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  • This was not the finding of the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. President, but only a statement by its GOP members, who lack the courage to stand up to a President of their own party when the national interest necessitates it.

  • Black children are getting killed by domestic terrorism and the news is barely covering it. If this had happened to a white family, Fox News would have been covering it nonstop. The president would have tanks rolling through Austin trying to find who did it.

  • This vile person was just named as a senior adviser to the the President of the United States for his re-election campaign.

  • @MLCrassus_ @realDonaldTrump Mr. President, if your administration doesn’t execute these criminals, The People will!.

  • Imagine if a class in Alabama did this to Obama, think it would make news?

  • @_SierraWhiskee @Hoosiers1986 @HillaryClinton @LVNancy @carrieksada @CB618444 @StacyLStiles @G1rly_Tattoo3d @GIJoeOPS @DonnaWR8 @KatTheHammer1 @HillaryClinton you lost. You are not or never will be the 1st woman President of the United States of America. Justify all you want, manipulate statistics all you want. You lost to @realDonaldTrump because of your disdain for Americans who supported him. #MAGA.

  • Our president is a MORON. #RussianRepublicans

  • പുതിയ വിമാനങ്ങൾ വാങ്ങുന്നതിനു ബജറ്റിൽ 4469 കോടി രൂപ കേന്ദ്രസർക്കാർ വകയിരുത്തിയിരുന്നു via @Manoramaonline.


  • @11thHour @HouseGOP always runs against @TeamPelosi She understands that, continues to raise money and lead. It is not enough to overcome the #BlueWave2018 They can’t run on failed tax cuts, they’ve screwed up health care, wages aren’t going up, and their president is toxic..

  • Do you even need the spoiler for these dopes? They seem to lie every time they speak.

  • @secupp Ever make the same passionate comments about President Trump being corrupt and complicit?.

  • @jeff24882998 @Dammit_Damon @pburton25 @99tf @StormyDaniels Trump is a racist, cheating, lying piece of shit! He fucked Stormy Daniels and he didn’t give a shit that Malaria was at home with a newborn. So, fuck you and fuck your worthless president..

  • The spin from the White House says that a Lamb win is a win for the president because #Lamb is an outsider... as is the president. I can’t roll my eyes any harder. #PA18.

  • @SydneyBeacroft The thing is I am sure Turnbull was excited about Mardi Gras & he was open about backing marriage equality. Prime Minister is not like President. He cannot pass or oppose something by himself. If he had gone against the plebiscite Abbott would have been back in a flash.Much worse.

  • @BrittanyUSABoom @KFILE @StormyDaniels No, cause Obama is not the president. Something you remind people of every day. Stop looking in the past, move forward! Make America Great right? in the past doesn’t accomplish that. Quit window shoppin, go in and buy something..

  • 1 Jan 1953, 14 Rabeeulaakhir 1372, Thursday: After 837 years of Monarchy, Maldives changes into a Republic with Mohamed Amin as her President

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  • BPW Africa President and members in New York at the UN Commission on the Status of Women. We advocate for equality as per SDG5, reduce pay gap, leadership positions, economic empowerment and advocate against #ChildMarriage #FGM #SRHR. @BPWI_CommAdmin @UWEAL_Ug @amwa_ug @uwonet

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  • @6035rotciv @roguebarkeep @dbongino @GOP You mean all the immigrants he deported, right? Because he deported more than any other president..

  • 都内でも治安の悪い区に住んじゃいけないと思うのは、暴力を振るわれるとかそういう直接的な理由じゃなくて、マナーや常識を守れない輩に迷惑するからだと思う.

  • @amandacarpenter @ScottJenningsKY @Bakari_Sellers. Tonight some GOP speak positively of bump Trumps rally gave to avoid blowout. Rather the point is that this president has fueled the environment whereby 2018=gop down 20 points in 18th PA.

  • This story will never get old in my book. Pro-gun rights Parkland student Kyle Kashuv meets President Trump

  • Which president did you vote for back in 2016 #ElectionDay #2016election #HillaryClinton #DonaldTrump #GaryJohnson #JillStein.

  • International homepage Democrat holds slim lead in Pennsylvania district president won handily in 2016


  • @votevets @POTUS The president is an utter moron! Period!

    President twitter.
  • Buhari throws out amended Electoral Act President Muhammadu Buhari has rejected the Amended Electoral Bill sent for his signature

  • American President Responds to London Attack With Range of Awful Twitter Behavior

  • If your president want to win the election in this year, he should do something to change people life..

  • Buhari throws out amended Electoral Act President Muhammadu Buhari has rejected the Amended Electoral Bill sent for his signature

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