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MEC @Lesufi, you should focus your efforts on improving the Gauteng education system and creating much-needed opportunities for all to be educated in their mother tongue, not inciting racial divisions!.

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Ek plaas môre om 15h00 my besluit oor my deelname aan AFRIKAANS IS GROOT hier.

The University is there to protect Afrikaans learners according to the Constitution of SA. It is privately funded and teaches in one of the 11 official languages =Case closed like it or not.

Lesufi and woke twitter is afraid, that Solidarity will train an Army of Privately Educated Afrikaans Diesel Mechanics..

The university will be for students that are willing to be taught in Afrikaans, irrespective of race. Why do you make this a racist issue? You sound like Lesufi, is he paying you to be his bot?.

Gauteng MEC for education Panyaza Lesufi has slammed an Afrikaans university that is set to open late next year..

One can see Julias Malema is very calculating. So far his English has helped him the Ek het nog nooit die bliksem hoor Afrikaans praat nie..

@alfred_cabonena Don’t misrepresent me. I don’t hate Afrikaans and will defend its existence but it must not be hijacked for ulterior motives. Remember it’s those who speak this language that want to display the apartheid flag! That’s the hijacking I am talking about. Don’t be excited..

Waarom heb je de HP boeken in het Afrikaans? Very curious atm — Ik heb alleen de eerste twee in het Afrikaans, + omdat ik stage heb gedaan in Zuid-Afrika en zo wat sneller de schrijftaal onder de knie kreeg..

Solidarity’s Afrikaans university started ‘out of anger’, says Lesufi.

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@Lesufi We strongly believe that mother tongue education, whether in Afrikaans or any of our ten other indigenous languages, is a key to development, and learners reaching their full potential. There is no place for racial rows in our education system..

MEC @Lesufi, you should focus your efforts on improving the Gauteng education system and creating much-needed opportunities for all to be educated in their mother tongue, not inciting racial divisions!.

There are missing girls, xenophobia, gender violence, Afrikaans But this made 😕.

@MalumeJabulani Nope! I get invited to address Afrikaans meetings and I struggle a lot in delivering my message.

@denialmustend Just watch how the narrative of “it’s for all people who want to learn in Afrikaans” fades away once it has a roof and the top structure of the Uni is appointed. This is a narrative I just don’t buy. If offered a carrot, don’t look at the carrot. Look at who’s offering..

@Nkgapele6 @refilweafrica The beginning and the end of your afrikaans #UniversiteitVanMsoon is coming 😂😂😂.

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Segregation of who & what exactly? Who do you think speaks the Afrikaans language in this country? Take a moment to escape this bubble, and do some research into SA and its languages. You’ll be surprised..

Whites launch Afrikaans only institution-blacks are quick to defend it They say But Afrikaans is a language not a race or blacks/coloureds also speak Afrikaans If that were the case why is that Afrikaans speaking non-whites are excluded from Afrikaans only institutions?.

...because it what a group of Afrikaans speaking people have pooled THEIR resources to build. It’s construction doesn’t harm you from going to the universities you rightly mention accommodate everyone. People have every right to want to preserve their language & culture..

Gauteng Education MEC took to Twitter reposting a video by Reinhard777 showing men breaking ground for a new private Afrikaans-language university..

Anyway when people call it “suiwer” Afrikaans the direct implication for me is that Afrikaaps is somehow dirty or wrong. How can that be when only was stolen and colonized..

English- fluent Serbian- fluent Macedonian- intermediate Serbian- (Jekavica dialect, Montenegro)- intermediate Russian- intermediate Spanish- intermediate Greek- beginner Portuguese- beginner Afrikaans- beginner.

There are more people of colour who speak Afrikaans. Get real..

Dankie vir julle vir daardie impromptu Afrikaans stream, julle almal skud my kouse af!.

After the Afrikaans Sunday newspaper confronted him about this‚ Maimane made an about-turn‚ saying he was actually renting the home from an old friend..

Is there a word for this in the English language, or maybe even in Afrikaans?.

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