South Africa : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Twitter trends in Africa now - Steph, Jess, Florida, Jess, Australia, Nets, tumi, Marvin, Scorpio.

Here are the top twitter trends in Africa today.

RankingHashtag/Topic South AfricaTweets Volume
1.Trump 3159439
2.Black 1258108
3.COVID-19 892555
4.Government 713306
5.Spotify 644054
6.China 549109
7.jungkook 473809
8.Jesus 292265
9.Daddy 287661
10.Democrats 266181
11.My God 262307
12.Melania 246629
13.Team India 201027
14.Increase 193847
15.Arsenal 188067
16.Africa 155653
17.Australia 141698
18.Johnson 125190
19.Florida 121974
20.Strength 119196
21.Titan 115333
22.Suspended 110799
23.Sarah 109856
24.Nicely 104213
25.ON AIR 103291
26.Wine 93748
27.Jordan 89307
28.joon 89240
29.The Chinese 85073
30.Gill 80567
31.Islam 76677
32.Milan 76574
33.Ryan 75670
34.#AUSvIND 74732
35.Hoseok 74585
36.#ARSNEW 74263
37.Warriors 72323
38.Travis 69155
39.Test Cricket 65010
40.Curry 63523
41.Saka 61201
42.Top 4 61101
43.Scorpio 57102
44.Paine 56931
45.Drake 55725
46.Lebron 55462
47.Kyrie 55169
48.Indians 54807
49.Champ 52847
50.#WWERaw 52570
51.Newcastle 52041
52.Harden 51110
53.Creator 49782
54.Zlatan 46300
55.Siya 44752
56.Nets 42397
57.Wuhan 37856
58.Bucks 37844
59.Rishabh Pant 36689
60.Rachel 36609
61.Brisbane 35297
62.Smith Rowe 34087
63.Partey 34022
64.Recover 33909
65.Shubman Gill 33649
66.Alexa 33383
67.Auba 30634
68.Foreigners 30614
69.Harry Potter 29832
70.Lakers 29819
71.Ramos 29475
72.Steph 29133
73.Virat 27531
74.Carl 27511
75.Jess 27338
76.Charlotte 26717
77.Lyon 26483
78.Kohli 25684
79.Portuguese 25679
80.Nicki Minaj 25658
81.Pant 25022
82.#AUSvsIND 24864
83.Taxi 23422
84.Cedric 23008
85.Gabba 23000
86.Bill Gates 22897
87.Discovery 22668
88.Gunners 22439
89.Willian 21502
90.Gimme 21355
91.Giannis 20490
92.GEMS 20194
93.Pujara 19792
94.Kanye 19170
95.Hawks 18294
96.Ashwin 18002
97.Bikini 17064
98.Rahane 16857
99.Wade 15605
100.jessie 14570
101.Arteta 14103
102.Starc 13760
103.Mac Miller 12958
104.Tim Paine 12894
105.Karim 12847
106.Dr Death 12304
107.Treasury 12153
108.Boxer 11924
109.Mandy 11668
110.Herman 11380
111.Titanic 11102
112.Marvin 10899
113.Peoplesoft <10k
114.Aussies <10k
115.#Intliziyo <10k
116.Sundowns <10k
117.Zuma <10k
118.#chooseday <10k
119.Ace Magashule <10k
120.Malema <10k
121.#southafricaremix <10k
122.Mr Smeg <10k
123.Black Panther <10k
124.Deep Marvin <10k
125.Soli <10k
126.ATMs <10k
127.Golden State <10k
128.#HeresToYouMzansi <10k
129.Xenophobic <10k
130.BODMAS <10k
131.Miss Universe <10k
132.#TheMorningFlava <10k
133.Mandela <10k
134.Iniesta <10k
135.#VexxFootwear <10k
136.Tricky <10k
137.#RunningWithTumiSole <10k
138.Hesphina <10k
139.Abdul Bhamjee <10k
140.Shem <10k
141.#JanuWorryNoMore <10k
142.#thequeenmzansi <10k
143.#powerwhenyouneeditmost <10k
144.Klay <10k
145.Oats <10k
146.Miss SA <10k
147.The ANC <10k
148.#enca <10k
149.Jessie Duarte <10k
150.Shona <10k

South Africa Popular Tweets Now

AB de Villiers
AB de Villiers ()

