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I guess Brady doesn’t know Goff well enough to shake his hand after losing. Yet, he knows every qb after he wins. Brady is full of what the elephant left on the show ground. His attitude is bulljive and it’s time to call his A** out on it. 😤😤😤

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Stephen🛸 ()

Brady losing COVID guidelines 🤝 not shaking hands

October’s Very Own
October’s Very Own ()

Tom Brady lame ass keep losing & not shaking hands at the end & that shit needa be addressed. If LeBron kept doing that he’d be gettin destroyed in the media

Coach Eisy
Coach Eisy ()

@Gatorcwboyfan Brady has done it more than twice. These 2 guys are 1A and 1B of sore losers.

Marvin Scharfen
Marvin Scharfen ()

@adrianbb89 Mitte 3rd quarter, playaction von Brady zur interception, weil heftig unterworfen. Wahrscheinlich der Versuch durch bruch der Tendenz ein big play zu machen. Fazit des plays: Brady kann keinen deep pass gegen etwas pressure.

Russ Goldman
Russ Goldman ()

Good Morning. The Belichick/Brady comparison that the media is fixated on, means nothing and those who choose or think it is simply both for all of the Patriots success, I feel are wrong. This comparison demeans all of the players who have played roles in the success. #GoPats

Joanna Brady 3.5%
Joanna Brady 3.5% ()

@surreylive Nationally almost 413k have signed and waited over 23 days a petition for schools to close yet the government remain mute on the issues facing schools.

Poppy ()

@Taggsy79 A lot of the time it was evenly matched tbh. A few sloppy throws/drops and bad playcalling both offensively and defensively (but mostly offensively lol shock) cost us the game. Defense got us in it to win it at the two minute warning and Brady threw an awful INT

Jose Villelabeitia
Jose Villelabeitia ()

Mucho os leo que si un RB ocupa no sé cuantos millones de espacio salarial y Tom Brady este año cuesta la friolera de 38,5 millones, 13,5 a New England y 25 a Tompa Bay. Y ahora me contáis lo de que no hay que pagar a los RB. Está claro, 25 millones por acá y 13,5 por allá 👍

6RinGsSTEELERSnation ()

@AlyssaRaeTV Brady only shakes hands when he wins. Its a bunch of bull cuz he gets away with it. Nobody else does and I think its very disrespectful to the other qb. Drew Brees is the only qb he has went to shake his hand

Robert Lamar
Robert Lamar ()

@Geraldini93 @Grinch21188235 Come on man, through 10 games last year Jameis had 9 more INTs, had one game where he threw has thrown 7 so far, incase you aren’t counting that’s only 2 more than one of Jameis’ games

Juice Reaper🃏
Juice Reaper🃏 ()

Tom Brady a sore ass loser🤣 this nigga never shake the other QB hand when he lose😭😭

Straw Hat Rios 🏴‍☠️ Rios de Uchiha 🩸
Straw Hat Rios 🏴‍☠️ Rios de Uchiha 🩸 ()

@StatsGuyDaniel Thanks for clearing it up. If you look at Brady’s last 3 competitors and Ben’s I think we’re in agreement that the playoff caliber teams are one sided for one QB. Even the season itself but that’s a different topic. Neither is a top 5 QB right now


Woah 😳 Jordan Fuller picked off Brady TWICE! (via @Ian_OConnor)

Brady صورة فوتوغرافية,Brady اتجاهات تويتر - أعلى التغريدات
shannon sharpe
Shannon sharpe ()

I guess Brady doesn’t know Goff well enough to shake his hand after losing. Yet, he knows every qb after he wins. Brady is full of what the elephant left on the show ground. His attitude is bulljive and it’s time to call his A** out on it. 😤😤😤

Aaron Stigile 🌅
Aaron Stigile 🌅 ()

I have more faith in Jared Goff to win this game than I do in Tom Brady and I find that absolutely hilarious lmao

Albert Breer
Albert Breer ()

Brian Griese calling a Tom Brady game is definitely weird, because it’s been FOREVER since Griese retired, yet he was college teammates with Brady for three full years.

Steve Acosta
Steve Acosta ()

@NFLFantasy Oh nothing much. Just need Tom Brady to ride the bench and have the entire passing game go through Mike

Tom ()

@youngpropyne @AlbertBreer You can talk about intelligence when you aren’t using any and look like you look at a gas station. The “deficiencies” of the patriots are caused by Covid and Luxary tax (mostly cuz of Tom Brady). You can beg for discussion and then cry

ZT ()

@CoreyB08 Patriots won 11 games or whatever and made the playoffs and Brady was not good. Both of those things can be true. Brady’s career success cannot be debated but he did not have a great season last year by any metric.

Charles Hamill
Charles Hamill ()

@Assassin24City @NFLFantasy Yeah I need 24 from him and I’m already predicting a last year he could have done Brady hasn’t realized how good he is

TINKfromdaSOTA ()

@shelbyLinzmeier @ElJohnny29 Did Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers ever have an 1000 yard rusher

Stephanomarr ()

New England patriots, shot themselves in the FOOT,when they let Brady,

Diogo ()

@JohanBruyneel @festinaboy Antoine still won’t get the point. All the great sports players are physically talented ofc, but their mindset is what puts them over the top. Look at Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Brady, Ronaldo, Nadal ..

Patriots News Feed
Patriots News Feed ()

Yahoo! Sports: Brady Prevails as NFL Power Shifts From New England to Tampa Bay -

Brandon Cook
Brandon Cook ()

We serious about Joe Brady as HC? Seems a bit premature right?

Critta ()

We sometimes take athletes for granted. Brady, Jordan, LeBron, Tiger and many But let me tell you one man @PatrickMahomes is something incredibly special. What he did last night is not easy. To make a 2 min drive look like a wide open layup is NOT normal

Jordan ()

@MIPod69 I’ll rock with Joe Brady and Wade has been a coach before so he can teach him the ropes a bit. Definitely a risk I’m willing to take

Reply Plug 🔌
Reply Plug 🔌 ()

@Three_Cone He will never surpass Brady because he lost to him in the AFC championship 💀

James Forsyth
James Forsyth ()

Graham Brady, chair of the ‘22, asks for an economic impact assessment of the proposed measures and the criteria for determining which area goes into which tier

B/R Gridiron
B/R Gridiron ()

Russell Wilson has the NFL record for most wins by a QB through first: ◽️ Two seasons - 24 ◽️ Three seasons - 36 ◽️ Four seasons - 46 ◽️ Five seasons - 56 (T-Matt Ryan) ◽️ Six seasons - 65 ◽️ Seven seasons - 75 ◽️ Eight seasons- 86 (T-Tom Brady) ◽️ Nine seasons - 93 Winner.

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