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Tbh, ignoring people is cool until they ignore you. #Level1Lockdown where are we drinking this weekend? ☺ #21YearsOfDjTira

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We do courier anywhere in using Pep as on Picture ❤️ And Postnet: R99 which takes 3 days to deliver To Enquire 📲 Whatsapp 0797549379 #HambaMzimbaSalaNtliziyo #21YearsOfDjTira Sizwe

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LindaniManqele ()

@DJTira Asngenen ankel ungithi nje vaaaaa ngalefoni nale isiyakhinya I tilt it njalo aysasebenzi kwelinye side #21YearsOfDjTira

21 year Old
21 year Old ()

Instagram handles? Let’s grow our IG Accounts. FB #Level1Lockdown #21YearsOfDjTira

🇿🇦 Bongani Bra-B
🇿🇦 Bongani Bra-B ()

@DJTira Will i ever win with something with @DJTira #Level1Lockdown #21YearsOfDjTira

PHumuZOR ()

@DJTira Help me stay connected Malome. #21YearsOfDjTira #21YearsOfDjTira @DJTira

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Carmel Isaka
Carmel Isaka ()

Vous avez de la valeur devant Dieu. #21YearsOfDjTira #ThursdayThoughts @Cospiel . . . @kevinmak583

Gabriel ()

This is I would do this. 😍😍😁😁 #21YearsOfDjTira #ThursdayThoughts

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Ozingelwayo Family Events
Ozingelwayo Family Events ()

@DJTira I think the best way malume will be to give back to a community at I ndwendwe endondolo ngoJojo tank , Yaz baphuza amanzi angcolile sometime bathole amaxoxo phakath. umfula ukude kunabo mostly asebekhulile #Level1Lockdown #21YearsOfDjTira

Lalie Hlwatika
Lalie Hlwatika ()

@DJTira Bursaries for 9 students one from each province #Level1Lockdown #21YearsOfDjTira

Alenceo St.
Alenceo St. ()

@DJTira #21YearsOfDjTira Sawbona Mnumzane uKhathi. I think one of the way you could help make 2020 better for the nation is by establishing a feeding scheme at one of the University institutions as many students will b heading back to res at lvel one. I thnk this will contribut immensely

Micah💫 ()

@DJTira At least 5 customers, or a retweet for my pinned tweet🕯#Level1lockdown #21YearsOfDjTira

Alex/ MR X
Alex/ MR X ()

@DJTira #Level1 How about (ALL BLACK FACE MUSK strictly 50% gethering )GET2GETHER 21year DJ TIRA Birthday party tour the provenances (strictly 50% #21YearsOfDjTira

Tower🇱🇸🇿🇦 ()

@DJTira #21YearsOfDjTira keep on empowering and supporting small blessings.

EndGBV ()

@DJTira Only money makes South Africans happy, faka ama ewallet Malume #21YearsOfDjTira

Sunman Geez 🇿🇦
Sunman Geez 🇿🇦 ()

@DJTira Scela izwi lakho malume regarding abokuhamba abagcwele emaFlattin ase Thekwini abaDayisa amaDrugs bethumbe noSisi bethu. #21YearsOfDjTira

Andile ()

@DJTira #21YearsOfDjTira Hi Malume, Please Bring Back Afro Fashion Lounge 🕺💃as a Pop Up lounge/ Tour around the South African Townships?🤔 I believe this can be great For Us Your Fans to get a Glimpse of the Old Makoya Bearings and the New Bearings 🙏 Please think about it😉👍

Tsonga Lady 👑
Tsonga Lady 👑 ()

Wilson B Nkosi ❤️ Catch stuff like that from 9-12 sundays on metro fm. @wilsonB_nkosi Kabza | Sizwe | Cassper | Sizwe #21YearsOfDjTira #Level1Lockdown

Lesego ()

@DJTira #21YearsOfDjTira I wish you could help me out help out my mother around the house 😔this covid 19 has really taken food out of out mouths

Cpha 🤔🙂
Cpha 🤔🙂 ()

@DJTira #Level1Lockdown #21YearsOfDjTira That Huawei phone as a gift would be great.👌😉

🇿🇦MissRefey🌹 ()

@DJTira @Thembisile_Q #21YearsOfDjTira how about you fund children from disadvantaged families opportunity to study especially those in rural them opinion

Read my pinned tweet for strength
Read my pinned tweet for strength ()

#21YearsOfDjTira 1 bottle of @TanquerayZA would make my day extra

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😂Auti ya Domkop😴
😂Auti ya Domkop😴 ()

@DJTira #21YearsOfDjTira ha basher up the good work. Keep changing lives💪💪💪💪

Ndalamo Pablo II
Ndalamo Pablo II ()

#21YearsOfDjTira We are a youth owned company based in randburg Kyasands our kitchen trailers are currently the most affordable in South Africa starting at R21000 WhatsApp me on 062464842

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AhL👀kCool ()

@DJTira Host something for SA up & coming artists and make the world witness the greatest. #21YearsOfDjTira

Boitumelo Seema
Boitumelo Seema ()

@DJTira #21YearsOfDJTira Host concerts for GBV victims Donate Food and clothes to the poor and GBV victims Create community projects for the youth Host career days at struggling schools Donate some money to schools that are disadvantaged

Pinocchio 🇿🇦
Pinocchio 🇿🇦 ()

@DJTira How about we make sure that we get/create employment for 21 people a day in 21 days for the month of October across the country? #21YearsOfDjTira

Lwazi ()

@DJTira #21YearsOfDjTira OfDj tira how about you trow in cheap vip experience on all your events for our 2020 matric student just to give them a taste of that good life its been hard for them

Abangani Bethu
Abangani Bethu ()

@DJTira plz retweet for #21YearsOfDjTira #Level1 Abangani Bethu - Imali Eningi (Ft Formation Boyz) Music Video

Khanyiii🌷 ()

@DJTira We should do a big even SA has ever seen in Moses Mabhida we can call it Ivuliwe I country or something invite more more artist ase Mzansi #21YearsOfDjTira

KayTee ()

Tbh, ignoring people is cool until they ignore you. #Level1Lockdown where are we drinking this weekend? ☺ #21YearsOfDjTira

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☚ #cellularchallenge #bbnaijafinale ☛
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