South Africa Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: July 24th, 2021 02:47 AM IST
RankingHashtag / Topics South AfricaTweets Volume
1.Japan 755156
2.Kanye 589531
3.#DONDA 265183
4.Wishing 252775
5.Apple Music 243322
6.Hugo 195445
7.#Olympics 142270
8.Dave 141496
9.Sancho 107159
10.Manchester 89062
11.Praying 65167
12.Jay Z 64762
13.Lil Nas X 59662
14.#OpeningCeremony 50592
15.The Throne 46765
16.Accidentally 45546
17.Pogba 43573
18.Natalie 37458
19.Varane 30065
20.Jack Harlow 29870
21.Isaac 23791
22.Naomi Osaka 23248
23.#JacobZuma 19705
24.Moses 18756
25.Yeezy 18575
26.Rupert 18478
27.Hector 17060
28.Heights 15219
29.Ronald 14904
30.Kilo 14095
31.Speedy 13862
32.Yeezus 12885
33.Stage 2 12191
35.Back to Black 11854
36.Season 6 11174
37.#ColdFront 10527
38.Cavani 10109
39.Notoane <10k
40.Thabo <10k
41.eBucks <10k
42.Kruger National Park <10k
43.Vans <10k
44.mokoena <10k
45.Tbose <10k
46.Kagiso <10k
47.Hova <10k
48.Cole Alexander <10k
49.Mamba <10k
50.Troy <10k
51.Fistos <10k
52.Konate <10k
53.Vuyiswa <10k
54.Tyson <10k
55.The IEC <10k
56.Keita <10k
57.#FootyPreviewWithDK <10k
58.mark anderson <10k
59.Leeto <10k
60.Brutus <10k
61.Mark Boucher <10k
62.Cameroon <10k
63.Rambo <10k
64.Paul Adams <10k
65.Modiba <10k
66.Baby Maker <10k
67.Phathu <10k
68.Errol <10k
69.Moseneke <10k
70.Boniswa <10k
71.Eskom <10k
72.Karyn <10k
73.Lakay <10k
74.Glenda <10k
75.Tau and Karabo <10k
76.Lorch <10k
77.Mr Price <10k
78.cellular <10k
79.Moses and Jesus <10k
80.Sebata <10k
81.Cricket South Africa <10k
82.Kwaito <10k
83.#FamilyMeeting <10k
84.Mr West <10k
85.Safari <10k
86.#Wangkolota <10k
87.proteas <10k
88.Nange <10k
89.Khozas <10k
90.Graeme Smith <10k
91.Pitori <10k
92.#SkeemSaam <10k
93.Micky <10k
94.Open Letter to Ramaphosa <10k
95.Team South Africa <10k
96.Thati <10k
97.Shahan <10k
98.Thando <10k
99.De Mthuda <10k
100.Lelo <10k
101.Emlanjeni <10k
102.Orania <10k
103.Thabiso <10k
104.Samsung A12s <10k
105.Jessica Nkosi <10k
106.Mbalula <10k
107.Royce <10k
108.Baxter <10k
109.Smanga <10k
110.Snakes <10k
111.Karabo <10k
112.#PheliMakaveli <10k
113.Naby <10k
114.Mosele <10k
115.david notoane <10k
116.#TheNextLevel320 <10k
117.Lupe <10k
118.Maputla <10k
119.#TheQueenMzansi <10k

South Africa Popular Tweets Now

Obsessed with this cover!!! A celebration of STRONG FEMALR LEADS!!!

Thando - Twitter trends in Africa now

Tonight is #TheQueenMzansi Season 5 season finale 🔥 It’s going to be LIT!!!!!!!!!!

This guy is an ancient war and tactics buff. His wife asked him who would win against 5000 Vikings vs 5000 Zulu warriors. Here is his response:

Tonight on #SkeemSaam Leeto parties it up to his newfound freedom in Joburg. @Official_SABC1

leeto - Twitter trends in Africa now

No outcry from politicians. Human rights organisations. Religious organisations. SADC, Africa and international community. No calls for accountability.

Hip hop music ✊🏾 #PheliMakaveli out Now @TheReal_25k @Zoocci_CokeDope

Tonight on #SkeemSaam Principal is shocked at the discovery of Glenda’s whereabouts. @Official_SABC1

#SkeemSaam - Twitter trends in Africa now

The #TokyoOlympics are officially under way, with Team South Africa having raised eyebrows with their attire at the opening ceremony. | @Sport24news

Good morning to all the Legends that made this possible 🥺❤️ I defs cried last night. #FootyPreviewWithDK

#FootyPreviewWithDK - Twitter trends in Africa now

#SkeemSaam so Mangaliso the Baby maker is back ... Good bye to Leeto the Lawyer

Leeto - Twitter trends in Africa now

.@TheReal_25K Tells His Story On Debut Album #PheliMakaveli [Executively Prod. By @Zoocci_CokeDope] #slikouronlife 25K finally releases his debut album ‘Pheli Makaveli’ arguably the most anticipated hip-hop release of 2021. STREAM HERE:

#TheQueenMzansi The Sebatas are going trrrrrrrrrr! trrrrrrrrrr! trrrrrrrrrr! and the Khozas are going thu! thu! thu!

Khozas - Twitter trends in Africa now

Since we can’t get enough of the #50YearsOfFlavour fun, let’s do another quick giveaway. Guess how many Samsung A12s we’ve ALREADY given away, using #50YearsOfFlavour – and you could win one as well.

Samsung A12s - Twitter trends in Africa now

Her make-up on Vuyiswa for her special day will always be my favourite💔🕯. Silahlekwe andifun’ noxoka. Ndibuhlungu💔🕯.

Vuyiswa - Twitter trends in Africa now

#TheQueenMzansi 😭😭😭 Excuse me Mam!!!!😭😭😭 I am fighting everyone. This season Finale is @JessicaNkosi We are all Jessica Nkosi 😭 Thando decided to just just. ***Literal Chills***

Jessica Nkosi - Twitter trends in Africa now

When Thabo said to Kwaito O ngwana modiidi I felt that #SkeemSaam Bloody rich people 💔🥺

Kwaito - Twitter trends in Africa now

[Thread] Glenda Gray, @MRCza: 1. The only way to bring the #COVID19 pandemic under control, is to vaccinate a large % of SA 2. Everyone needs to be vaccinated, not just 20%/30% of the population 3. Only of people in low income countries have received one #CovidVaccine dose

Glenda - Twitter trends in Africa now

Natasha Thahane expressed her love for soccer star Thembinkosi Lorch in celebration of his 28th birthday.

It’s important to go back to Parliament’s records to see who supported the budget cuts. You’ll find Joemat-Pettersson and the ANC supported these budget cuts, which we warned against… - Andrew Whitfield (Shadow Minister of Police - Democratic Alliance)

Our very own Vuyiswa is coming baaaaack 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥#TheQueenMzansi

Vuyiswa - Twitter trends in Africa now