 그게 아니라.... 작은....아주 작고 예쁜 꽃게...인데....

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@wrasslingaddiic When Heimdall that’s when the first tears came but then after Loki I couldn’t stop crying ESPECIALLY WHEN WANDA HAD TO KILL HER TRUE LOVE AND WHEN PETER DIED IN TONY’S ARMS.

@ojisan_dandyism @kei_kidokami こんなに人が死ぬ配信なかなかないからな?.

@AylinDodogan i teared when loki died and peter p. was turned to dust. but when tony was stabbed- damn i almost left the theatre..

@Loki_Hirofushi いやぁ~それほどでもぉ~//(クレしん) ヒロフシさんありがとね☆ ぬるオタの癖に ロリは普通にしか愛でられないけど 大切に使いますわ~♪.



pay telephone 공중전화 stairway 계단 accommodate 편의를 도모하다 comply with ~을 지키다 govern (법률이)~에 적용되다 incline 경사(면) ice up 얼음으로 뒤덮이다(뒤덮다) slippery 미끄러운.

@TJBeachauthor I’m for sure a pupper fans! Thor is the Mini Doxie on the left and Loki is the Cavvie on the right..

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@george2783poru 狐と違って殺せないタイプの害獣…だがかわいい.

@IM_NOT_LOKI_ 싫어. 당신이랑 있을래. (너를 껴안아 고개를 파묻어).

自由から お前たちの自由などまやかしだ それを認めろ そうすれば 安らぎを得られる.

“Calar a boca dos lóki, pois quem toma banho de ódio exala o aroma da ”.

・XLASB LokiでXLASBに電池を搭載し忘れる ・XLASB搭載艦で海軍200電池を持っていく ・DominixでDrone搭載を忘れる ・SCでFighterリコールせずにJump ・イベサイトでBaitしたらCyno点灯不可 #EVEONLINEやらかし百選 #evejapan.


@binarymoons — end up being the reason he lets Loki pull away. 〝 It was my pleasure, my Prince. 〞Every time he says that, it sounds a bit more possessive. Definitely more intimate. Ed basks in the feeling. 〝 ... Would it be too forward to ask you to join me for breakfast tomorrow? —.

@GradeAMischief + they entered. It was a dark corridor lit with lanterns in sconses. The door closed behind them, and with his concentration again, the large steel bolts locked once more- No mortal could ever enter here -he explained, before leading Loki +.

ナナシの質問箱です 最近回答した質問 → 「醤油派?ソース派? そ?れ?と?も?」.

@Elrond_is_here ..어려서 작은 꽃게는 있지만 예쁜 꽃게는... 이건 어때?.

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@binarymoons If he moves his head just enough, he’ll be kissing Loki. Like / kissing / him. The notion leaves him a bit dazed and maybe slightly anxious ( and unusually shy, for some reason ). And while Ed has always been a bold man, this time he doesn’t have his wits about him, which —.

@Lust_Loki__ 다르면 좋은 것 아니야? 나도 남들보다 머리가 훨 좋으니까 이렇게 만들 수 있는거잖아..



CNET en Español: Estos superhéroes de Marvel se merecen su propia película..

@lRONWILL loki rested her head on his chest and smiled. “you’re warm. i love ” she whispered softly..

@Loki_122 (내적 비명) 여보, 그게 아니라.... 작은....아주 작고 예쁜 꽃게...인데....

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