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  • Post-Tillerson, US seems to be heading to simultaneous nuclear confrontations with both North Korea and Iran, also simultaneous trade wars with South Korea, China, the European Union, and - if they wont sign on the NAFTA dotted line - Canada and Mexico too..

  • Did HRC mishandle such information by placing such information on the server of a mom and pop shop, stored in a bathroom closet? How many foreign intelligence agencies do you believe hacked HRC said server? What countries? Did Russia China, Iran, North Korea hack into HRC server?

  • Iran must allow Maryam Mombeini to leave the country and travel to Canada to be with her family - and the regime must provide answers in the death of her husband, Kavous Seyed-Emami, in Evin prison..

  • First Recorded Successful Novichok Synthesis was in 2017 – By Iran, in Cooperation with the OPCW - The line that novichoks can only be produced by Russia is now proven to be a complete lie. As I previously proved by referencing their publications, in 2013

  • #SaudiArabia will acquire a nuclear bomb if Iran does

    #Iran twitter.
  • Rex Tillerson leaves behind a severely crippled State Department—one that will struggle to protect America’s interests, ensure global order, & provide critically needed aid around the world Mike Pompeo—a known Islamophobe & Iran hawk—is set to replace him

  • اینم #هفت_سین من یادم رفت شمعارو روشن کنم 😏 #نوروز #Nowruz #Iran

    #Iran twitter.
  • Dozens dead as diphtheria outbreak in Yemen infects more than 1,300 people

  • March 16 - Isfahan, central #Iran‌ (2/2) Protesting farmers continue their rallies today, marching & demanding answers to why their farms are deprived of water. #IranProtests

  • [email protected]: Predicts Pompeo at State Will be a ‘Strong Ally’ of a #FreeIran #Iran‌ @realDonaldTrump via @cnsnews

    #Iran twitter.
  • Eccoli gli assassini. I ministri degli esteri di #Turchia, #Russia ed #Iran tra abbracci e grandi risate oggi ad #Astana mentre si continuano a a massacrare migliaia di civili nel nome dei loro merdosissimi interessi. A testa in giù (loro e chi li sostiene) #DefendAfrin

    #Iran twitter.
  • March 16 - Isfahan, central #Iran‌ (1/2) Protesting farmers continue their rallies today, marching & demanding answers to why their farms are deprived of water. #IranProtests

  • @seidrazi تازه ۶ تا هم سقط شدن😯.

  • صبح شما به خیر اقای دولت ابادی. چای شیرین بخورید یا قهوه تا خواب از سرتان بپره و حافظه تان باز بشه و یادتون بیاد که اعتراض ها همه و همه متوجه اصل نظامه. اگر این جور نیست چرا جنابعالی هی کاردتون را تیز می کنید.

  • Iran, Hezbollah, SAA, Houthis, Palestine = nationalist militias/movements. Never attacks Westerners, but labeled terrorists by West. ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra = globalist terror groups. Attacks Westerners, labeled allies by west.

    #Iran twitter.
  • Russians cast ballots in 2018 presidential election #Russia #RussiaElections2018

  • ساعت ١٠ صبح.

  • @newsvandal Yes but It’s not a War that’s easily won if at all though is it? It would be tactical nuke time, no? The price one pays for Sovereignty. Could draw in Russia and China? Iran seems most frightening of many terrible possibilities..

  • #iPhone users in #Iran recently discovered they can no longer access the #AppStore without #VPN

    #Iran twitter.
  • This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous. And having said that, all options are on the table..

  • iPhone Users in Iran Now Unable to Access the App Store

  • @CB618444 @Livefree4today Who is to say the $ really went to Iran it’s probably in some off shore acc for nefarious purposes by BO HR C and the alphabets.

  • Saudi warns it will pursue nuclear weapons if Iran does -

    #Iran twitter.
  • Trump’s rebuke of McMaster was months in the making via @politico McMaster is a warrior, combat vet, well respected urged Russia rebuke. Keep Iran no nuke deal; show N. Korea good faith. Trump was a serial draft dodger back when Mc Master was serving!.

  • Iran Sebut Pangeran Mahkota Saudi Pribadi Naif dan Delusif

  • * Iran Sebut Pangeran Mahkota Saudi Pribadi Naif dan Delusif

  • The Saudi crown prince has promised to pursue a nuclear bomb if Iran develops one

  • Saudi Crown Prince Likens Iran’s Supreme Leader to Hitler via @@news24xtra

  • @g0ddess0fATL @taitheknott @iRan_iRun_ @NebNegreb @boissongazeuse @Ethan_Booker @LOLY2K On god. It should get continued but on adult swim.

  • #TehlkaTV: Iran, Russia and Turkey hold Syria talks in Astana

  • Tragos coquetos y rica comida..

  • Fresh round of Syria talks begins in Astana #Iran #Syria #Astana

  • World War 3 Has Already Begun. Russia Has Covertly Started A War By Using Proxies-N. Korea, Taliban, Syrians, & Iran

    #Iran twitter.
  • Apple bloque l’accès à l’App Store en Iran, probablement à cause des États-Unis

    #Iran twitter.
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