What a Test match! The depth of Indian Cricket is scary. @RishabhPant17 , sweet number 17. Well played young man. #testcricket at its very best

Mamelodi Sundowns FC
Mamelodi Sundowns FC ()

🚨𝔾 𝔸 𝕄 𝔼 𝔻 𝔸 𝕐🚨 #Sundowns #DStvPrem

Sundowns,Twitter trends in Africa now
Tumi Sole
Tumi Sole ()

No shame whatsoever @Mediclinic Read up on Wouter Basson & his role in apartheid & how he became to be known as ‘Dr Death’

Wouter Basson,Twitter trends in Africa now
Tumi Sole
Tumi Sole ()

On #WouterBasson & #MediClinic @Mediclinic perhaps you need some reminding as to who is Wouter Basson. Basson led Project Coast which was aimed at targeting & killing black leaders & suppressing the Black Population!

Official PSL
Official PSL ()

CONGRATULATIONS to @Moroka_Swallows FC coach, Brandon Truter- The #DStvPrem December/January coach of the Month (05 December 2020- 10 January 2021)

Swallows,Twitter trends in Africa now
EWN Reporter
EWN Reporter ()

#SAVaccines National treasury says South Africa has to bite the bullet and consider taxing South Africans more to pay for COVID19SA vaccines.

Official PSL
Official PSL ()

CONGRATULATIONS to @Moroka_Swallows striker, Ruzaigh Gamildien- The #DStvPrem December/January player of the Month (05 December 2020- 10 January 2021)

Swallows,Twitter trends in Africa now
Karyn Maughan
Karyn Maughan ()

Ngcukaitobi panel finds that between 2012 and 2019 Black practitioners were more likely to be found to have committed Fraud Waste and Abuse than their Non-Black (White) counterparts, by Discovery, Medscheme and GEMS. This there was unfair racial discrimination.

Official PSL
Official PSL ()

Images from the #DStvPrem Monthly Awards Press Conference Congratulations once again to coach Brandon Truter and Ruzaigh Gamildien from @Moroka_Swallows

brandon truter,Twitter trends in Africa now
News24 ()

LIVE | Professor Salim Abdool-Karim says the new variant is 50% more transmissible than the previous variants in South Africa.

Karim,Twitter trends in Africa now
Yusuf Abramjee
Yusuf Abramjee ()

BREAKING | Carl Niehaus suspended from his ANC job for attacking a party leader

Tumi Sole
Tumi Sole ()

#WouterBasson #Mediclinic @Mediclinic your stance reminds me of De Klerk’s selective memory on Apartheid. There’s no peace without justice!!

Tumi Sole
Tumi Sole ()

#WouterBasson #Mediclinic @Mediclinic here’s more on Basson: He led plans to contaminate medicine used by Former Pres. Mandela. This witness points out that Basson said they gave Biko Thallium. NB mission was to curtail the Black Population birth rate

Tumi Sole
Tumi Sole ()

#RunningWithTumiSole Morning shift on a #ChooseDay let’s go!

MishackT ()

Wake up you beautiful people. The biggest team in Africa is playing We about to witness ballers such as Ngcobo,Zuma & Baccus✌🏾✌🏾. #GoalsGalore

baccus,Twitter trends in Africa now
Tumi Sole
Tumi Sole ()

#RunningWithTumiSole Morning run done! Skontiri owned 😀

#RunningWithTumiSole,Twitter trends in Africa now
Kick Off
Kick Off ()

Swallows FC duo of Brandon Truter and Ruzaigh Gamildien have been named the DStv Premiership Coach and Player of the Month award winners. Full story ➡️

brandon truter,Twitter trends in Africa now
Ashraf Garda
Ashraf Garda ()

Abdul Bhamjee the former PRO of the NSL has passed away . He was the driving force behind the building of FNB Soccer City before he was convicted of fraud related to soccer sponsorship

abdul bhamjee,Twitter trends in Africa now
Sharné Zoë
Sharné Zoë ()

We live in a country where Wouter Basson and De Klerk are living privileged lives while disadvantaged people are treated as criminal.

Eskom Hld SOC Ltd
Eskom Hld SOC Ltd ()

#Eskom_Gauteng #MediaStatement Eskom to reduce loadshedding to two-hour events in parts of Gauteng and North West Province

Eskom,Twitter trends in Africa now