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To insist that the transition must end on 31st December, without ensuring that arrangements are in place to safeguard essential medical supplies, never mind trade and our wider economic interests, would be an act of pig-headed folly. We must #ExtendTheTransition. Sign on ✍️

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Bokamoso ()

I know for a fact we’re going to treat the 16th April like it’s the 31st of December 😂😂😭

P u N u N u♡ ()

@MusaSihlali The whole day I felt like I was preparing fo the 31st of December 😹😹😹


Mare la tsenwa hle le serious ka 31st of December? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

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Don Masino ⁶𓅓 ()

My neighbour had visitors, they just left. People are treating this as if it is the 31st of December 💀💀💀


South Africans waitin for 00:00-AM, Like it the 31st of December #21daysLockdownSA #SouthAfricaLockdown

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So vele south Africans bought alcohol like its the 31st of December #21daysLockdownSA

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Cromwell ()

@leplumba @BorisJohnson Wait till we dont leave on the 31st of December with a trade deal! These draconian laws are to put protester leaders in prison


1) Just another thing for the government to consider, persons with disabilities can only take advantage of the RDSP grants and bonds up to December 31st in the year they turn 49. Completing the DTC will be almost impossible during this time of national crisis and depending on how


This actually feels like the 31st of December the way me and my goons are chilling 😁


@AdvoBarryRoux Le corona kudala ikhona kwalapha South Africa qha singayazi sozuve numbers are multiplying Noo marn this is not the 2020 I prayed for on the 31st of December 2019we are going through a lot its still March God intervene🙏

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Manney Uto ()

2- By the 28th, the new disease was decided to be viral in nature, 3- by 30th, Chinese CDC arrived in Wuhan for peer review, and 4- by December the 31st, China had shared news of the new virus with the world by reporting it to the WHO /2

Jill Brewer ()

@BBCNews Great Britain made the last payment of its WW2 loan (from the US) on 31st December 2006. Instead of plunging the country into even deeper austerity once this is over could government repay the huge amounts of current borrowing (at record low interest rates) in a similar way?

Raf ()

It actually did feel like it was the 31st of December today with the full shops and tomorrow is New years cause we will be counting down the lock down at 00:00. What a rush of a day it was.

TeeCeee80 ()

It really does feel like the 31st of December 🤞🏾 even the streets. Zero social distancing nje. 🙆🏽‍♀️ we’ll all know after 2 weeks if we’re safe 🙈

Asante Khathi ()

Mzansi seems like it the 31st of December. The only thing missing is the #SouthAfricaLockdown song or #21daylockdown song

Sanaki ()

Today felt like the 31st of December. Even the music was just vibing #21dayslockdown #SouthAfricaLockdown

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Andrew Wauchope ()

@CJordanjb Surely, without an extension, we will be out of the EU on 31st December 2020 so the EU can go whistle.

Sebastian Ramirez ()

Take me back to Aug 24th, 2016 All the way till December 31st, 2019 Let me relive those days cause these first couple of months in 2020 fuckin

Miss Dakalo ()

Do we all agree that today feels like the 31st of and at 00:00 when they #LockdownSA will feel like the 1st day of the year

Quarantine BIDEN 🇯🇲 Bernie2020 ()

Quarantine CoronaVirus $1,000 TikTok Will all be the top topics of 2020 on December 31st, 2020 ✌🏾

Delilah🌸🍁 ()

@PrizQ30 Do u by any chance have left overs of fireworks from the 31st of December ? If so, it would be so nice to light up the sky🙈

Buttercup 🌬 ()

this legit feels like the 31st of december and me and my homegirls are here for it

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Nduna Ye Nkosi ()

Today feels like the 24th or 31st of difference is there’s nothing to celebrate this time #LockDownEve

I.G djsoulmo ()

Ekare di 31st tsa December today, tomorrow is going to feel like the 1st week of January 🤦‍♂️

European Movement UK ()

To insist that the transition must end on 31st December, without ensuring that arrangements are in place to safeguard essential medical supplies, never mind trade and our wider economic interests, would be an act of pig-headed folly. We must #ExtendTheTransition. Sign on ✍️

Jada🧸 ()

I don’t understand why people act like nobody born after December 31st 1999 listens to music from before 2010. Like a lot of people my age listen to songs that came out before they even people act like we don’t?

@mdmak33 ()

@FergalBowers 31st December WHO said it was of international concern, Irish govt should have started training test teams,tracing teams, and ordered in PPE, instead they hoped it would go away but then allowed 3000 Italians from a affected area enter the country, NO fault to the Italian ppl.

Melinda cuddy ()

@CBCNews @cbcRosa Anyone who booked travel after December deserves to be out their how stupid and selfish of you! out of money? stuck on a cruise ship? you have nothing but your own ignorance to blame!

Richard Norfolk ()

@MariaMo32975161 Perspicacious (😁) from Kettle. Even the most illogical Brexit supporters would have to concede that any thought of a December 31st exit would need to be postponed, by at least a year. There is no place for a leader who insists on maintaining our current course to the rocks.

✨Goddess Mia ✨ ()

Since December 31st I have been in and out of hospital due to an inflammatory condition I’m currently dealing with that has required me to have two surgeries and has left me in considerable pain.

☚ Kourt dj sumbody ☛
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