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Baldwin & Co, a new Black-owned coffee & bookstore, opened today in New Orleans

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CoolAuntieJoyce ()

@1nePhenomenalMe @Phil_Lewis_ His “Are You Smarter than a Preschooler?” TikToks are sooo good!

Phil Billingsby
Phil Billingsby ()

#100DaysOfCode Day 6. I made some fun dynamic ActiveRecord queries taking select option values and interpolating them into queries to grab data. You know when you venture down the rabbit hole and get trapped there? Well that was me today. Good Sunday!

Hamid Mir
Hamid Mir ()

Sad to see that an M Phil. M Ed. School Teacher is getting salary and under matric drivers getting more than that @Shafqat_Mahmood

Rep. Mark Pocan
Rep. Mark Pocan ()

I had a different speech prepared today—about the Equality Act and what it would mean to me & my husband of 16 years, Phil. But then the @GOP showed just how willing they are to attack their colleagues, trans kids, & put their prejudice so openly on display. They are bigots.

El ()

imagine getting into phil in like october 2019, watching him for over a year do all these cool quirky videos assuming he is just some cool gay who lives alone, to then see the first video with dan and be like 👁👄👁

Mike Navallo
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Human Rights Watch’s Phil Robertson says Guevarra’s statements show DOJ and senior police were “asleep at the switch” when drug killings intensified and that there were no subsequent police investigations. Says PH police is operationalized as govt hit squad vs suspects.

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ash 🦕
Ash 🦕 ()

i hate that when phil uploaded the hospital storytime pt. 2 my first thought was “phil shits??”

philip lewis
Philip lewis ()

In Rochester, NY: Protesters face police after no charges were filed against officers over the death of #DanielPrude

Windows Club
Windows Club ()

Phil Spencer nos diz como será o futuro do Xbox e dos jogos em nuvem

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Wario64 ()

Phil Spencer on stream, he has a Kojima Productions Ludens figure in the background apparently next to the Xbox logo

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Brian Tyler Cohen
Brian Tyler Cohen ()

NEW: New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has signed legislation into law legalizing the use and possession of marijuana for adults 21 and older.

Kyle Griffin
Kyle Griffin ()

TRENTON, (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signs legislation that sets up recreational marijuana marketplace, loosens drug penalties.

Mcdaily📰 ()

techno offers a duel, whoever wins: wins everything but the other must leave the smp techno loses phil of course follows techno but before he does, he gives dream the two pickaxes he finds, saying their the first pickaxes dream and george had dream doesnt care 👾

Mcdaily📰 ()

dream escapes the prison somehow. he does what he wanted, he locks tommy, he takes everyones things, he makes everyone sorry for putting him in that cell. he burns the smp down with his own hands only thing left standing are a few people: phil, techno sapnap, george, and himself


sbi & co splatoon au? yeah Phil is an inkling that has lived in inkopolis his whole life. he used to be an avid turf fighter, and an agent, but ended up retiring his career early, and settled down. mostly because he has a kid now and during a salmon run+


Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Official Music Video) a través de @YouTube

shelby !!
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Rini ()

watching dan and playing a mobile game with anime listening to In 2021. History Repeats Itself.

ruby 🦇☔️ ERICA DAY
Ruby 🦇☔️ ERICA DAY ()

i’m surprised the ex-phannies didn’t come back with vengence after seeing the word “phan” in phil’s title

Maisie|| DAN AND PHIL ARE BACK ||claims page 74
Maisie|| DAN AND PHIL ARE BACK ||claims page 74 ()

TW// suicide - - - - I find it crazy that dan and Phil literally saved my life. Like I don’t think id be here on earth rn if it weren’t for them. They gave me the courage to come out which was the thing that was tearing me apart, I’m so grateful for they don’t even know

Leigh ()

every time someone mentions dan and phil i think abt their minecraft video and how it took them about 20 minutes to figure out how to break a block

Nappi my beloved
Nappi my beloved ()

We manifested broken wing phil We manifested horns tubbo And We manifested one eye quackity If we manifest silver hair revivedbur ill cry

philip lewis
Philip lewis ()

The family of 11-year-old boy who died in Texas deep freeze files $100 million suit against power companies

eth ♕
Eth ♕ ()

c!tommy: PHIL? PHIL!!!! c!phil: *peacefully living nearby technos house collecting honey* u all heard sum?

onya! 📌
Onya! 📌 ()

also phil understanding the “full time internet homo” reference from that one solo dan liveshow in Okay 👍

bear. dhmu im recovering
Bear. dhmu im recovering ()

my new favorite thing in the world is dan and phil making references to full time internet homo

philip lewis
Philip lewis ()

Today’s front page of the New York Times: Each dot represents one death from COVID-19 in the United States.

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god dammit, Dutch
God dammit, Dutch ()

“it’s cloudy everywhere except where the sun is.” — Gary Bettman, the funniest man on NBC since Phil Hartman

philip lewis
Philip lewis ()

Baldwin & Co, a new Black-owned coffee & bookstore, opened today in New Orleans

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Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC ()

The most decorated player in our history 🏆 Have a great birthday, Phil Neal! 🥳

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☚ #DimashOnMTV Clubhouse ☛
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