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Tweet247 | Updated: Sat, 19 May 2018, 00:07 AM IST

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  • School shooting in Texas. Early reports not looking good. God bless all!.

  • My prayers go out to everyone affected by the Santa Fe School shooting. Something needs to change. kids should not have to fear for their life while going to school, they should feel safe. We need control.

  • Senator Ted Cruz is A-rated by the @NRA and voted against universal background checks after the shooting at Sandy Hook School. His prayers do not seem to be working. Santa Fe High School.

  • @RepJoePKennedy @flyingbailey200 @SenFeinstein What will your “common sense gun laws” accomplish that common sense murder/shooting/assault laws did not?.

  • @animeoutsiders Did another shooting happen?.

  • Did my grand pop really just leave for Texas for a week, like they aren’t up there shooting rn🙄🙄.

  • JUST IN: One of two people detained in Texas school shooting identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis - law enforcement source ReutersUS.

  • @tedlieu @NRA Santa Fe is the 22nd school shooting this year, is counting. Certainly not the NRA, the gun lobby, or the politicians with gun money and blood on their hands..

  • Texas | Santa Fe High School "How to Handle A School Shooting" Step One: *school shooting* Step Two: *thoughts and prayers* Step Three: *use tragic event for own agenda on guns, governments etc.* Step Four: *everything goes silent* rinse and repeat..

  • Looks like "Dimitrios Pagourtzis" is a Satanist. You know what else is Satanic? Defending MS-13 and having to wait for the blood of children to be spilled so you can push your agenda. Almost like child sacrifice. #GunControl.

  • This shooting will be used by the alt left to attempt to ban the second amendment.

  • @bincat23 No just cover the shooting too we should be happy that people are getting married and celebrating love.

  • #Illinois is suffering today after fatal shooting. #POTUS, stop the bloodshed. #BackfireTrump.

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  • @davidhogg111 Oh I get it. Rockets, like in Houston, like in Sante fe School shooting. Encrypted..

  • Awww, you see what your "thoughts and prayers" for the Florida, Maryland, and California shootings did? It ended up allowing another school to fall victim to senseless violence. Enough prayers, more action..

  • How many more before we make some changes to the law @POTUS?.

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