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What did Shaeeda say about Bilal not being able make a baby 不不不不 #90DayFiance.

...talk to knows how to not get a woman 劾五儭不#90DayFiance.

Shaeeda will have to walk on eggshell her entire life living with thay man #90DayFiance.

Billala just stood there and watched Shaheeda cry #90DayFiance.

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Mohamed dead set on respecting Islam, now hes the adulterer amadoda must go on an infinite vacation to hell please #90DayFiance.

Give Mohammed his Emmy man, wow that wiping of non-existent tears #90DayFiance.

Shaeeda must listen to Bilal & not interject when he talks but he interjects as he wants. Typical narcissist. #90DayFiance.

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How is your family in the farm Are you still staying at home Ziyalila ku Loudspeaker #90DayFiance.

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A feel like a lot has been left unsaid kule Tell All. I guess I had high expectations #90DayFiance.

Lmao Patrick is telling the truth and Bilal didnt expect that 不不#90DayFiance.

His not surprise his faking it I dont trust that man who just watched his wife cry next to him with no emotion #90DayFiance.

Everytime we watch pillow talk Loren is pregnant #90DayFiance #90DayFiancePillowTalk.

Yoh BilallllllllThis man has no soul hleng. Like u not even shaking ur woman is crying #90DayFiance.

Bini needs to grow some balls for real aaaay,that wine was unbelievable and he just sat there #90DayFiance.

Bilal just stood there and watched his wife cry 儭 he definitely deserves to be single for the rest of his life #90DayFiance.

What does a wide open future mean for Jenny and Sumit? #90DayFiance.

I like how all the controlling partners are judging each other and the Controlled parties their defending each other #90DayFiance.

Lol. Why would you offer to buy a toothbrush instead of a laptop?Kara needs to date Gino as he loves buying toothbrushes as presents #90DayFiance.

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Am not shocked Mohamed did say he will find another sponsor because he already had options 不不不不#90dayfiance.

Mohammed crying crocodile tears for a green card #90DayFiance.

Believe people when they show you red flags! Mohammed used the word sponsor and he meant it because his main goal was to use her to get in, and then afterwards do whatever. #90DayFiance.

Bilal is such a manipulative partner who wants to be dominants at everything all the time. #90DayFiance.

They are ganging up on Bilal and reading him for filth. I love it #90DayFiance #90dayfiancetellall.

Download Vive Le Football 2022 Apk Android iOS PC #90dayfiance #PardonMyArrogance Pearl Ndlondlo Nia Long.

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Served on a SILVER PLATTER 休休休唐唐 #90DayFiance.

@moshopyadi4 Looks like Bilal is missing and Kobe needs to teach him a thing or two #90dayfiance 唐唐.

匈 met a Girl online宇hought we are friends存orry to my wife宇rying to fix it色潑儭丹#90DayFiance.

I tried to find redeeming characteristics in Bilal but, sadly I cannot find any. The man is insufferable #90DayFiance.

I like how Bini is just sitting there and smiling aphendule eza kuye #90DayFiance.

...time is got stuff on your #90DayFiance.

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