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JUST IN: Asbestos scam case against Ace Magashule and his co-accused has been postponed until 20 January - despite his protests that this delay would severely hamper his ability to contest for ANC leadership positions at this year’s party conference..


Suspended ANC Secretary General, Ace Magashule, says townships are being targeted with more frequent blackouts. He says this is a deliberate attempt to make people lose faith in the ANC. #DStv403 #eNCA.

Suspended ANC SG Ace Magashule and 3 of his “asbestos scam” co-accused are petitioning SCA over alleged “unlawful” use of Zondo Inquiry evidence against them, “weakness” of state’s case. Parties agreed to postpone criminal trial to 20 January as a result. Ace is aggrieved..

Ace Magashule Photo,Ace Magashule Photo by Karyn Maughan,Karyn Maughan on twitter tweets Ace Magashule Photo

When EFF adopted Cardinal Pillar number 7, we knew cases like this one of Ace Magashule would be the order of the day. Now they will drop charges in January 2023..

Ace Magashule Photo,Ace Magashule Photo by Bra Hloni,Bra Hloni on twitter tweets Ace Magashule Photo

We will leave no RET Soldier behind in the battlefield, we did just that this morning as we stood in solidarity with Cde @Magashule_Ace in Bloemfontein.


Suspended ANC Secretary General, Ace Magashule says those who are handling the country’s law enforcement agencies are behind the continued postponements of the multi-million rand Asbestos case at the Bloemfontein High Court..

Did you hear what com Ace Magashule said about the ANC yesterday on @SAfmRadio ? The gloves are off, December ANC conference will be interesting one and not 4getting 2024 elections. We will be watching live drama nd circus 🎪.

Suspended ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule says he’s “ready to stand” when the ANC goes to its national elective conference in December. He spoke to the media ahead of a pre-trial conference in the Bloemfontein High Court. @NkoRaphael.

Analyst says Ace Magashule is scapegoating, has not been a strong force in the party..

NOBODY knew who I was until I went to #PodcastAndChill NOTA😉 Self-made king, MacG goes around interviewing celebs & asks them the juiciest questions😊 #ChoppinIt 🎙w/ Bhuda T Cassper A-Reece Sha Sha Burna Boy Zinhle Cyan Ace Magashule Kermit Erasmus.

@karynmaughan Ace Magashule is finished, he will watch the ANC conference on TV like the rest of us..

The man is even struggling to breathe. Ramaphosa is vicious. Ace Magashule is a spent force. He will be watching the ANC elective conference through zoom.

@Magashule_Ace supporters are here to make sure that he get full support. Will die where he die..

Ace Magashule Photo,Ace Magashule Photo by #ZumaIsFree🇷🇺,#ZumaIsFree🇷🇺 on twitter tweets Ace Magashule Photo

At least Ace Magashule has the sense to place the blame on the correct person: his lawyers, who happen to take instructions from him..

Misssion Accomplished Don’t be surprised if next year all charges against Ace Magashule are withdrawn. There was no case from the beginning,the aim was to get him out of Luthuli House and subsequently out of contesting in the December conference..

Ace Magashule will never get any position under Ramaphosa. #Magashule..

Ace Magashule Photo,Ace Magashule Photo by Afiks,Afiks on twitter tweets Ace Magashule Photo

@SAfmnews No case against Ace Magashule nothing nada lutho. Just cruel politics by evil people.

@canonlytry @SA_Mum Ace 10% Magashule broke the Free State. Imagine what he can do to the country 😏.

Bottom line: Ace Magashule caused the delay that he is raging against. Idiot..

Carl Niehaus dealing with Samkele decisively 😂😂 Ace Magashule #morningliveSABC.

@Mfoka_Jobe With the city of Bloemfontein destroyed in front of them by ANC of Ace Magashule, maybe people you are talking about are from the farms..

@Magashule_Ace is a great leader. No one will match his leadership capacity. Ramaphosa must just resign. December conference will be 🔥🔥🔥..

Ace Magashule Photo,Ace Magashule Photo by #ZumaIsFree🇷🇺,#ZumaIsFree🇷🇺 on twitter tweets Ace Magashule Photo

@ComradeMDU @MYANC The conference will continue with Ace Magashule sitting at home drinking black label beer.

Ace Magashule is incoming President of the ANC and of the country..

Reminder to disgraced ANC SG Ace Magashule; entire ANC NEC collectively owned up Nkandla corruption scandal, correctly so. For all corruption scandals & criminality that set the country on the precipice of a failed state, all ANC officials & members bear collective responsibility.

@IOL Hey i9d @Magashule_Ace can get away with billions why cant she, they both from the Free State.

@LukheleSporo Ace Magashule should come to me for prayers ntate. Ke tla mo phethela athole setolo se hodimo ko ANC 🤣🤣.

Ace Magashule Photo,Ace Magashule Photo by Mkhulu Somkhonto,Mkhulu Somkhonto on twitter tweets Ace Magashule Photo

@ThaboMfukeng Simple. They are waiting for SCA to rule on an application brought by Ace Magashule himself. If they were to continue and the courts rule in Ace’s favour then everything else will be moot! It’s Ace who is delaying the trial and not NPA.

If Ace Magashule has any files with @MYANC members, the time to release them is now, he has nothing to lose anyway..

In this video Thabo Mbeki says South Africans allow other people to tell them that they are xenophobic & they believe it. #MusaKhawula #putsouthafricansfirst Zimbabweans Nigerians Zimbos stage 4 Xhosa Zulu Limpopo Ace Magashule Pule Karyn.

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