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Mount has scored three goals under Tuchel having scored just two under Lampard. #CFC #LIVCHE

Lampard صورة فوتوغرافية,Lampard اتجاهات تويتر - أعلى التغريدات

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AS34 and I fucking hate Abraham Chidwell & Mount
AS34 and I fucking hate Abraham Chidwell & Mount ()

@GetsMessi @luzen720 They literally lost 4-0 to our C team with LAMPARD as manager, doesn’t get much worse

Bhurumango MBE 🏅
Bhurumango MBE 🏅 ()

🧘‍♂️ The fact that Chelsea fans thought Mason Mount only played because of his friendship with Lampard is a very good reflection of why you must avoid having a football conversation with Chelsea fans. 🚶🏽‍♂️

Prof Amisi
Prof Amisi ()

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Lampard صورة فوتوغرافية,Lampard اتجاهات تويتر - أعلى التغريدات
Football Fandom
Football Fandom ()

Kemewahan Chelsea tampak meragukan saat diasuh Frank Lampard. Namun bersama Thomas Tuchel, mereka justru menunjukkan grafik positif. Oleh @Gustiaditiaa

Sammy Antonelli
Sammy Antonelli ()

@Thad_Estes @jaytehfarabow There were multiple reports that came out and said it was more of a board signing than Lampard signing. For instance, Chelsea no longer are going after Declan Rice because Lampard wanted him and he is not there anymore.

Steven Clarke
Steven Clarke ()

Friendly reminder that Mason Mount has now scored the same amount of goals in his first two seasons at the club as .... Frank Lampard.

Reactionary Blues
Reactionary Blues ()

Kante- “cash out on him he’s lost it” Mount- “ he’s mid and he is only playing because of Lampard” Respect both of them I’ll say it again they’re not your age mates! -Rubio

Tweet of God
Tweet of God ()

As long as mason mount keeps scoring the name of Frank Lampard will always be mention at Chelsea. #LIVCHE

Black Dave
Black Dave ()

@CharlieHurley @devsbluearmy I thought you was talking about the game when Lampard gave Klopp a verbal lashing

Donna Paulsen
Donna Paulsen ()

I forgot what football was under Lampard. God bless Marina and Roman for sacking that fraud

katie mcgowan
Katie mcgowan ()

@Follow_Follow_ @iempire_andy I don’t think Gerrard will go anywhere this summer could end up like a Frank lampard sitution at Chelsea. He should stay and have a crack at the CL with the squad he has build. There is no doubt he will go eventual

Scout ()

Mount still fighting to save Frank He may have been sacked, but Mount will be the a thorn/ reminder in everyone who ever doubted Lampard . .. Respect to our Legend. #LIVCHE

James Birch
James Birch ()

How Lampard didn’t get Derby promoted with Mount, Tomori and Wilson will forever baffle me

Abujai paul
Abujai paul ()

@premierleague Lampard be thinking I went to the right market 🤔❤️ Mason❤️❤️

Jogoo la Shamba Mjini
Jogoo la Shamba Mjini ()

Oooh mtoto wa kocha, Oooh anabebwa na Baba ake, Lampard akiondoka & yeye ndio mwisho wake. Mason Mount keep on proving wrong almost 60% of entire Chelsea fan base. #Mount #LIVCHE

Lampard صورة فوتوغرافية,Lampard اتجاهات تويتر - أعلى التغريدات
Contragolpe ()

🔵 Los cinco goles que ha marcado Mason Mount en la Premier League esta temporada han sido en condición de visitante. ☑️Con Thomas Tuchel ha marcado tres goles en ocho partidos de liga, en comparación con los dos en 18 encuentros con Frank Lampard esta temporada.

Lampard صورة فوتوغرافية,Lampard اتجاهات تويتر - أعلى التغريدات
Tamar💙EndSars ()

If there is one thing I give kudos to Lampard still is his persistence to play Mason Mount regularly,we can all see the results now #LIVCHE

Rash ()

Mount when Lampard gives him a call at FT

Lampard صورة فوتوغرافية,Lampard اتجاهات تويتر - أعلى التغريدات
Prince of the East
Prince of the East ()

@kleck_mccall Yeah. Mount is good. Lampard did right there. Maybe Havertz wasn’t bought by him

Luis Fernando León
Luis Fernando León ()

Mount debería ser el 10 de los blues, le da vida al equipo. El Chelsea de Lampard tenía fallas en estructura y las marcas no eran solidas, allí perdían. Pero este Chelsea es muy compacto y guerrero, sino lo gana lo empata. 💪

Santos Akhilele 🇳🇬
Santos Akhilele 🇳🇬 ()

@VillageParrot I believe the boy die. It was annoying to see Lampard being called bias because he played him. If they said he was a bad coach, that’s another argument. But any coach would play Mason.

BilllyBlues ()

Mount playing as Attacking midfielder still looks lot better than forced left winger. Unlucky Lampard

Fisayo Dairo
Fisayo Dairo ()

We though Frank Lampard was unnecessarily favouring Mason Mount. Little did we know that he was actually holding the genius back. All hail Mount the Gem.

Rodrigo Garcia
Rodrigo Garcia ()

@CFC_LATAM Encima tampoco, pero si compitiendo. Urgia sacar a Lampard y meter un dt de primer nivel. Chelsea tuvo suerte con la pifia de Mané.

Baasto🇸🇴 ()

@iam_hustler_4L Yea i said that for a sake of lampard, because everyone was against him playing.

Chelseafaninfo ()

@CFCYahya When him and Havertz own that midfield together it will be the new Lampard x Balalck


J’ai trop insulté mount a cause de Lampard c’est terrible , il a faillis tuer le magnifique joueur qu’il est

Tom ()

@CFCDUBois my timeline is filled with many seeing the light after hes been released from lampard

Aborby ☠️
Aborby ☠️ ()

So we can actually play that good and be compact defensively with the same gdamn Lampard don suffer me 😢🥺

Nizaar Kinsella
Nizaar Kinsella ()

Mount has scored three goals under Tuchel having scored just two under Lampard. #CFC #LIVCHE

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