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help I am now 26, the same age as Meredith Blake in the Parent Trap, so if u need me I’m quitting my career and moving to Napa to seduce some hot millionaire dads!!!!!

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Carly ()

@jimmyfallon Me, a 23 year old, got “caught” getting a sample at Costco (as one should) but the sample-giver thought I was under the age of 12 and asked if my mom was around to get permission 😐 #IGotCaught

Usiuwoma ()

I could write a book on what I’ve learned still living at home in my late 20’s, and just watching your parent (s) age. A lot of people be so sad when their parents fall ill, or die “too soon,” but don’t check on them nearly enough while they’re in good health.

madi loves ranboo ☁️
Madi loves ranboo ☁️ ()

why tf do none of the like most 12-15 year olds look 12-15 like i literally don’t think i look my age at all and i’m in that age range like-

Cher Delaware ♛
Cher Delaware ♛ ()

Now idk about any age. My brother is almost 40 and my mom still does everything for his ass because she never made him grow up and be an adult. I will help my kids, especially early 20s. But I am not paying your bills and doing your laundry when you’re 40.

Lordfame_ ()

Stop dating older ladies says a lady dating my uncle with a gap age of 14 years 😪😪

Rehana Watkinson
Rehana Watkinson ()

What were your parents like when they were your age? Here is my mummy when she was my age (42), Lawyer, Activist, Mother of three

My Age صورة فوتوغرافية,My Age اتجاهات تويتر - أعلى التغريدات
Abdul ()

@Mide0403 happy birthday to my ever smiling brother, wishing you long life in good bless your new age sir

Domingo ()

@neilhimself Same age my mate & I played Croup & Vandemar in our nativity play. We went to a tough school.

._. ()

@slaybitchbaby شايفه كيف؟ بس عشانهم على قدهم ومايعرفون انجليزي وكول وواحد مسمي حبيبته my age صارو لوكلز و هورني ومدري وش وش وش 😩😩😩

Atere Kenny
Atere Kenny ()

I really just want to be creative in this my new age I don’t even want to known as a fine girl at all, I just want to be very hardworking and helpful to every one in my little circle #birthdaygirl #18 and I’m so thankful to God

John Yoo
John Yoo ()

@Fii__fii ikr I said it about the other two as well and this dude is pretty much my age 22 is basically a child to me lol

Alex @ Umineko Ep3/Omori
Alex @ Umineko Ep3/Omori ()

@HakureiMegamix Gonna make my own omori delusion world where will has good takes and caleb doesnt down 70 beers at age 16

nini 🖤
Nini 🖤 ()

@deehruh i wanna experience love. i wanna have a love life. it seems stupid for my age but i just wanna feel loved for once

jules @.@
Jules @.@ ()

this person really was like haha not to scare anyone but my parents have a 17 years age gap 🤣

Maggie ()

seeing other ppl my age is so WEIRD because they look so mature and i look like a nine year old 🤨🤨

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez ()

My RELATIONSHIP with God is the GREATEST . And I’m proud to be my age and be able to worship him like I do . Life is changing for me in such a miraculous way 😎🙏🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Caro ()

@melaninjibeom i know their age gap is only like 7 years but never in my LIFE did i 3xpect to read those words

Marco Lowe
Marco Lowe ()

@ohheyjenna That is wonderful. I am excited for everyone. Even folks my age who luck into a shot.

Nighthawk_Zale ()

@Wakapedia @beyerdynamic Those are beautiful! My DT 770s are really showing their age, now. Insides are literally disintegrating. But, too be fair, I got them in 2008. Hope this new pair can last you as long!

VOTE BTOB or i will literally cry
VOTE BTOB or i will literally cry ()

@orbhwi at my big age of 21 and she gives me a whole course on everything wrong about me when i go buy food 😭

a m a l⁷ 🌸
A m a l⁷ 🌸 ()


k8 misses the french robots
K8 misses the french robots ()

my controversial hot take is that theres a big distinction between recognizing that big age gaps can be bad, &treating young women like little girls who have no agency/critical thinking like every rltnship between 2 adults w a large gap is abusive is dumb AND

♉︎ ()

الناس التافهه اللي تقول اذا ماسماكي My age سيبيه اول شي خلي الحب يكون حقيقي وبعدين خير يسميني لو برجلي عادي راااضيه😂😂💔

stevesywonder 👨‍🚀
Stevesywonder 👨‍🚀 ()

Connecticut just moved to an age based vaccination program, and 45-55 starts 3/22. I’ve been anxious since Covid took my dad.

my bones are made of sealing wax and piano bars
My bones are made of sealing wax and piano bars ()

Love seeing people my age in states that have done nothing to prevent viral spread getting vaccinated while my congregants (and hell my friends) are fighting for appointments or sitting at home with their partners a year later, still experiencing pandemic fatigue

Lore FergusonWilbert
Lore FergusonWilbert ()

@crosby_katie Always going to be L’Engle for me. Interestingly I thought she couldn’t be more so than she already was, but as I grow older, nearer to the age she was when she wrote so many of my favorite works, I see myself in her even more.

Ace😔🖤 ()

I was broken from a young age Taking my sulking to the masses Writing my poems for the few That look at me, took to me, shook to me, feeling me Singing from heartache from the

mori’s mira ♡︎ rii
Mori’s mira ♡︎ rii ()

@renniism my carrd does say i tweet nsfw at times and like ive been hypersexual from a young age so yea 💔 being h word is a coping mechanism at times KSKSJSJS but also im a horny teen also hugs im so sorry uve been shamed :(( theres nothing wrong w being sexual as long as

Karen Chee
Karen Chee ()

help I am now 26, the same age as Meredith Blake in the Parent Trap, so if u need me I’m quitting my career and moving to Napa to seduce some hot millionaire dads!!!!!

Faisal Sultan
Faisal Sultan ()

I registered myself as a healthcare worker on and received a PIN & instructions. Got my 1st dose of vaccine (Sinopharm) today & feeling fine. If you are a health professional (below 60 years of age), please get vaccinated now. Protect yourself and others

My Age صورة فوتوغرافية,My Age اتجاهات تويتر - أعلى التغريدات
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