South Africa Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 21st, 2021 12:55 PM IST
S.No.Hashtag / Topics South AfricaTweet Volume
1.#BBNaija 200K+ tweets
2.#MondayMotivation 157K+ tweets
3.Chelsea 128K+ tweets
4.Barcelona 103K+ tweets
5.Top 5 101K+ tweets
6.Ruby 101K+ tweets
7.Faith 99K+ tweets
8.Barca 86K+ tweets
9.Saga 59K+ tweets
10.iOS 15 59K+ tweets
11.Emmanuel 58K+ tweets
12.Finale 57K+ tweets
13.Danger 55K+ tweets
14.Pere 54K+ tweets
15.Otis 54K+ tweets
16.Koeman 53K+ tweets
17.Nini 51K+ tweets
18.Whitemoney 46K+ tweets
19.Araujo 43K+ tweets
20.Noble 33K+ tweets
21.Ricardo 29K+ tweets
22.Pique 29K+ tweets
23.Berry 27K+ tweets
24.De Gea 25K+ tweets
25.Ringo 24K+ tweets
26.Gossip 21K+ tweets
27.Thiago Silva 20K+ tweets
28.Napoli 20K+ tweets
29.Freddy 19K+ tweets
30.Luuk de Jong 16K+ tweets
31.Biggie 16K+ tweets
32.Coutinho 13K+ tweets
33.Xavi 11K+ tweets
34.Dest 11K+ tweets
35.Gladys 11K+ tweets
36.Camp Nou 11K+ tweets
37.Jeannie 11K+ tweets
38.Diane 10K+ tweets
39.veto 10K+ tweets
40.Freddie 10K+ tweets
41.Poch 10K+ tweets
42.Head Coach 10K+ tweets
43.MediaTek Helio G95 <10K tweets
44.#SkeemSaam <10K tweets
45.Mantuli <10K tweets
46.Zingers <10K tweets
47.Sfiso <10K tweets
48.Andisa <10K tweets
49.Moyes <10K tweets
50.#NqobileMzansi <10K tweets
51.#ReaTsotellaMonday <10K tweets
52.Kay Yarms <10K tweets
53.dineo <10K tweets
54.Ricky Rick <10K tweets
55.lwandle <10K tweets
56.balwin <10K tweets
57.#HouseOfZwide <10K tweets
58.David De Gea <10K tweets
59.AMOLED DotDisplay <10K tweets
60.Shezi <10K tweets
61.10111 <10K tweets
62.#ghostedaf <10K tweets
63.#Somizi <10K tweets
64.#DiepCityMzansi <10K tweets
65.#theblydetalk <10K tweets
66.Felicity <10K tweets
67.Lehasa <10K tweets
68.royal am <10K tweets
69.Thandi <10K tweets
70.West Ham <10K tweets
71.Clement <10K tweets
72.Kepa <10K tweets
73.Simo <10K tweets
74.Kwaito <10K tweets
75.Disneyland <10K tweets
76.Ben Motshwari <10K tweets
77.rickus <10K tweets
South Africa Popular Tweets Now

Happy Birthday to Assistant Coach Arthur Zwane. We wish you many more ❀✌🏾 #ZwanesBirthday 10111 #Amakhosi4Life

10111 - Twitter trends in Africa now

BREAKING | Orlando Pirates confirm midfielder Ben Motshwari has been suspended by the club after being charged by police. Full story ▢️

Ben Motshwari - Twitter trends in Africa now

Tonight on #SkeemSaam Pretty makes a confession that enrages the entire Seakamela household. @Official_SABC1

#SkeemSaam - Twitter trends in Africa now

Kwaito to Pretty: You wanna turn us into a laugh stock here at Turflop. That time motho wateng was topless on rock screaming out loud #SkeemSaam

Kwaito - Twitter trends in Africa now

Tonight on #SkeemSaam Tlotliso makes a proposal to Clement that is bound to change both their lives forever. @Official_SABC1

#SkeemSaam - Twitter trends in Africa now

πŸ•―οΈπŸ•―οΈπŸ•―οΈπŸ•―οΈ For Lehasa and Pretty to get back together and raise their childπŸ₯Ί#SkeemSaam

Lehasa - Twitter trends in Africa now

If you’re reading this, PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE!!! πŸ™πŸ½ Registration closes at midnight.

PLEASE VOTE - Twitter trends in Africa now

When Sfiso realises that he cannot claim any damages from Kat #SkeemSaam

Sfiso - Twitter trends in Africa now

Orlando Pirates have suspended Ben Motshwari after their key midfielder was charged by police, the club said on Monday. | @Sport24news

I’m 21 and I look 14. Lets follow each other bo love❀️ Kay yarms Ricky rick #BalwinProperties Balwin Baxter 10111

Balwin - Twitter trends in Africa now

When @RealBlackCoffee used to love rocking this technique 😭❀ Trends : Ricky Rick | Ben Motshwari | Nkandla | #Somizi | Action SA | 10111