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Alright @Raptors fans, who’s with me? Wherever you are tonight, get up, get loud and let’s do this tonight!!! #WeTheNorth #NBAFinals @NBA.

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GAME 6 KLAY IS HERE. WATCH LIVE: Raptors fans watch Game 6 of NBA Finals Live Stream NBA Finals 📽️ WATCH LinkS Links here 👇👇👇 Link 1 Link 2 #NBAFinٍals #Gamٍe6 nbafinals2019 lowry torontoraptors wethenorth.

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Now that it’s halftime. Who do you have for game 6? ✨ #WeTheNorth #NBAFinals.

The Toronto Raptors had eight threes in ALL of Game 5. They already have FOUR tonight. #WeTheNorth #NBAFinals.

Alright @Raptors fans, who’s with me? Wherever you are tonight, get up, get loud and let’s do this tonight!!! #WeTheNorth #NBAFinals @NBA.

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Millions of our fans in the country were glued to their TVs during Game 5. 👀📺 #WeTheNorth #Raptors.

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Les fans des @Raptors sont déments! Des chants dans l’avion vers l’ouest à 7h20? #WeTheNorth #NBAFinals.

With all the garbage that’s happened since Game #5 it really has lessened my enjoyment of these playoffs. Thank you social media for making it a lot worse than it should have been. #WeTheNorth.

#SpennyDYK: The Silver used in the branding of the @Raptors is called “Naismith silver” — in honour of Canadian James Naismith, who invented basketball in 1891. Source: #WeTheNorth @Spencer_Bosma.

Including this gigantic fan, hopefully he’s (?) not “shoes off on the plane” guy #wetheNorth @Raptors.

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Le géant de la boisson énergisante a des reproches envers le logo des Raptors. 🦖 #WeTheNorth #NBAQC.

I still can’t get over more than 11,000 fans packing into Mosaic Stadium in Regina for last night’s Raptors game. But like, it’s not surprising. Because, RiderNation shows up. #WetheNorth.

Had to repost HAHAHA wrong flag emoji pero lezzgawww #WeTheNorth🇨🇦.

It’s not all lost. The beauty of a 3-1 lead is there’s room for error, for something that doesn’t go exactly to plan. But the screws have now been tightened just a little bit. (@michaelgrange) #WeTheNorth l #NBAFinals.

@DavidAmber IMHO, most important person MLSE hired was Tim Leiweke. He set the foundation for the success of the entire MLSE organization with astute appointments of people in critical positions. Masai Ujiri is poised to become 2nd to lead his team to a championship. @Raptors #WeTheNorth.

Monday need to hurry up so Kawhi & the Raptors can end this damn series! #WeTheNorth.

Φτιαγμένοι για μεγάλες προκλήσεις! Λέοναρντ στα 22 διέλυσε Λεμπρόν και τώρα διαλύει Γουόριορς. Σε 10 χρόνια ισως μιλάμε για τον κορυφαίο που έπαιξε ποτε. Ένα είναι σιγουρο, we are witnesses! #WeTheNorth  #NBAFinals.

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@TwitterSports The Raptors are not only playing amazing but they are bringing the Nation together in an incredible way!👊🏀👍 #WetheNorth #WetheNorthAmerica.

🎥 MINI-MOVIE 🎥 Riviviamo il successo di #WeTheNorth in gara 4 con queste immagini spettacolari 🍿 #NBAFinals.

TBH Finals Danny Green is my favourite. Half the reason I love the spurs. Go get your second ring man #WeTheNorth.

@JasonKaestner1 And since GoT is over, it feels good to root for the north again. #WeTheNorth #gettingboockets.

FVV inspired me to make this shitty Photoshop #RTZ #WeTheNorth.

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Happy Raptors fans all over this San Francisco airport. Through security and about to board. Ready to get back to Canada. How’s everyone feeling today? #WeTheNorth.

As a lot of you know, I have never been to a game before. It would be a dream come true for me to attend. #WeTheNorth.


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Finally finally dei, BUK don let go 🙏 God. #WeTheNorth.

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