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Anyone gonna talk about how police shoot and kill twice as many white people as black people, or does that ruin the whole “oh lawd we are being hunted!” narrative?


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Once CSC ()

Oyentes únicos en MelOn - 4PM (KST): #1 TWICE MORE & MORE - 652,580 (+21,751 en la última hora) 👑 🎉 📎: © TWICE_Charts @JYPETWICE


Sana’s reply guy ()

i just wish twice’s stylists thought more abt their outfits while they perform the outfits look SO good in the mv but they also look uncomfortable to dance in also we always see their safety black shorts underneath

Anto ()

ok me la pase escuchando one in a million de twice para un edit y no paro de llorar ahora pq me acorde cuando editaba videos para mi novio con canciones

Chauny Rattletrap ()

@simonjamesjupp I would have thought twice about tweeting this. It shows ignorance. We are out of the EU already. All that matters now is a deal. Surely you want to allow time to get a good deal? Or are you willing to hit people with a double whammy of Covid-19 and no deal?

Dev ✿ ()

@KrabbySana @JYPETWICE you can make excuses for them but i won’t like they could’ve talked about Any of the issues you listed including blm and they decided not to. i love twice but refusing to speak up bc of backlash is a sorry excuse and only adds to the issue

杏里沙 ()

#TWICE #TWICEsell Do you want this photobook?? I want to sell it.($45 EMS postage included) Does not include a photo card, but does include a DVD. () Only EMS WW: Of course


💚Green💚 ()

defence, +7 health regen, 240 increased mana, 90% chance not to consume ammo, +60% to all damage, +40% crit chance and a free fucking blowjob if you press down twice

Jason Crawford ()

@Vincemarotta I listen your show everyday, twice. Today during the live broadcast I heard @danbickley and his calm insight on the racial issues facing us today. But on the podcast, I heard what I really needed to hear. And that’s the slight crack in your voice. Thank you.

Blue ()

@KrawiDavid @softriviamyg Educate yourself well before speaking of something. Women were free, they owned businesses, they CHOSE their spouses and were allowed to go to war! Women were very highly regarded back at the place and time, men were not allowed to look twice at a passing women. Learn.

はるか ()

@Twice_mina_sara いいね、RT、フォローの証拠写真をお願いします!

りんた お豆腐大好き ()

@little_bunny24 誰かと思った〜🤣🤣 つむぎちゃんだね〜 わかった〜☺

MORE & MORE | june 1 ()

Me iré a dormir espero que cuando me levante twice esté de 1 en todos lados y obtenga su RAK

Patrick Seibert ()

@Randywjohnson2 Police officers injured? 50 you I can easily show you documented proof of twice that number injured permanently damage, and disabled thanks to their efforts. Come at me more with your bullshit, this ends here.

HOONI 영훈 ()

( kemarin pas twice konsep cute, fans sebelah apaan cute terus, cuman bisa menye menye Terus sekarang 3x comeback konsep nya elegant, malah bilang balik cute aja deh )


Jhn ()

nac-cancel out yung good vibes na dinadala ng twice sakin dahil sa punyetang gobyernong to

Tina || BlackLivesMatter ()

𝐓𝐚𝗺𝐢𝐫 𝐑𝐢𝐜𝐞 killed playing with a fake gun. he reached for his waist band and was shot twice, the entire incident happened within two seconds. Tamir would’ve been 17 today.

Sheryl Glubok ()

@Such I’m so sorry to hear this and can only imagine how hard that is for you. Having seen you sing publicly twice I know you thrive on the energy of being live! I do hope you find ways of filling that hole in ways that sustain you and perhaps even surprise you.🥰

Kat 💃🏽 ()

@KenyaJ121 @beach_smoak He really pissed me off and I didn’t even watch. Tried twice but either he deleted them or YouTube


Alireza Sadeghi ()

@OhyoOhyoo @misayeon more and more is not a twice standard song and members are not fan of it either. if you follow their activity before comebacks they usually talk about the song and hype it up alot like fancy and feel special

Gab ()

@ourcarscollidee i like how ray is here twice also wb gabe he posted but also that sneaker thing so like maybe that cancels out

IFerxi ()

@minaspingu I watch the lyric videos so I won’t keep watching the mf on repeat. So I watch one lyric video one twice mv then chungha (new song) My Friend then watch the mv

GhostOfSteveFoster ()

@KBAndersen You are evil. If anyone thinks twice about arming themselves and dies because of it this will be in your head. Utter evil to preach defenslesness.

Maxene 🇵🇭 ()

Search not a fan of twice but on twitter, check the latest tweets AND ITS SATISFYING

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ゆこ ()

@pan10946424 そうなの...タイミング...😢予約自体も2日前にやっと出来るようになったし店舗内にTWICEしかないらしくてこれ本当に受け取り出来る...?ってなってる... 本当はタワレコがいいんだけど10年くらい前に地元県から撤退してて...次からはタワレコオンラインで頼む...

🐯Valenssi🐯 ()

#MOREandMORE llegó para cambiar el mundo, y su gran concepto. La verdad es un paso para adelante esta hermosa canción. Vamos chicas que lograrán mucho más 💗 #TWICE_MOREandMORE @JYPETWICE


Jon Miller ()

Anyone gonna talk about how police shoot and kill twice as many white people as black people, or does that ruin the whole “oh lawd we are being hunted!” narrative?

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