South Africa : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Africa today.

RankingHashtag/Topic South AfricaTweets Volume
1.America 406665
2.Canada 302724
3.Miami 256526
4.namjoon 222012
5.Jesus 198835
6.Michael 188771
7.Prince 178571
8.Official Video 169116
9.Discord 157266
10.Coffee 133525
11.Twitter Space 133274
12.Amen 131895
13.Steam 117663
14.Mike 116829
15.Rocky 111355
16.Russia 99996
17.Wallet 95293
18.Suddenly 86050
19.Wolf 83565
20.Rihanna 81654
21.Baba 73863
22.Charity 70783
23.Suns 69807
24.Windows 11 68104
25.Chicago 67008
26.On Air 65428
27.Frank 58625
28.Tyler 57132
29.Wuhan 55516
30.Tesla 52292
31.Beyonce 50838
32.Emma 47789
33.Blessing 47381
34.ariana 45622
35.Travis 44372
36.#BBNaijaReunion 43545
37.Drake 43355
38.Lucy 42760
39.Doja 42270
40.Charlie 42235
41.Laycon 41698
42.Tower 41608
43.Nengi 39072
44.Wendy 38258
45.Studying 36842
46.Claiming 36755
47.Booker 36562
48.Nicki 36377
49.Angela 36265
50.Natalie 35164
51.Call Me If You Get Lost 35093
52.Doja Cat 34377
53.Zara 33175
54.Ka3na 32322
55.joon 31472
56.Kidd 31351
57.Plastic 30917
58.Scottie 30892
59.Mercy 30468
60.Abel 30454
61.Clippers 27636
62.Planet Her 26466
63.Linux 25930
64.Skinny 25801
65.Ben White 25753
66.J Cole 25349
67.Wayne 25055
68.Dora 25022
69.Losing You 23078
70.Igor 20528
71.Paul George 20420
72.#VerifiedVideoDropsMidnight 20393
73.ASAP Rocky 20389
74.Sharon 19890
75.Tiffany 18674
76.Ronald 17763
77.Virgil 17550
78.Kanye 16709
79.Iman 16461
80.Lawrence 15713
81.Dali 15210
82.Lilo 15079
83.Kaisha 14507
84.Lord Jesus 13561
85.Tochi 13117
86.Bodo 12340
87.Flora 10814
88.Brent 10541
89.Moses 10445
90.Youngboy 10245
91.Katrina <10k
92.Xoli Mfeka <10k
94.Tamara <10k
95.Tbaj <10k
96.#SkeemSaam <10k
97.Cosatu <10k
98.the blacklist <10k
99.Piet <10k <10k
101.Zamba <10k
102.Young Thug <10k
103.Zolani <10k
104.Molde <10k
105.#TheRiver1Magic <10k
106.#VoetsekEFF <10k
107.Kayode <10k
108.Madlabantu <10k
109.Mandisa <10k
110.Caleb <10k
111.Dorathy <10k
112.#FamilyMeeting <10k
113.#PowerUp <10k
114.Maputla <10k
115.Zandile <10k
116.#MrAirtime <10k
117.Agrizzi <10k
118.SAHPRA <10k
119.#90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter <10k
120.Lil Wayne <10k
121.Zimbabweans <10k
122.Leeto <10k
123.Abstinence <10k
124.#PodcastandChill <10k
125.Lindiwe <10k
126.lwandle <10k
127.#VoetsekANC <10k
128.Kwaito <10k
129.Chappies <10k
130.#PlanetHer <10k
131.Tinashe <10k
132.Saliba <10k
133.Eastern Cape <10k
134.douwe egberts <10k
135.Kelebogile <10k
136.Nkosi <10k
137.#AskHimSpaces <10k
138.Zodwa <10k
139.Jacobs <10k
140.frank ocean <10k
141.Eminem <10k
142.Glenda <10k
143.#YMornings <10k
144.#lifewithkellykhumalo <10k
145.Olympus <10k
146.#fridaymorning <10k
147.Stogie T <10k
148.Super League <10k
149.Andrei <10k
150.Thokoza Gogo <10k

South Africa Popular Tweets Now

OFFICIAL Skeem Saam 9
OFFICIAL Skeem Saam 9 ()

Tonight on #SkeemSaam The truth reveals itself to Kwaito and hits him hard. @Official_SABC1

Kwaito,Twitter trends in Africa now
Redi Tlhabi
Redi Tlhabi ()

A HUGE loss. Condolences to the Motshegoa family, the Catholic Church, the Diocese of Johannesburg, the Rosebank Parish on the passing of Father Thabo Motshegoa. He was loved and respected by all. An energetic and charismatic priest, a good leader and a brother to many. RIP Padre

Parish,Twitter trends in Africa now
Karabo Mokgoko 🦄
Karabo Mokgoko 🦄 ()

Is there a #FamilyMeeting or not tonight? I can’t even see on the trending topics because people just include hashtags for vibes.

