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Hey CARATs! SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR <ODE TO YOU> IN EUROPE dates are finally out! Can’t wait to see you all in March! Stay tuned for more details!.

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[#SEVENTEEN JAPAN NEWS] <TV>テレビ朝日系全国放送「BREAK OUT」にSEVENTEENが出演! 放送日時:2019年12月18日(水)25:26~25:56(関東地区) 地域によって放送日、放送時間が異なりますので、下記番組サイトよりご確認ください。.

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Hey CARATs! SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR <ODE TO YOU> IN EUROPE dates are finally out! Can’t wait to see you all in March! Stay tuned for more details!.

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seventeen taking up like 4/5 of the worldwide trends,, deserve especially after that performance,, it is so sexy,, good night im going to sleep.

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#seventeen still being trends and i want to get rest faster. (since i got kinda sick?) wish all carats to be healthy and happy! stay warm wherever you are♡ night..

Jeonghan si estaba aplaudiendo , se la venden de areneras la verdad #seventeen.

2020 award shows BTS Loona Red Velvet Twice Chungha EXO NCT U Seventeen Itzy TXT Sunmi Mamamoo Taemin line-up I planted the seed and I shall see the harvest.

SEVENTEEN セブチ HMV交換 【譲】ウジ ミンギュ スングァン 【求】2枚目 3枚目(💗のついたもの) 条件合う方いましたら、お気軽にDM・リプよろしくお願いいたします🙇🏻‍♀️ 郵送希望です☺︎.

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Trending #seventeen for almost 3 hrs now and still on it,can someone pls tell me my twitter is not broken @pledis_17.

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最高でした、、、 hitで絶叫した(〃▽〃) その前のチャイナのダンスバカイケメンすぎて死亡案件だった😣 #MAMA #SEVENTEEN.

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SEVENTEEN セブチ 交換 トレカ An ode クリスマス 譲→エスクプス、ジュン、ウジ、スングァン 求→ジョンハン、ホシ ボンボンイ切実に探しております。 郵送でのお取引希望。 大変難しいとは思いますが宜しくお願い致します。.

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#seventeen حبايبي انتم اخذين كل جوائز العالم بقلوب الكارتز وانا أولهم 💕💕 love you so much @pledis_17.

MYX played BTS,EXO, and now Monsta X after MAMA pag di nyo din iplay SEVENTEEN aba magagalit ako Hahahaha.

もう鳥肌たちまくりのステージでした😭 お疲れ様でした…(涙) #seventeen.

my reaction to seventeen performance today : #seventeen @pledis_17.

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#MAMA2019 the only people that are worth watching are GOT7 ,ATEEZ , WAYV AND MONSTA X PLUS seventeen ... other than that the show sucks ass with the lazy emotionless mc the lame black ocean Stupid video capturing and lights.

i really do love __, like I got into kpop cuz of those boys and i love them but i honestly felt like seventeen deserved the award. their dances are legendary and it feels criminal that they didn’t win a dance award. i hope the boys remember we love them! stream 독!.

@tension_carat 네ㅠㅠㅠ다 그분들 팬인데 학교에서 쌤이 뮤비 틀어준다할때 제가 셉틴꺼 틀면 대놓고 욕하시는 분들이라..ㅎ.

Congrats to Seventeen for having Wen Junhui in their group! @pledis_17.

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Best Male Artist- BAEKHYUN Best OST- GUMMY Best Vocal Performance- BOL4 #seventeen #MAMAVOTE.

to be honest I thought album of the year is the only possibility to seventeen win daesang:( please let me be wrong #seventeen.

Confessar que fiquei com um pontinho de incômodo com o resultado, Fear do Seventeen na minha opinião é melhor que BWL, mas tudo bem, BTS merece.

Langhiya kayo Vernon, Wonwoo, Mingyu 😭😭😭 pasabog!!! @pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN #MAMA2019.


seventeen and bts always sitting next to each other at award shows see what happens when the two best kpop groups are best friends.

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