South Africa : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Twitter trends in Africa now - 574 Mbps, Mamelodi Sundowns, Trevor Noah, Frame 2, Elizabeth, Wayne Arendse, Koko, Jay-Z, #EricaNlewedim.

Here are the top twitter trends in Africa today.

RankingHashtag/Topic South AfricaTweets Volume
1.Trump 2345495
2.Biden 994166
3.COVID-19 853550
4.America 583577
5.OUT NOW 448146
6.Republicans 401597
7.Angel 238903
8.Midnight 179198
9.Board 178280
10.Nigeria 137328
11.God Bless 135803
12.Spirit 132953
13.New York 132497
14.The Lord 121907
15.Taylor 109948
16.Teams 108304
17.Grey 99313
18.Financial 95592
19.Only 4 95416
20.Arsenal 95304
21.Merry Christmas 91056
22.ariana 88963
23.Lock 85418
24.Suddenly 77370
25.Oscar 76995
26.Mr President 74303
27.heather 72288
28.Legends 71538
29.Selena 70486
30.haechan 66129
31.Maya 64498
32.Careful 63070
33.Stunning 62312
34.Drake 53260
35.Titan 50877
36.Lebron 49507
37.May God 47608
38.Henry 46974
39.Brutal 45888
40.Joseph 45404
41.Marc 44681
42.Mariah 44459
43.Tyler 42722
44.Cringe 42447
45.The Bible 40222
46.Elizabeth 39294
47.Wendy 37635
48.Almighty 37361
49.#EricaNlewedim 35697
50.Koko 33906
51.Angela 33101
52.Tata 32234
53.iPhone 12 30250
54.Olivia 30237
55.Jadeja 29605
56.Plain 28758
57.Wayne 27392
58.Mariah Carey 26998
59.Finest 23147
60.South Africa 23010
61.Nicki Minaj 22069
62.Egypt 19949
63.Fitz 19583
64.Kris 18719
65.Black Panther 18388
66.Deputy 18374
67.#cyrilramaphosa 18097
68.Kylie 14487
69.Laycon 14347
70.Ramaphosa 14346
71.The Weeknd 14341
72.Peer 13895
73.Shazam 13831
74.Number 4 12842
75.Duncan 11947
76.Rama 11088
77.Yanga 11028
78.Christianity 10472
79.FIFA 21 10204
80.Wentworth <10k
81.#sghubusesexcellent <10k
82.Sun-El <10k
83.Telkom <10k
84.Sun-El Musician <10k
85.fakaza <10k
86.Micheal <10k
87.5 GHz <10k
88.#BWFordBrumaLaunch <10k
89.#DezembaYaPowerball <10k
90.Bluff <10k
91.gugu <10k
92.Matamela <10k
93.Mamelodi Sundowns <10k
94.Rands <10k
95.umlazi <10k
96.Willian <10k
97.Gigahome CPU <10k
98.SOEs <10k
99.Solidarity Fund <10k
100.CODESA <10k
101.tracee <10k
102.Dumisani Mkhwanazi <10k
103.#CountryBoyEP <10k
104.Xhosa <10k
105.#PlatinumFridays <10k
106.Cape Town City <10k
107.#FridayWin <10k
108.#ttwb <10k
109.Lady Zamar <10k
110.Leicester City <10k
111.Jay-Z <10k
112.Wayne Arendse <10k
113.Glencore <10k
114.Thanks to 1024-QAM and 160 MHz <10k
115.Zuma <10k
116.Askies <10k
117.Riky Rick <10k
118.anthony laffor <10k
119.Vusi <10k
120.East London <10k
121.#ToTheWorldAndBeyond <10k
122.Julius <10k
123.#YMornings <10k
124.#SensodyneChillTest <10k
125.Tinto <10k
126.Foca <10k
127.mshayi <10k
128.Busi <10k
129.Jay Z <10k
130.Focalistic <10k
131.Mogwete <10k
132.Optimum <10k rock <10k
134.Nelly M <10k route <10k
136.New Music Friday <10k
137.Master KG <10k
138.Mr Thela <10k
139.#goodfridayonkaya <10k
140.Somizi <10k
141.Bafo <10k
142.Sello <10k
143.Kane Williamson <10k
144.Sjava <10k
145.3000 Mbps <10k
146.Zanu <10k
147.Nelson Mandela Bay <10k
148.Malema <10k
149.Trevor Noah <10k
150.Winston <10k

South Africa Popular Tweets Now

Lasizwe ()

My thing is they should ban Eastern Cape from travel cause I believe people will want to travel and they will spread the virus, what do you think? #cyrilramaphosa

Minister of Transport |Mr Fix
Minister of Transport |Mr Fix ()

EXTENSION OF DRIVING LICENSES All learners licenses, driving license cards, temporary driving license cards and professional driving permits that expired from 26 March 2020 to 31 December 2020 are deemed valid for a grace period ending 31 August 2021.

