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Two days before the summit, Putin has publicly accused the US government of assassinating Ashli Babbitt

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😷—((( Freddy Atton )))—😷
😷—((( Freddy Atton )))—😷 ()

Who is blackmailing Republicans into attacking our Military and Police? The same person who bribed them. — Vladimir Putin

🇺🇸🇺🇸Democrat/PATRIOT 🇺🇸🇺🇸
🇺🇸🇺🇸Democrat/PATRIOT 🇺🇸🇺🇸 ()

I love how Republicans are targeting VP Harris for not going to the border And yet, they were completely silent on Trump -sexually assaulting women -calling the military “losers and suckers” -denigrating minorities -inciting an insurrection -lying -siding with Putin over America

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Falta 60 pontosᶜᵉᶜ ()

se o putin for ligeiro ele criminaliza IMEDIATAMENTE acordar 3:30 da madrugada pra assistir cruzeiro x vasco

Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. ()

Where is the Russia Russia Russia crowd? You would think with all the wins that Biden is simply handing over to Putin they’d be a little bit more vocal?

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez
Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez ()

En conversación telefónica con el estimado Presidente Putin, trasladé la sincera admiración y gratitud al heroico pueblo soviético por su decisiva contribución en la victoria sobre el fascismo, al conmemorarse hoy el 80 Aniversario del inicio de la Gran Guerra Patria.

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Mike Pompeo
Mike Pompeo ()

I wouldn’t hesitate to debate President Putin. Anytime. Anywhere.

Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh ()

Tonight, the top rated host on @FoxNews sided with Vladimir Putin and put forward a conspiracy theory that the FBI was behind the January 6th insurrection. Don’t laugh. This will become gospel among the GOP base.

Rudy W. Giuliani
Rudy W. Giuliani ()

Biden’s refusing a press conference after his meeting with Putin is an admission to the world that he is COGNITIVELY IMPAIRED and is afraid of being revealed. Do we need more proof?

Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh ()

Just pisses me off all these Republicans complaining that Biden needs to be tougher with Putin. After four years of the biggest Putin-loving wussy in the White House, Republicans have the nerve to call BIDEN weak. Just pisses me off.

Election Wizard
Election Wizard ()

WATCH: Russian President Putin calls out the US government for politically persecuting the Jan. 6 mob and provocatively implies the US government might have assassinated Ashli Babbit.

AntifaBook.com ()

Two days before the summit, Putin has publicly accused the US government of assassinating Ashli Babbitt

AntifaBook.com ()

Putin: Who ordered the assassination of the woman who walked into the Congress and was shot and killed by a policeman?

AntifaBook.com ()

For all their differences, Biden and Putin actually do have some things in common. Like winning elections in massive landslides that only happen at 3am.

Jorge Iván Ospina
Jorge Iván Ospina ()

Ahora le quieren echar la culpa a la loca de Jorge Iván, por una muerte por narcotráfico. Que a ustedes el finao les caiga bien, es otra cosa, pero esto no lo controla ni que Putin fuera alcalde de Cali. Despierten, atembaos.

RT en Español
RT en Español ()

The New York Times: Biden prefiere una rueda de prensa sin Putin porque recuerda el fracaso de Trump en la cumbre de 2018

Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh ()

Biden not giving Putin the credibility of a joint press conference is a hell of a lot better & stronger than Trump doing a joint press conference in Helsinki on his knees with Putin’s leash around his neck.

Robert Reich
Robert Reich ()

The biggest threat to American democracy isn’t Vladimir Putin or China. It’s Republicans in legislatures across the country who are determined to restrict the right to vote.

M5 Dergi
M5 Dergi ()

Putin, Rusya-ABD ilişkilerinin son yılların en düşük seviyesinde olduğunu bildirdi

Richard Grenell
Richard Grenell ()

At the gym and people are openly laughing at @rachelvscott’s reporting from the G7 while “The US is back” flashes on the screen. One woman says “on its back is more like it”. An older guy says “Putin is happy”. Several howls continue as she spins.

Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid 😷
Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid 😷 ()

In light of the coming Olympic Games, and given how much the former president humiliated us as a country when he kissed Putin’s posterior again and again, I say we brand this upcoming presser as a Reverse Helsinki, and score it on a 1 to 10 scale. Who’s with me!?

✌🏼rosanna arquette
✌🏼rosanna arquette ()

Giving Putin a platform is disgraceful. Killer Dictators do not deserve a platform. And yes he’s a killer.

Sputnik Türkiye
Sputnik Türkiye ()

Putin: 18 milyon vatandaşımızı aşıladık, isteyen herkesin aşılanmasına yetecek kapasitemiz mevcut

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Michael McFaul
Michael McFaul ()

Want I quick read on previous US-Russia summits, including Reagan-Gorbachev 1988, Obama-Medvedev 2009, Trump-Putin 2018, and VP Biden and PM Putin in 2011? I got you covered:

Reuters ()

Putin says relations with at lowest point in years

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Fox News
Fox News ()

Putin calls Trump an ‘extraordinary individual,’ Biden, a ‘career man’

Kaitlan Collins
Kaitlan Collins ()

“It may not be on his agenda, and that’s not as surprise, but certainly the president has every intention to raise human rights abuses,” Jen Psaki says when @jaketapper asks about the Kremlin comment that Alexey Navalny isn’t on the agenda when Biden and Putin sit down.

Natasha Bertrand
Natasha Bertrand ()

Asked about Putin saying discussion of Navalny is not on the agenda in summit with Biden, Psaki tells @jaketapper it may not be on Putin’s agenda but that POTUS “has every intention” of raising human rights abuses and detention of dissidents during their meeting

This Black Man
This Black Man ()

Nixon was Watergate. Trump was 2X impeached, Led an Insurrection, worked for Putin, is under several investigations & now faces his own version of Watergate. #TrumpGate

AntifaBook.com ()

Trump tells Biden not to fall asleep in his meeting with Putin

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Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz ()

What is it with liberals? They look at Putin, Xi, and the Ayatollah and they say, “You know what they need, they need billions of American dollars.”

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