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  • Teenagers who were almost murdered four days ago are leading the nation on gun control. The head of Trump’s EPA is afraid to fly coach.

  • I met with @realDonaldTrump on May 9, 2011 at 3PM at his office in Trump Tower. On his desk he had a large binder labeled “Iowa,” and on a side table he had “Trump For President” yard signs. He told me he was running for President in 2016. I would testify this under oath.

  • BIG CPAC STRAW POLL RESULTS: 93% APPROVE OF THE JOB PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING (Thank you!). 50% say President Trump should Tweet MORE or SAME (funny!). 79% say Republicans in Congress should do a better job of working with President Trump (starting to happen).

  • Trump’s Saturday tweets are the work of a lunatic.

  • Trump has to have notes that remind him to have empathy and compassion.

  • The end result of this entire Nunes escapade is Steele looks more credible, the Trump campaign looks more culpable, and the FBI looks more responsible. Well done, Devin.

  • Trump tweet from May 2016.

    Trump twitter.
  • Let me remind everyone that the NRA sent a delegation to meet with Putin allies in Russia before investing $30.3M into Trump. Then a NRA member invited Trump to the Kremlin on behalf of Putin before the election. Mueller’s likely investigating the NRA. Awesome. #BanAssaultWeapons

  • I asked for someone to do an hour by hour comparison of Obama’s response to Newtown and Trump’s response to #Parkland. @gbrockell and the @washingtonpost thankfully took me up on it. It speaks volumes.

  • In May 2013, Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen confirmed to CBS News that Trump was already spending $1,000,000 on research for a potential presidential bid.

  • ICYMI - President Trump Drops Vicious Late-Night Round House Tweet on Oprah’s Third Chin

  • Donald Trump evalúa aumentar los controles para la compra de armas -

    Trump twitter.
  • Vote Ryan Trump GOP OUT OF OFFICE IN 2018! We the people can make America OURS again! #AtlasSucks🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Your DMVs are now over crowded. Expect 5 to 8 hrs. to renew your driver license because trump is forcing all immigrants to get ID cards, yes, even children with special needs. Even 27 year citizens with no record of any crime. You will see.

  • What Do Jotted Talking Points Say About Trumps Empathy?

  • @MisterAleem @realDonaldTrump @MySwitzerland_e Wars being fought in the world today is show of that mess for which President Trump is helping the country to rediscover its self .

  • @HillaryClinton @ClintonFdn Please contest this illegitimate election. We are in danger with trump. Someone must be able to do something. The SCOTUS could call for your inauguration. Please.

  • @smeltonfelter @ChxJenn It was a course at Trump University.

  • Top U.S. officials tell the world to ignore Trump’s tweets

  • @sallyjcasas @krassenstein So trump is your president

  • @krassenstein Republicans just want their own agenda; why no pressure on trump to enforce sanctions voted on; why no plan to ensure country security; why no discussions with Intel community on these matters. Silence can say a lot

    Trump twitter.
  • Aug. 20, 2016: Russian Trolls Organize Trump Events in Florida. Read the full timeline here:

  • Armes à feu : Trump favorable à un renforcement du contrôle des antécédents des acquéreurs - La Maison Blanche a déclaré, lundi, que le président « soutient les efforts pour améliorer le système fédéral de contrôle » des antécédents criminels des ache...

  • @GavelHunter @DLoesch @SenFeinstein Yes it is, incremental judicial and social devaluation... Ask Feinstein or Pelosi, or anyone in California and the "ammo" legislation. Now even Trump is "Open" to expanded background checks.. How about instead of barring felons from owning guns, bar people with misdemeanors

  • WTF are you smoking? Trump has never met Jesus, and never will.

  • You could not write an antagonist like tRump


    Trump twitter.
  • White House Says Trump Supports Bipartisan Efforts To Improve Background Checks For Guns

    Trump twitter.
  • Steve Bannon could go to jail if he won’t talk to Congress about Russia

  • President Trump supports background check legislation

  • Trump apoya un plan para "mejorar" la revisión de antecedentes de los compradores de armas

  • America is screwed up be people like u continue 2 print garbage!

  • @BillHemmer PRESIDENT TRUMP! 🇺🇸


  • BubbaLovesGun1488 was an avid Trump supporter until he saw a celebrity tweet: "Wow that Trump sure is bad lol, what a dingus xD". He had never thought about it like that before "gee I guess he is pretty bad". Bubba was a changed man. #ThankGodForCelebrities :,)

  • @realDonaldTrump hey tRUmp 🇷🇺do you have the balls to do your JOB? NOPE.

  • Opinion | President Trump is losing control

  • Um I’m sorry but didn’t the majority of Americans vote for Trump? And what has he done so far to not make him a good President?

  • Days after one of the worst school shootings in American history, Trump goes to a party, hate tweets, dines out at his golf club and goes golfing. 3 of those families are laying their murdered children to rest and he’s golfing. Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

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