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Don Cheadle wore a Soviet Union hockey jersey with “Trump” and “45” on the back at the end of SNL after hosting. Shade level: Masterful.

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Trump administration to ban abortion referrals by taxpayer-funded family planning clinics.

An open letter to my GOP colleagues: You‘ve bemoaned Trump’s lack of decency, character and integrity. But you have chosen to keep your misgivings, your rising alarm, private. That must end. The time for silent disagreement is over. You must speak out..

If you have to fake two hate crimes to try and prove Trump supporters are racist, maybe Trump supporters aren’t racist? 🤔.

The Fatman see,s the future---2020 election Results……Starbuck Swartz=7% & Biden & Beto -38% ---Trump wins with 55%--while 80 year old Bernie dropped out & ran for President of the seniors condo-Silver acres------THE FUTURE--------------------------.

The only lesson learned here YET AGAIN is how precious it is to be an American citizen. It is why Trump’s battle to protect the sanctity of our borders and elections is the most important battle he will ever wage. ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩.

Anyone else noticed and or only the ones who are liberals,communist, socialist,lazy, mean,racist,anti American,murders,outlaws, free loaders,brain washed ,terrorist hate ones who like him are working tax payers,pro America God fearing ,constitution loving.

Don Cheadle wore a Soviet Union hockey jersey with “Trump” and “45” on the back at the end of SNL after hosting. Shade level: Masterful.

TRUMP: “What are we gonna build?” “A WALL!” TRUMP: “And who is going to pay for it?” “Military families in need of housing, disaster victims and people suffering from the opioid epidemic!”.

Pretty cool that Trump got Liev Schrieber to make him an omelette..

Mexico said NO. Voters said NO. Congress – armed with the exclusive constitutional power of the purse – said NO. Trump is trashing our Constitution by abusing his executive power with #FakeTrumpEmergency. This is a naked power grab that “didn’t need” to happen. It won’t work..

Report: Vast Majority of Trump El Paso Rally Attendees Hispanic, Many Democrats.

While President Trump was signing a bill to send Israel an additional $200 million taxdollars, Vice President Mike Pence was on an obligatory tour of Aushwitz revitalizing his Holocaust guilt. America, your government only exists to serve the 2%..

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the jail was right. build that wall..

#Trump Фото

Potus and Angel Moms shut up and muzzle Jim Acusta and Fake News are going to secure our will deliever the rest of the wall one way or another..

@Incolore_Chat la homosexualidad supera fronteras, ni el muro de trump nos detendra <3.

Everyone has their bad days, and Friday morning’s speech was significantly worse than normal even for a man whose rhetorical style will never be confused with Cicero’s. ⁦@henryolsenEPPC⁩.

@Newsweek @CarmenYulinCruz Bwahaha. Trump gets his statistics made especially for him..

Alá hizo del mensaje del Corán una enciclopedia de todos los libros de Sus mensajeros ِ..

he has obstructed justice so many times with his tweets it would take a book the size of a dictionary to even list them so what the hell are u @HouseDemocrats waiting for the impeachment process needs to begin because with barr sworn in today the trump cover up is complete.

Trump dice que tiene “un plan B, C y D” para Venezuela si Maduro no se va -►.

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@YossiGestetner @benshapiro Did the GOP IC plan a coup on a Dem president before, that the Dem run IC did so in return for Trump? Did the GOP IC created a collusion conspiracy on a Dem candidate, that the DEM run IC did so in return for Trump? And so on..

The Democrats are counting on their ability to convince us that a good man is bad. They tried it with Kavanaugh, Flynn and many others in the Trump circle. They are relentless against our president. It is backfiring royally though. America is not stupid. We see their spin. 😡😡.

Trump zal 8 miljard dollar aan muur spenderen via nationale noodtoestand.

After Mr. McCabe’s 60 Minutes interview, it is imperative that he, and others, come before @senjudiciary to fully explain how and why a FISA warrant was issued against Carter Page and answer questions about what appears to be, now more than ever, bias against President Trump..

Trump as businessman: Stiff contractors. Trump as president: Stiff contractors. Who could have seen this coming?.

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