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There’s nobody quite like Arthur Shelby. #PeakyBlinders.

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Tommy is amazing but Arthur stole the show last night. What a series, I never want to watch anything else again #peakyblinders.

“He spoke badly about my wife” #PeakyBlinders is going to be entertaining next week.

But which nemesis is he going after? And there was also a tease for the return of a major #PeakyBlinders.

#PeakyBlinders fans were not happy with this character dying.

@jwickhyoung I shall not see the sun rise past the clouds, but hey! A good time to be catching up on #PeakyBlinders.

@DaddyWarpig @_HaikusGoddess Looks like a scene from #PeakyBlinders.

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Keep drinking, Tommy! And don’t forget about @radiohead, the perfect soundtrack for your trouble mind #PeakyBlinders #CillianMurphy.

sure alfie solomons still alive like 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻👊🏻#PeakyBlinders.

@BlackBobInSpace @Reece_Lively I really hope Alfie Solomon comes back in the finale #PeakyBlinders.

I swear if Alfie some how makes a come back next week I’m gonna lose my shit!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #peakyblinders.

The scene in the asylum was heartbreaking for many reasons. One of those moments when top class acting, meets perfect writing. #PeakyBlinders.

How good of an actor is Sam Claflin in #PeakyBlinders he’s actually terrifying.

Joy division? Black Sabbath? I mean @ThePeakyBlinder are you trying to make me fall even more in love with you? I’m smitten already #itsfuckingwednesday #PeakyBlinders.

Great #PeakyBlinders tonight. Nice to see @tweetkeogh doing a cracking job. 👍🏼.

Peaky Blinders and the Vilification of Sir Oswald Mosley Great article by @thisislaurat on Oswald Mosley. #PeakyBlinders.

Lizzie Shelby shot as Oswald Mosley uncovers deadly plot? #PeakyBlinders.

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#PeakyBlinders please, please if there is a Series 6 🙏🏻, use proper Scottish actors for The Billy Boys McWhatshisname. Currently ‘muting’ as can’t stand whatever the hell that accent is! Really ruins the whole scene. Ok? 👍.

Brilliant Chang is Ah Sahm in Warrior? ... sorry, need to see him in a really well fitting suit and possibly shirtless to check carefully. #PeakyBlinders.

Aberama gold and Arthur went on a boozey bender on that narrow boat. Got a few adultwork incalls dockside, pollys none the wiser, she’s marry a womaniser, all he does is fuck bitches and bang guns. #PeakyBlinders.


Much as i love this show im just baffled as to what is actually going on in this series🤷‍♀️ #PeakyBlinders.

Sam Clafin deserves BAFTA and Emmy nominations. Quality performance in #PeakyBlinders..

Omg what kind of accent is #billyboy supposed to have #PeakyBlinders Irish? Italian? German? Not Scottish that’s for sure grrrrr, so distracting 😬.

I spend the whole of S:5 E:5 worrying about the sizeable lump behind Cillian Murphy’s rigth ear 👂#PeakyBlinders.

There’s nobody quite like Arthur Shelby. #PeakyBlinders.

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