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Earlier this year President @realDonaldTrump declared the border crisis a national emergency and today Mexico is doing more to secure the border than Democrats in Congress. We won’t rest or relent until we put an END to the crisis once and for all!.

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@mikefromemphis Yup. I realize all the talking heads were calling for a buy out as well. I get it. But those national guys don’t know jack shit about the grizzlies, especially with the new FO..

What we haven’t done is OWN our actions and their repercussions. We have not had a reckoning, a national recognition of the damage we’ve done and the lives we’ve destroyed or the children we’ve.

@NAACP After all the the problems America has had with voteing , you would think we could get it right!. More dialogue with voters will be HELPFULL!.. We can tell you whats wrong n how to fix the presidential election a national holiday for 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠.

Introducing your 2019 National Runner-Up Elite Ms Agriculture USA, Jen Koons! Jen is the daughter of Charles and Angela Graham of Atwater, Ohio (Portage County), and is a graduate of Waterloo High School. She and….

The Revolutionary Glamour of the Women’s National Team.

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Labour Party National Executive Committee: A Vote of No Confidence in Tom Watson MP as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange.

Activist And Professor Angela Davis To Be Inducted In The National Women’s Hall Of Fame - Blavity.

The guy was so down to earth, you would see him sometimes debating a point of union strategy on here with some account named “TrotskyDong420” or whatever. And very possibly may have been a future president of the national union..

The earth continues to rumble beneath California. A earthquake was recorded in Ridgecrest..

Everyone in Government download your own copies and work on your own COCOMO II and pay off the national debt or do you wanna keep playing?.

@Pray_4_Justicee @Alex_Thomsen1 Yes I know that but she did kneel for the National Anthem correct? And she didn’t pick the flag up either 🤷🏼‍♂️.

Definitely going in the right direction: There are now just seven coal-fired power stations left in the UK, with the last one planned to close in 2025 #carbonneutral.

Electric pair of seats. In mid-summer, it was announced that the national team and the St. Petersburg SKA will now be led by Alexei Kudashov.

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This is just morning. No national cabinet in place. It will continue to rise even when they arrive. The state governors are recklessly doing anything they like quoting the Constitution An incompetent president doesnt care..

Tomorrow sees the launch of National Diabetes week in Australia focusing on the 4 T”s ofDiabetes. Too many people are diagnosed with #diabetes too late so please help raise awareness but spreading the word outside of the community. Check out @DiabetesAus &.

It may be a vacation weekendin the Wisconsin Dells, but I’m wearing my racineraidersfootball cap for support. At tonightsygame they will be honoring their 1989 National Championship team that journeyed to Canada and….

When I took this picture last week, the Bogue Falaya River was a foot high. The National Weather Service expects it will rise *ten feet* above this level by Monday. #TSBarry.

i bet most military would take you not sending them to die in shitty pointless wars over standing for the flag or the national anthem any day of the week. obviously, we aren’t going to stop doing one so fox news has you all shitting yourself over the other. #MAGA, shitheads.

Through their national fitness challenge, @USABA seeks to improve the health of #blind Americans. This year they provided @Fitbit devices to 450 blind people in 17 cities, as well as partnering with agencies to introduce participants to sports and recreation activities. #NFB19.

@bbc5live @GoldbergRadio Disgraceful Andrew Neil interview with Boris Johnson usual BBC Remainer Project Fear just for once could our so called national broadcaster show a little respect to their even cut Boris off at the end (making a point Neil didn’t want to hear).

Congrats to our 08 boys coach, Jake Dunn, for attending the Advanced National Diploma course this past week in Chicago, IL. 👏👏 #makingthegamebetter.

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@VP @realDonaldTrump Pence is full of it! National Security threats determined by the Pentagon and intelligence: -Russia -Climate Change -National Debt -Russian Election Interference -China -North Korea ALL THOSE THREATS ARE DELIBERATELY IGNORED BY TRUMP, PENCE AND PUTIN’S GOP..

No-one is above the law, but the rules apply differently to politicians via @ABCNews.

attorney general issues subpoenas to NRA, its charitable foundation - The Washington Post ⁦@PeterNeronha⁩ ⁦@MassAGO⁩.

Earlier this year President @realDonaldTrump declared the border crisis a national emergency and today Mexico is doing more to secure the border than Democrats in Congress. We won’t rest or relent until we put an END to the crisis once and for all!.

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