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This is an eye-popping video. @nigel_farage soliciting money from group which includes man who describes himself as ‘good friend’ of Putin.

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We are now seeing the outcome of trump and Putin meeting in Helsinki without witnesses and interpretation missing. Trump made a deal with Russia on trade and Venezuela is out! No doubt that even more happened! Impeach now!.

@saml_lee @BaldingsWorld Sam Lee just blocked me for this. Let me be clear. It is entirely possible - and, really, the only justifiable position — to oppose both Xi and Putin..

@rossi4va putin-trump seems kinda criminal in every sense of the word. These thugs in power deserve the full weight of the law. time will show TREASON, which is a capital crime by whole family..

@Reuters Of course, they ’s what Putin and China call Little Rocket Man was pre 🖕🏾🖕🏿🖕🏻.

Российская Церковь Сатаны добивается изучения в школах основ сатанизма наравне с «Основами православной культуры».

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Польские дети Волынской резни.

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@SenSchumer @senatemajldr Yes, why? What is his explanation? Or was there one? Is he working for Putin too?.

Again, why did no one question Trump taking the translators papers after his meeting with Putin, is this not obstruction? What is he hiding??.

This is an eye-popping video. @nigel_farage soliciting money from group which includes man who describes himself as ‘good friend’ of Putin.

EXCLUSIVE: Footage from a private meeting at the Ritz shows Nigel Farage soliciting Brexit Party donations from a millionaire Putin cheerleader and an influencer who has made a string of anti-Muslim comments.

Президент России Владимир Путин в четверг выступит на пленарном заседании шестого медиафорума независимых региональных и местных СМИ Правда и справедливость Общероссийского народного фронта (ОНФ)..

You know who makes enemy lists? Trump Putin And tulsi gabbard Fck her.

1. Anacondas. 2. Charles Manson. 3. Putin. 4. The MyPillow guy. 5. The AL Senate. #BillionDollarLoserDonald.

परमाणु समझौते से जुड़ा रहे ईरान: पुतिन #NuclearDeal.

I felt it was a useless political stunt. The statement on ear hair was almost teenage shock statement. I think we need a leader who can stand up to Putin not check Putin ear hair..

Let’s face it: The Republican Party could care less about the sovereignty of the individual. The Republican Party, @senatemajldr, will do anything to hold power; even kowtow to Putin, Kim Jong Il, ... The Republican Party is using America for personal enrichment. #Truth.

@gtconway3d Who the fuck could respect a 3rd generation mob bitch traitor? Other than Putin’s @GOP.

Weaver has been one of most vocal critics of Trump’s posture toward Russia, blasting his relationship with Putin at every turn. This is a pretty stunning development >>.

@Robertamnesia She was much younger than him. Smoking often takes a while to kill you, to allow Big Tobacco to amortize its customer acquisition costs..

@iYamWhutIAm @grudging1 He directed and delegated every thing regarding Putin and the Russians-traitor trump knew it all. He is no way an innocent man👎🏻👎🏻.

Hilarious. You think Assad and Putin have a choice if Trump wanted to continue the Hussein McCain conflict in Syria? You’re a joke w little grasp on reality. Also as much as the DS would like there will be no war in Iran..

Trump boxed in on Iran, as Putin holds key to prevent war in Persian Gulf via @YouTube.

Putin asegura que a Irán no le conviene abandonar el pacto nuclear.

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If we get France to pass a Magnitsky Act it would be like hitting the jackpot in terms of hitting Putin’s cronies who all have properties on the Côte d’Azur (article in French).

Pompeo warns Russia against interfering in US elections while Trump & Barr attack US law enforcement for investigating that interference. Which message do you think Putin will listen to?.

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