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#screenshotsaturday Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты | Russia

💡 Lights 🎥 Camera 🎬 Action (By @jazzytipgaming) #ScreenshotSaturday #ControlRemedy

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🐾 Snacko
🐾 Snacko ()

New colors for each time of day 🌤 #screenshotsaturday #gamedev

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Jitspoe ()

Writing new collision detection for @FistForgotten because the bullet physics used in #GodotEngine can be very problematic (especially at extreme scale differences shown here). Building = bullet, solid block = mine. Red line is the normal returned. #ScreenshotSaturday

Meek Bits
Meek Bits ()

My first tower defence 😎 Made thanks to #screenshotsaturday #indiedev

Sgt_Mark_IV ()

#screenshotsaturday over half of weapons for Brutal Fate are in an usable state, here is a first look at the laser gun.

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♜♥ Colton
♜♥ Colton ()

#ScreenShotSaturday In Sketch, every frame of the character was broken into body and face sketches, and drawn on 8 1/2 x 11 InkJet paper by a very friendly artist. I scanned it in and converted to transparency using GIMP. This is when I learned a lot of animation fundamentals!

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Partly Atomic
Partly Atomic ()

👀Got a side side side side project going #ScreenshotSaturday #gamedev

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NeonTop ()

@oculus @Oculus_Dev #Oculusstar #screenshotsaturday Some pics to show the progress. I mainly finished 3/4 of the environment. When completed, I will begin to add some particles effects.

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Pie for Breakfast Studios
Pie for Breakfast Studios ()

Worked on creatures and animation for #LittleNemo and the Nightmare Fiends this week! #screenshotsaturday

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WeirdBeard Games
WeirdBeard Games ()

The racing mode of #TrickyTowers is truly a competition up until the very last second! Just remember that you need to actually cross it in order to win a match! #ScreenshotSaturday

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♜♥ Colton
♜♥ Colton ()

#ScreenShotSaturday The second demo game I made was called Sketch where you played as a prisoner who was tempted by a Fox to give him food in order to escape. This game was made in Adventure Game Studio AGS and made mostly during 1 weekend.

Ocasocreations ()

@UnrealEngine @MeekiGames Everything is ready for the launch day #ScreenshotSaturday #UE4 🚀🚀🚀🚀

The Cycle
The Cycle ()

☀️ The Summer heat is upon us! ☀️ Why not enjoy 20 minutes of sunbathing on Fortuna III? Just make sure you evac just in time to share your best Summer #screenshotsaturday with us!

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Solara ()

@UnrealEngine @MeekiGames Flying in formation | Solara #screenshotsaturday

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SneakyBox ()

We are almost ready to tell a new heartwarming story! #ScreenshotSaturday #SneakyBox

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Control ()

💡 Lights 🎥 Camera 🎬 Action (By @jazzytipgaming) #ScreenshotSaturday #ControlRemedy

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Lindener Games
Lindener Games ()

@UnrealEngine @SpaceGameStudio Sure. #screenshotsaturday #ue5 Alice Brighton Adventure game I am making.

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NoumanA ()

The Madison Police Department is now investigating the incident as a possible hate crime, and are looking into surveillance footage of the incident, Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain said in a statement. Source themelaninshadesroom #screenshotsaturday

lichen subscribe (sol)
Lichen subscribe (sol) ()

The only gamedev progress I made today was accidentally obliterating all my progress from yesterday by using Git as intended so #screenshotsaturday is next week my darlings

Brimstone Brawlers
Brimstone Brawlers ()

🏖️#screenshotsaturday WIP map for our new Summer Smash event! 🏖️ This limited time Brawl map will be hitting Brimstone in the next update! Beachballs included!! Brimstone Brawlers is 33% off during the #steamsummersale!

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Nakana.io Games Publishing
Nakana.io Games Publishing ()

Last #screenshotsaturday before the launch of Infini👁️♾ on Switch: Both images are kind of a BEFORE vs AFTER. I let you discover on your own before/after what :) Now 50% off in the Steam and Summer Sales

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SΞ∆N on a 🏍️
SΞ∆N on a 🏍️ ()

Feeling the FOMO missing out on #screenshotsaturday but this #gamedev break has allowed me to think, plan and adjust for my next sprint.

Thecrimsondiamond ()

This wonderful TVO (TV Ontario, I grew up with it!) article about The Crimson Diamond by @MatthewOMara has a screenshot in it, hope it counts for #screenshotsaturday! 😊

Julia Minamata
Julia Minamata ()

This wonderful TVO (TV Ontario, I grew up with it!) article about The Crimson Diamond by @MatthewOMara has a screenshot in it, hope it counts for #screenshotsaturday! 😊

Dune - art of rally -
Dune - art of rally - ()

Some snaps from the Mediterranean rally stages of Sardinia in #artofrally #screenshotsaturday

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Planet Zoo
Planet Zoo ()

Do you have a lot of animals in your zoo? Why not add in an animal hospital like this, created by master builder @PaulsLeyGaming! Shared on Reddit, this post definitely inspired many viewers. #ScreenshotSaturday

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Naam ()

...but then, how would you practice THIS? #screenshotsaturday

Unreal Engine 5 #UE5
Unreal Engine 5 #UE5 ()

🌌 Posts about your project are like anti-gravity, we just cant put them down! Share a screenshot below and send us out of orbit. 🚀 #ScreenshotSaturday 🛰️ @SpaceGameStudio

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Revolution Software 🏳️‍🌈
Revolution Software 🏳️‍🌈 ()

UNION CITY WISHES YOU A HAPPY ASPIRATION DAY 🎉 #BeyondASeelSky #screenshotsaturday @AppleArcade

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Team17 ()

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻​ Going Under by @AggroCrabGames, folks!​ ​Play the demo 👉 ​ ​#ScreenShotSaturday #Gamedev

The Universim
The Universim ()

⭐Happy Friday! The Universim Key Giveaway is here. Follow the instructions below for your chance to win: 1. Follow @TheUniversim 2. Like and Retweet this post 3. Tag your friend in the comment 🪐 The Universim on Steam: #indiedev #screenshotsaturday

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