South Africa : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Africa today.

RankingHashtag/Topic South AfricaTweets Volume
1.COVID-19 543718
2.America 406665
3.OUT NOW 390198
4.China 312033
5.Canada 302724
6.Miami 256526
7.Jesus 198835
8.APEX 193792
9.Pfizer 178563
10.Mask 176195
11.Official Video 168531
12.Woke 167802
13.Discord 156701
14.Town 155846
15.Steam 146125
16.Amen 131895
17.Rihanna 122162
18.Johnson 114728
19.Rocky 111355
20.Donald 107675
21.Felix 106801
22.Closed 104177
23.Russia 99996
24.Tyler 92982
25.Brian 90190
26.Suddenly 86050
27.Champion 75298
28.Planet Her 75037
29.Baba 73863
30.Doja 73193
31.Western 70452
32.Suns 69807
34.Sputnik 69206
35.Arsenal 68627
36.Simon 68265
37.Anxiety 67633
38.Chicago 67008
39.On Air 65428
40.ariana 62928
41.Wishing 62570
42.Nuclear 59050
43.Prayer 58692
44.Lucy 57841
45.Wuhan 55516
46.Tesla 52292
47.Beyonce 50838
48.Get Into It 50831
49.Ka3na 50745
50.Laycon 48822
51.Blessing 47381
52.Villa 44270
53.Silva 44202
54.Wendy 43156
55.Booker 41348
56.Darling 38164
57.nicki 36841
58.Claiming 36755
59.Clippers 35829
60.ASAP Rocky 35774
61.Scottie 35282
62.Johnson and Johnson 34812
63.Abel 34501
64.Doja Cat 34377
65.Kane 33365
66.Ben White 32076
67.Plastic 31694
68.Mercy 30468
69.Happiest 30212
70.Wayne 29926
71.Quarter 29653
72.Zara 29080
73.Pearl 27156
74.J Cole 26452
75.Linux 25930
76.Skinny 25801
77.Christ Jesus 24860
78.Polo 24371
79.Willow 24122
80.Constitutional 22698
81.Igor 20528
82.Paul George 20420
83.Grealish 19323
84.Payday 19150
85.Haaland 17587
86.Nuno 17105
87.Spurs 17099
88.Bayern 14733
89.Julius 14530
90.Unions 13586
91.Lord Jesus 13561
92.Pharrell 13427
93.Trevor 13164
94.Brent 13002
95.Youngboy 12614
96.Bundesliga 12551
97.Bernardo 11449
98.frank ocean 11038
99.Pat Bev 10860
100.Sello 10789
101.Moses 10445
102.Christianity 10303
103.Level 4 10143
104.#bonang <10k
105.#SoulfulWeekend <10k
106.Malume <10k
107.Nyakallo <10k
108.Man City <10k
109.Anonza <10k
110.Jacobs <10k
111.Redi <10k
112.#VoetsekANC <10k
113.Yaris <10k
114.IPPs <10k
115.Debit <10k
116.#PodcastandChill <10k
117.Klopp <10k
118.Aspen <10k
119.How Karpowership <10k
120.Mandisa <10k
121.Julius Malema <10k
122.Nkosi <10k
123.EVDS <10k
124.#YourSkinYourBrave <10k
125.Western Cape <10k
126.Queen B <10k
127.Xavi <10k
128.#MondoTurns8 <10k
129.Hiatus Kaiyote <10k
130.Ricoffy <10k
131.#MzeeRise <10k
132.#fridaymorning <10k
133.SABC <10k
134.Russian and Chinese <10k
135.#RockstarForever <10k
136.Zweli <10k
137.Warra <10k
138.Cathy <10k
139.SAHPRA <10k
140.Lebonza <10k
141.Ausi <10k
142.Andile <10k
143.Happy Friyay <10k
144.Wilshire <10k
145.Surviving <10k
146.Acting Health Minister <10k
147.Douwe Egberts <10k
148.Eskom <10k
149.#AskAMan <10k
150.Leicester <10k

South Africa Popular Tweets Now

Kaizer Chiefs
Kaizer Chiefs ()

Amakhosi, are you there?! Here’s a trivia question for you… Who is Kaizer Chiefs’ all-time top goalscorer in CAF Champions League history? Knowledge Musona? Collins Mbesuma? Samir Nurković? Bernard Parker? #Amakhosi4Life

Redi Tlhabi
Redi Tlhabi ()

A HUGE loss. Condolences to the Motshegoa family, the Catholic Church, the Diocese of Johannesburg, the Rosebank Parish on the passing of Father Thabo Motshegoa. He was loved and respected by all. An energetic and charismatic priest, a good leader and a brother to many. RIP Padre

Parish,Twitter trends in Africa now
Karabo Mokgoko 🦄
Karabo Mokgoko 🦄 ()

Is there a #FamilyMeeting or not tonight? I can’t even see on the trending topics because people just include hashtags for vibes.

