South Africa Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 20th, 2021 09:44 PM IST
S.No.Hashtag / Topics South AfricaTweet Volume
1.#BTSatUNGA 827K+ tweets
2.Chelsea 323K+ tweets
3.Emmy 299K+ tweets
4.De Gea 183K+ tweets
5.London 150K+ tweets
6.Eric 129K+ tweets
7.Lingard 123K+ tweets
8.#TOTCHE 119K+ tweets
9.Amen 117K+ tweets
10.Tottenham 110K+ tweets
11.Ruby 101K+ tweets
12.Noble 99K+ tweets
13.The Crown 89K+ tweets
14.Tuchel 86K+ tweets
15.Spurs 85K+ tweets
16.Thiago Silva 59K+ tweets
17.Otis 57K+ tweets
18.Dave 56K+ tweets
19.Werner 55K+ tweets
20.Oscar 52K+ tweets
21.Alonso 47K+ tweets
22.the river 46K+ tweets
23.West Ham 35K+ tweets
24.Maeve 32K+ tweets
25.#MondayMotivation 32K+ tweets
26.Kepa 30K+ tweets
27.Berry 27K+ tweets
28.Gossip 26K+ tweets
29.Moyes 24K+ tweets
30.Brighton 23K+ tweets
31.Maguire 21K+ tweets
32.Zouma 18K+ tweets
33.McTominay 14K+ tweets
34.Poch 14K+ tweets
35.Martin Atkinson 13K+ tweets
36.BLESSED Sunday 12K+ tweets
37.London is BLUE 10K+ tweets
38.McFred 10K+ tweets
39.Streetwise <10K tweets
40.Ricky Rick <10K tweets
41.Ayanda <10K tweets
42.AMOLED DotDisplay <10K tweets
43.ANCYL <10K tweets
44.Rikhado Makhado <10K tweets
45.#ForAllYourPropertyNeeds <10K tweets
46.Kaizer Chiefs <10K tweets
47.zingers family <10K tweets
48.Randall <10K tweets
49.#KingPieFlavour <10K tweets
50.#YSYR <10K tweets
51.Jub Jub <10K tweets
52.The Constitutional Court <10K tweets
53.Royal AM <10K tweets
54.Action SA <10K tweets
55.Agay <10K tweets
56.Lorch <10K tweets
57.Soweto <10K tweets
58.#Somizi <10K tweets
59.Mhango <10K tweets
60.j lingz <10K tweets
61.Airbnb <10K tweets
62.Diamonds Dancing <10K tweets
63.Andisa <10K tweets
64.#Uyajola99Sundays <10K tweets
65.#rosemaryndlovu <10K tweets
66.#idolssa <10K tweets
67.De Lille <10K tweets
68.MediaTek Helio G95 <10K tweets
69.ithana <10K tweets
70.Baxter <10K tweets
71.let me fill your holes <10K tweets
72.Xoli <10K tweets
73.Ben Motshwari <10K tweets
74.Karabo <10K tweets
75.Kay Yarms <10K tweets
76.Zingers <10K tweets
77.#LoveFNB <10K tweets
78.#TheBlydeTalk <10K tweets
79.Gugu <10K tweets
80.nkandla <10K tweets
81.#AskAMan <10K tweets
82.Dave Saves <10K tweets
83.sia mzizi <10K tweets
84.Plastic Bag <10K tweets
85.Balwin <10K tweets
South Africa Popular Tweets Now

“You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word.” Psalms 119:114 NKJV

OFFICIAL STATEMENT #IdolsSA Top 10 finalist, 22 year olds Ithana, has withdrawn from the competition due to medical reasons, according to a statement released by channel.

#idolssa - Twitter trends in Africa now

Ithana naala unnai nenaichu bayandu olinjukittu irundhennu nenaichiya singaram? Pozhaichutu poda nu nee yengala thoturukka nanga @ChennaiIPL vittadey illai #edudavandiya #podudawhistle

BREAKING | Orlando Pirates confirm midfielder Ben Motshwari has been suspended by the club after being charged by police. Full story ▶️

ben motshwari - Twitter trends in Africa now

Enkosi bethuna this was my best episode I really gave my best thank for the tweets n retweets 🙏🙏🙏#Abomamamzansi #AbomamaS2

If your partner is stressing you, leave. They are supposed to be the ones that take stress away. #Uyajola99 #Uyajola99Sundays

Don’t mess with @sunelmusicianza and @samthingsoweto’s masterful ‘Akanamali’ if you don’t understand the assignment – and wow: Nqobie sure does on #IdolsSA tonight! She your fave? Click below.

Thank you for tuning in see y’all next week for the last episode of #abomamaS2 #abomama ❤️ @PAP_Mzansi

#AbomamaS2 - Twitter trends in Africa now

Sia Mzizi remixes @DeMthudaSA’s ‘Emlanjeni’ on #IdolsSA and we spy an amapiano star singer on the horizon! To vote for #IdolsSASia, click below.

One thing about mjolo? There’s no VIP. It will nyis anyone and everyone. #Uyajola99 #Uyajola99Sundays

If you keep giving a cheater chances, they are chances for them to FINISH YOU. #Uyajola99 #Uyajola99Sundays

The board of trustees that draw these contracts is made of non-homeowners, representing Balwin and another estate agency that’s responsible for administration at the Blyde.