License,Twitter trends in Africa now
Cyril Ramaphosa 🇿🇦 #StaySafe
Cyril Ramaphosa 🇿🇦 #StaySafe ()

My fellow South Africans,   I wish to speak to you this evening about the current state of the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa.

Minister of Transport |Mr Fix
Minister of Transport |Mr Fix ()

Learners licenses driving license cards, temporary driving license card and professional driving permits that expired from 26 March 2020 to 31 Dec 2020 are deemed valid for period ending 31 Aug 2021. You can call me Santa Mbaks, your Christmas just got merrier

Santa Mbaks,Twitter trends in Africa now
Kgopolo Mphela
Kgopolo Mphela ()

SPOTTED: Riky Rick Riky was snapped at Boity’s latest album launch in Bryanston, JHB. #KgopoloReports

Riky Rick,Twitter trends in Africa now
Kick Off
Kick Off ()

Mamelodi Sundowns have confirmed the departures of club legends Anthony Laffor and Wayne Arendse. Full story ➡️

Wayne Arendse,Twitter trends in Africa now
Kgopolo Mphela
Kgopolo Mphela ()

TV: A heist has taken place, alleged to have been committed by the Masire Gang. I got the scoop ... obvs ... 😎 To know more, catch #KingsOfJoburg dropping TOMORROW, December 4th, on @NetflixSA

Selokela Mokgawa
Selokela Mokgawa ()

@Boity We are unemployed roaches sesi a rena tshelete, Fakaza is our only hope to get 4463 EP.

Fakaza,Twitter trends in Africa now
Tumi Sole
Tumi Sole ()

‘After consultation, cabinet has decided to declare Nelson Mandela Bay as a hotspot with the ff conditions: - curfew imposed - sale of alcohol from retail outlets will be permitted from Monday - Thursday - no alcohol on beaches - gatherings can’t be large

Cyril Ramaphosa 🇿🇦 #StaySafe
Cyril Ramaphosa 🇿🇦 #StaySafe ()

However, due to the high rates of infection in the metro, no initiation schools will be allowed in Nelson Mandela Bay.   The measures that are being taken in Nelson Mandela Bay are not meant to punish its residents.

Karabo Mokgoko 🦄
Karabo Mokgoko 🦄 ()

“Ukunyoba” has always sounded weird to me as a person from Pretoria 😭 #SkhiphaAmafiles

Cyril Ramaphosa 🇿🇦 #StaySafe
Cyril Ramaphosa 🇿🇦 #StaySafe ()

Fellow South Africans,   We must change our behaviour now to prevent a resurgence of the virus and manage outbreaks wherever they occur.

Karyn Maughan
Karyn Maughan ()

State Capture Inquiry has accused fmr President Zuma of trying to “place himself above the law” by defying the summons and directives issued against him by DCJ Zondo. “This is intolerable in a society which is founded on constitutional supremacy and equality before the law”.

Cyril Ramaphosa 🇿🇦 #StaySafe
Cyril Ramaphosa 🇿🇦 #StaySafe ()

Following extensive consultation with traditional leaders, we have agreed that the summer initiation season in the Eastern Cape may go ahead.

Cyril Ramaphosa 🇿🇦 #StaySafe
Cyril Ramaphosa 🇿🇦 #StaySafe ()

The most urgent task before us right now is to contain the rise in infections in the affected districts in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape, and to ensure that a similar situation does not develop in other parts of the country.

Presidency | South Africa 🇿🇦
Presidency | South Africa 🇿🇦 ()

Due to the spike in Covid-19 infections in Nelson Mandela Bay, the metro has been declared a coronavirus #hotpot. Additional restrictions in the municipality are necessary to control the spread of the virus & lessen the impact on strained health services.

Nelson Mandela Bay,Twitter trends in Africa now
Times LIVE
Times LIVE ()

The 143 million streams came from million listeners and the hit song was listened to over a period of million hours across 92 countries!

#BloodGuns&Revolutions🖤 ()

#ToTheWorldAndBeyond ☀️Sanele I’m really happy for you. You dug so deep for this and I’m in awe of the work from team behind the scenes and the vision that it took to release this stellar work. You are a musician in your prime. Asoze abekho ofana nawe 💫☀️❤️✨

#ToTheWorldAndBeyond,Twitter trends in Africa now
Hermaine M
Hermaine M ()

MTV Base Hottest Mcs so far #BaseHottestMCs 10. 09. Riky Rick 08. Busiswa 07. Costa Titch 06. Big Zulu

SuperSport 🏆
SuperSport 🏆 ()

Mamelodi Sundowns have confirmed the departure of Anthony Laffor and Wayne Arendse. The pair joined Masandawana in 2012, collectively they’ve featured in over 340 games and have collected 22 trophies in the 8 years spent at the club. #SSDiski

Wayne Arendse,Twitter trends in Africa now