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@recaitopapi @duhjasmine123 No. Captain marvel 3/8, endgame 4/26, Spider-Man 7/5

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We just added another workshop! Check it out, Non-Fiction Storytelling: The Marvel Method with Marvel Audio Producer @BrandonGrugle.

@ryanmfann Oh yeah, I mean its the difference between a comic book and a marvel movie..

@MrStephenOyoung please tell me Marvel Studios are considering hiring you in the near future.

Once you compare the ancient texts of a people, which contain their, customs, laws, cultures, historical perspectives, etc., to the texts of the Marvel Universe it is clear that the discussion isnt going to be rational, reasonable or right.

52 Días para CAPITANA MARVEL 100 Días para Vengadores: ENDGAME 170 Días para SPIDER-MAN: Far From Home.

I can’t believe this year marvel will give us captain marvel, endgame and far from home woah.

I liked a @YouTube video SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Extended Trailer (NEW 2019) Marvel Superhero Movie HD.

jake gyllenhaal is really SO BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS. an such an underrated actor in hollywood, he should win an oscar tbh!!! can’t believe the MCU really has him. marvel stays winning y’all 😻🙌🏽.

a marvel é tao desgraçada que tirou o ano do passaporte do peter só pra gente nao saber se passa antes ou depois de iw, quer matar o fandom de ansiedade mesmo.

This set of Marvel movies is so legendary in the world of films. They created a whole universe and tied stories together so damn well..

@recaitopapi @duhjasmine123 No. Captain marvel 3/8, endgame 4/26, Spider-Man 7/5.


Saying Captain Marvel is “Black Panther for women” makes me, as a black woman, not want to see it. Black Panther had plenty of women in it. It was Black Panther for women, unless you can’t acknowledge the fact that black women exist..

So now that Marvel Studios will be casting for their X Men properties I hope they cast right and correct ethnic actors and not like Fox which casted asian actors just for China money and no character development..

Do i gotta pretend marvel didn’t cast the lightestst skinned, straightest hair, black girl they can kind for Peters love interest.

amo ver como cada vez que pasa algo en el fandom de marvel ya somos 1 en tendencias.

I wonder if Excalibur will show up in Spider-man far from home? Will we get the the black knight, captain britan with his lighthouse, skrull john lennon, Wolfsbane, or any of the many other characters of marvel uk..

@SonnyBunch @benshapiro Your words offend me, take it back! You must be a DC fan not a Marvel fan😳.

@pamela_csmp super concordo com vc, tá ruim demais, o trailer mais parece de um filme de comédia do que um filme de herói e isso já tá ficando cansativo, a Marvel/Disney não muda, O que eu acho mais esquisito é o Indiano continuar sendo Flash Thompson.

Spider-Man: Far From Home sai trailerin - Marvel-leffa valkokankailla heinäkuussa 2019 ().

Comparison between DC & Marvel DC: Better animations Marvel: better movies (graphics, fighting, actors, gadgets).

@Movies_beer365 That trailer was awesome and tells me 1 thing. The avengers win. Way to fuck up the surprise we didnt already know. lol.

@lokiforever8 Может его нужно приклеить на лоб, тип ближе к мозгу.

Wow Mysterio looks doooooooope!!!!!!! Beyond hyped for this.

FCCCKKKK!!!!!!! @lracnavie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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