Pauli Van Wyk
Pauli Van Wyk ()

#EFF members sent threatening WhatsApp messages to senior women staff at the Sahpra in an attempt at bullying the organisation into a thumbs up for Chinese & Russian #C19 vaccines. Of base moral character, aptly coined by SCA yesterday. And desperate.

FARPost_ZA ()

The away team Richards Bay has arrived at Chatsworth Stadium for their clash against Royal AM at 3pm. No sign of the home team. #PlayOffs #FARPost

Kgothatso Madisa
Kgothatso Madisa ()

Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital caught fire in April. Two months later the Gauteng Provincial Government has still not been able to open it. Why is it taking the GPG such a long time to reopen such a critical Healthcare facility during a pandemic even. Unacceptable.

Man’s NOT Barry Roux 
Man’s NOT Barry Roux  ()

👨🏽: Hey are you still coming? 👩🏼: No first tell me who is Lebo. 👨🏽: Lebo Is the girl that will come if you are not coming.

The Voice Of Africa
The Voice Of Africa ()

The new episode is out😳 even I can’t believe what I’m seeing …. Well we expect nothing less from #LifeWithKellyKhumalo @ShowmaxOnline 🐆

David Makhura
David Makhura ()

Charlotte Maxeke Academic is one of the top institutions in the province. It’s closure has had a severe impact on our health system. There has been a terrible delay in reopening the hospital, which is completely unacceptable. Anymore delays will cause severe risk. #OOPBudgetVote

PhaṱhuMakwarela ()

Queen of Lesotho! Icon of the nation. Lindiwe was found clutching her pearls #TheRiver1Magic

News24 ()

Gauteng Premier David Makhura has ruled out the possibility of implementing a Level 5 lockdown in the province, despite a staggering increase in Covid-19 cases there. | @pule_jones

Mr Smeg
Mr Smeg ()

Quote or comment on this tweet with a photo of yourself having Lunch and mention Lunch with Mr Smeg

lunch with mr smeg,Twitter trends in Africa now
Chris Yelland
Chris Yelland ()

Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment @environmentza has refused all 3 applications by #Karpowership for environmental authorisations submitted in Oct 2020 for the development of gas-to-power via powerships in Richards Bay, Coega and Saldanha Bay.

Richards Bay,Twitter trends in Africa now
@IamSythh 19.8K Follow !🇿🇦♚
@IamSythh 19.8K Follow !🇿🇦♚ ()

Follow @SythhB and get a QUICK follow back I have followed back over 18K accounts♥️ Zamba Meikie


Feel good and “melt into” your music on #AeroFeelGoodFridays with @METROFMSA. Request your feel good tune and stand in line to win a NESTLÉ Aero hamper together with Bluetooth speaker and tablet, valued at R5000. T’s & C’s apply.

#AeroFeelGoodFridays,Twitter trends in Africa now

It’s called ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY for a reason, not TALENT INDUSTRY. Stogie T is more talented than IFani IFani is more entertaining than Stogie T. (No disrespect) That’s why these TALENTED Idols contestants hardly make it in the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. #BigXhosa

@IamSythh 19.8K Follow !🇿🇦♚
@IamSythh 19.8K Follow !🇿🇦♚ ()

Follow @SythhB and get a QUICK follow back I have followed back over 18K accounts♥️ Lizzy Xoliswa Kwaito Piet Glenda

🚀 𝔽𝕒𝕚𝕫𝕖𝕝 ℙ𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕝
🚀 𝔽𝕒𝕚𝕫𝕖𝕝 ℙ𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕝 ()

A friend lost both her parents. This is absolutely heartbreaking. May Allah grant them both the highest stages of Jannah, Ameen.

Ameen,Twitter trends in Africa now
Bonginkosi MLambo🌍
Bonginkosi MLambo🌍 ()

Matumwa Mawere argues that :- As per anc constitution The DSG is an assistant to the SG and can not assume SG responsibility/Powers nor fire the SG she’s merely a PA of the SG. 😂😂😂😂😂 #AceMagashule

Boledi ()

Sesi Boledi did wonders to my cake🥺😍 kuku ya ka bathong 🥳💕👌

Boledi,Twitter trends in Africa now