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Raptor reached bar today, exceeding prior record held by the awesome Russian RD-180. Great work by @SpaceX engine/test team!.

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写真じゃわかりづらいけど今日見た川氷の上に水が走ってたんだけどどうして? 普通氷って水面からできるんだよね? それに下にある氷溶けてないし不思議だ🤔.

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To clarify: The objective is to review how they ever got certified in the first place This news comes 1 day after a story on @NHTSAgov regulatory capture in which NHTSA fabricated @Tesla safety data First hint of adults being present anywhere near Elon Musk $TSLA #SpaceX.

The @usairforce’s certification of SpaceX in 2015 allowed the company Elon Musk founded to take on military payloads, bringing fresh competition to the field of space launches..

SpaceX launch certification to face review by Pentagon watchdog.

6) Also consider this: If he could only raise $270 millions for the 30B dollar SpaceX company that has not been under any SEC/DOJ investigations, and has no significant upcoming legal liabilities for a fakeover bid, how much can he raise for a $55 billion dollar company? End..

If SpaceX comments, we will gladly update the story to reflect that..

Does Musk have anything left to mortgage to bridge SpaceX? via @bpolitics.

Maybe they can review the Battery Swap embezzlement too..

SpaceX launch certification to face review by Pentagon watchdog WOW, THIS IS REALLY BAD FOR SPACE-X!.

$TSLA SpaceX Launch Certification to Face Review by Pentagon Watchdog - Bloomberg.

500k per ticket to go to Mars? Heck sign me up for 2 will hold a raffle and send TSLA culties off into space .. 2 less on this planet. Worth it!.

Progress!!! 😁🚀👍❤️👽👇👩🏻‍🚀👨🏻‍🚀🔭🛰🌎🛸😎🤓👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍🔬👨🏻‍💻☄️🤯🌗🌋🌞😀⛰👩🏻‍🔬😍🤩.

If something is important enough, or you believe something is important enough, even if you are scared, you will keep going. -Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX.

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@TezzlaCFO @SpaceX Very Cool. A couple Do u have a link to leave a deposit? Do you pay for the ticket to Mars when purchasing the Model3? Will current owners be given the option to upgrade to software with Mars gps? Do you think the battery is chargeable in -80 degrees weather???.

Los modelos de SpaceX que hace @oli_braun, disponibles en varias escalas y como kits o ya terminados, son para fliparlo. Pero están teniendo tanto éxito que si necesitas alguno para los Reyes de 2020… deberías ir pidiéndolo YA..

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In other news SpaceX is expecting stiff competition from the local high-school rocketry club. 🙄 @bearadamjonas is still VERY high. $TSLA $TSLAQ.

La empresa Mars One, que pretendía llevar humanos a Marte y financiarlo como un reality show, está en bancarrota..

@WeAreMarsBook Welcome back online! 👋🏼 If you are interested in SpaceX doings, Elon had a tweetstorm Sunday evening; lots of technical goodness. 🤓.

Satelliteninternet: SpaceX beantragt den Bau von vielen Bodenstationen #Starlink.

$TSLA $TSLAQ 1. Tesla cuts car prices to improve demand 2. Musk mortgages his homes to keep @SpaceX alive😭 3. WSJ bank (they’re so evil big oil controls them!) ups price target to $450 based on nothing. Stock up Please don’t tell us we’re manipulating this.

Canaccord upgrades $TSLA to buy, raises PT from $330 to $450 on news of severe layoffs in delivery, totally depleted order book and Musk betting the house to cover fraud in SpaceX $TSLAQ.

Welcome to the $TSLA timeline Jed Dorsheimer, Canaccord You follow a lewd tweet by @elonmusk, news of him mortgaging 5 LA properties because of SpaceX embezzlement news & an NHTSA scandal Note to analysts: This is a precarious time to respond to Musk phone calls for upgrades..

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Being really tired because you sacrified sleep to watch the @SpaceX launch (Bonus points if the launch was scrubbed) #justspacethings.

Raptor reached bar today, exceeding prior record held by the awesome Russian RD-180. Great work by @SpaceX engine/test team!.

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Watch as SpaceX test fires its new Raptor engines for the first time. These new engines are what the company hopes will propel humans to Mars.

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