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You can tell if you should listen to someone’s Bond theme opinions by if they like and let me tell Miss Adele ATE

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“Thank you.” Nginitian ko ang barista. Napansin kong kahawig nya si Adele. Bumagay sa blonde nyang buhok ang maamo nyang mukha. Inabot ko ang bayad sa kanya, at ilang sandali pa ay inabot na nya ang order namin. Pumunta ako sa serving station para kumuha ng stirrer at tissue.

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𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒬𝓊𝑒𝑒𝓃 💙 ()

@JustSarahG Adele SG now singing All I Ask @JustSarahG Sarah G SarahXRegine UNIFIED

Jj ()

fancy the fuck out of adele since these pics come out me yanno hahahahahahha

Zorniger Bürger ()

@Hadmut Ich lese dein Blog schon jahrelang und habe mir auch Adele zu Gemüte geführt. Wie ein Krimi, und jetzt kommt die letzte Viertelstunde mit dem Showdown.

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Gryzor87 ()

@tactcastblue Y cuál crees que es el mejor? Yo tengo algunos favoritos: A view to a kill (Duran Duran) Skyfall (Adele) The Living Daylights (A-ha) ...(License to Kill, Goldeneye, )

Nao ()

là j’amène mon frère et adèle à la patinoire ce qui signifie que j’aurais deux enfants à gérer voilà

R101 ()

#R101News: Adele era presente ad un party dopo la notte degli Oscar, assolutamente irriconoscibile‼️😯😲

James Hall ()

Step aside Adele — Anoushka Shankar’s heartbreak music is as raw as it gets. I interviewed her for today’s Times on her extraordinary new music, her recent divorce, hanging out with George Harrison, and learning the sitar from Ravi.

Snake ()

@maseogane Do you think being skinny is the only acceptable standard of beauty? Is the “transformed” Adele only beautiful now that she’s skinny?

Breezy ()

@xAdeleCol Good Morning to you Miss Adele and @LisBloom ! I hope you ladies have a beautiful Saturday!

✦💜 uci ()

@treasurebabble haruto jamet alay haruto jamet ngantuk haruto jamet monyong gaada line tangan aku haruto jamet sok imut elsa frozen when we were young - adele

James Chorlton ()

Adele looks like she’s threatening to set fire to the rain 🔥🔥

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Adele’s transition into Drill music is gonna slap harder than my mum when I once swore in front of her

Ready for the rising tide ()

cafe de flore qui est au dessus de la vie d’adèle ... i have to stan

SlimAfvallen ()

“Het sirtfood dieet van Adèle is flauwekul” - - Welingelichte Kringen


Future influenced them yes bet . But Future is not a skrr skrr. Unlike skrr skrr rappers(according to your valuation) ,His music has sonic dynamic range, melody ,soul and Timelessness He is in the same bracket with Adele and Beyonce if not slightly better. A king😂

Julián Juan Lacasa ()

@bernax16 @ElCinefago Hacerse los modernos, nada más. Son como los que vieron La Vida de Adèle por que Spielberg, otro que tal, dijo que quería verla de nuevo en su casa en compañía de mis hijos.

♛ ()

On levels just what could have got Adele as in rolling in the deep & sky fall Adele so vex?😂😂

Well_Bein# ()

Adele diet: Is this the food the Hello singer eats to maintain seven stone weight loss?

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Juliana🖼🔥 ()

My wildest fantasy w Adèle Haenel would be to put on our kimonos and train some judo together. Or maybe discuss some philosophy too. I’m so PG-13, see.

Willow 👽 ()

Can’t wait for Adele’s comeback rap album - Miss Adelephant

Adam Godrej Lock ()

@fadnavis_amruta @LionelRichie I played this song in front of my friends and told them to ID the singer Once said Celine Dion & one said Adele #truestory

Joe Julians ()

@aftermoviediner Not sure how helpful calling people “idiot children” is for having different thoughts on movie songs to you. That being said I’m with you on not being the biggest fan of this new one. Did like Adele’s though.

Dayo the Champagne Socialist 🥂 ()

@officiallyk10 @ozzyetomi This is the same guy that asked Siânnise if her mother named her after Adele 😐😐😐🙃

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@liamgallagher Liam what do you think of this words? has something to do with you? 👀

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BBC One ()

Turns out @Adele is the greatest wedding planner of all time… 🎩😂 #TheGNShow | Tonight, | BBC One and BBC iPlayer | @AlanCarr

Kate Harrisson 🇬🇧 ()

La canción de la próxima película a estrenarse de James Bond se estrenó ayer y no puedo dejar de escucharla. Aunque mi favorita siempre será Skyfall de la cantante 🇬🇧 Adele. ¿Cuál es su favorita?

Ira Madison III ()

You can tell if you should listen to someone’s Bond theme opinions by if they like and let me tell Miss Adele ATE

🇲🇾Astro AWANI🇲🇾 ()

[HIBURAN] Turun sebanyak ini rupanya diet diamalkan Adele #AWANInews #AWANI745

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