5FM ()

#5Newz Happy Birthday to the Queen 🐝 👑🤩 It’s international @bonang_m day 🥳 We hope your first birthday having settled in your new home is everything & more, B!🔥 SA’s New York Bae🤩🗽 You are and have always been the moment! 💫

queen b,Twitter trends in Africa now
The Voice Of Africa
The Voice Of Africa ()

The new episode is out😳 even I can’t believe what I’m seeing …. Well we expect nothing less from #LifeWithKellyKhumalo @ShowmaxOnline 🐆

PhaṱhuMakwarela ()

Queen of Lesotho! Icon of the nation. Lindiwe was found clutching her pearls #TheRiver1Magic

Mr Smeg
Mr Smeg ()

Quote or comment on this tweet with a photo of yourself having Lunch and mention Lunch with Mr Smeg

lunch with mr smeg,Twitter trends in Africa now
@IamSythh 19.8K Follow !🇿🇦♚
@IamSythh 19.8K Follow !🇿🇦♚ ()

Follow @SythhB and get a QUICK follow back I have followed back over 18K accounts♥️ Zamba Meikie

@IamSythh 19.8K Follow !🇿🇦♚
@IamSythh 19.8K Follow !🇿🇦♚ ()

Follow @SythhB and get a QUICK follow back I have followed back over 18K accounts♥️ Lizzy Xoliswa Kwaito Piet Glenda

🚀 𝔽𝕒𝕚𝕫𝕖𝕝 ℙ𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕝
🚀 𝔽𝕒𝕚𝕫𝕖𝕝 ℙ𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕝 ()

A friend lost both her parents. This is absolutely heartbreaking. May Allah grant them both the highest stages of Jannah, Ameen.

Ameen,Twitter trends in Africa now
Zusiii❤ ()

#SkeemSaam The way Meike is so angry I’m starting to think about Who’s Leeto’s father. After all his the only yellow bone in the family

Leeto,Twitter trends in Africa now
SABC News ()

Suspended ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule was dealt a blow by the South Gauteng High Court.

@IamSythh 19.7K Follow !🇿🇦♚
@IamSythh 19.7K Follow !🇿🇦♚ ()

Follow @SythhB and get a QUICK follow back I have followed back over 18K accounts♥️ maker lab Xoli Mfeka Episode 7 Charlotte Maxeke

Entrepreneur Zone
Entrepreneur Zone ()

So government subsidised IPPs for R69 billion. These decisions benefit who exactly? Mantashe says Nuclear is the cheapest form of energy.

Mia Malan
Mia Malan ()

[Thread] 1. Acting Health Minister Mammoloko Kubayi-Ngubane: We have vaccinated more than million people. The education sector has managed to vaccinated 50 000+ people per day. At this rate the school programme will finish within 10 days.


#Glenda is Boilling 😂😂 once a Utlwa “ Lizzy Handled everything “ #SkeemSaam

Glenda,Twitter trends in Africa now
@IamSythh 19.7K Follow !🇿🇦♚
@IamSythh 19.7K Follow !🇿🇦♚ ()

Follow @SythhB and get a QUICK follow back I have followed back over 18K accounts♥️ Richards Bay Xoli Lebo Randburg Motsepe

Vukosii Hlongwane
Vukosii Hlongwane ()

I remember when Tbose and Kwaito graduated. Tbose got a Car and Kwaito got a laptop. How could John Maputla and Mantuli be so selfish #SkeemSaam

Tbose,Twitter trends in Africa now
лучик в озере говна
лучик в озере говна ()

Удивительно, конечно, как радостный твит про покупку дома пополнил бан-лист. Казалось бы

@IamSythh 19.8K Follow !🇿🇦♚
@IamSythh 19.8K Follow !🇿🇦♚ ()

Follow @SythhB and get a QUICK follow back I have followed back over 18K accounts♥️ Nyakallo Tembisa