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#StateCaptureInquiry “I never had a conversation with Mr Ajay Gupta about the post of Minister of Sports and Recreation,” Mbalula told the @PublicProtector in a 2016 interview. His evidence today is in stark contrast with that; it’s the opposite..

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#StateCapatureInquiry | I received a call from Ajay Gupta, where he congratulated me before I was even appointed as a minister..

#StateCaptureInquiry “No, there is no conflict [...] the main issue was appointment,” says Mbalula saying perhaps that question limited him. “I was congratulated for a position,” he says of Ajay Gupta’s call. “They actually congratulated me for that.”.

#StateCaptureInquiry “I never had a conversation with Mr Ajay Gupta about the post of Minister of Sports and Recreation,” Mbalula told the @PublicProtector in a 2016 interview. His evidence today is in stark contrast with that; it’s the opposite..

Mbalula confirmed that he was called by AJay, not Atul Gupta. He congratulated him on his appointment as Minister of Sports and Recreation. #StateCaptureInquiry.

#StateCaptureInquiry how did Fikile Mbalula Identify the caller as Ajay Gupta did he ask the name of the caller or its Meandos.

@AdvBarryRoux CIC of black Twitter,I think we need files,who is this person Mbalula is talking about,the NEC member who rubbished him in the NEC meeting regarding his encounter with Ajay Gupta.

Zondo: How did you respond to Ajay Gupta after he called to congratulate you to be minister of sport, did you say thank you? Mbalula: I just said “hhheee 🤣 #StateCaptureInquiry #Mbalula.

#StateCaptureInquiry Mbalula says he has witnesses to the Ajay Gupta call, that is on record and he did call Mbalula. Zondo asks about Mbalula not having even one seconder among the about 80 NEC members. That member was defending the President, he says of one member who stood..

@MzwaneleManyi Brian was talking on behalf of former President Ajay Gupta not his opinion he was just taking institutions from Saxonwold Shebeen 🐶.

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DJC: When Ajay Gupta was congratulating you, what did you say? @MbalulaFikile : I said heeeeeeee, heeeeee #StateCapture #StateCaptureCommission.

Mbalula says he received a call from Ajay Gupta in 2011, congratulating him on his appointment as Sports Minister. He says this was before he was informed by President Zuma about it. He also says he raised the issue at a national executive committee meeting. #Statecaptureinquiry.

LIVE: Mbalula confirms receiving a call from Ajay Gupta ahead of official Cabinet appointment, state capture hears.

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Fikile Mbalula: the Guptas were not happy with me after I told and NEC meeting about a call I got from the Ajay Gupta. #SABCNews #StateCaptureInquiry.

Mbalula said when Ajay Gupta called him, he was having issues with the minister at the time so he had spoken to Zuma and told him about the issues with the minister of police. Zuma told him to hang on and he eventually appointed him. #StateCaptureInquiry.

#StateCaptureInquiry Mbalula says whether I cried or not, I was emotional and the emotions just bubbled up. Zondo asks what exactly Ajay Gupta said in the phone conversation Mbalula has reported. In his affidavit he put a certain version, says Zondo..

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Mbalula said he got a call from Ajay Gupta who called him and congratulated him as the new minister of sports, he said he did not know yet, but Ajay Gupta did know. #StateCaptureInquiry.

Rajesh “Tony” Gupta is probably the least publicly know of the three Gupta brothers. Sometimes his brother Ajay Gupta is misidentified as two different men in photos where Ajay Gupta is and is not wearing glasses or donning a beard..

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[JONAS vs GUPTA] On the disputed presence of a Gupta brother at the 23 Oct 2015, Ajay Gupta says he was never at that meeting. But Jonas insists there was a Gupta, but he realises he “can’t tell the difference” between Ajay and Rajesh Gupta. #StateCaptureInquiry.

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[JONAS vs GUPTA] On “threats to kill [Jonas]” by a Gupta who was at the 23 Oct 2015 meeting. Ajay Gupta says it’s strange that Jonas never reported this to Thuli Madonsela or the police. But Jonas says prevailing circumstances at the time prevented him from going to police..

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This might help. Rajesh Tony Gupta (left) is the least well recognised of the Gupta brothers. Atul Gupta (middle) typically dons a moustache. He also has more pointy nose than his two brothers. Ajay Gupta (right) is the brother who conducted the Bell Pottinger interview..

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Jonas says he never met the Guptas before or after the incident. He said he assumed it was Ajay. He says when shown pictures of them he realised he can’t tell the difference. “It’s common cause there was a Gupta brother.” #StateCaptureInquiry.

Ajay Gupta denies having met Jonas and says he was at his business office at the time. Jonas says this is not true. #StateCaptureInquiry.

Jonas on argument by Ajay Gupta that he never mentioned previously that Gupta threatened to kill him: The first formal, extensive statement we made was to the commission. The conversation with the Public Protector was in a different context. #StateCaptureInquiry.

#StateCaptureInquiry Mokoena refers again to the statement of Ajay Gupta submitted to @StateCaptureCom last year. Mokoena refers to the mention of the reported death threat Jonas reported during his testimony last year..

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Jonas is firm, There was a Gupta present right through the discussion. Duduzane Zuma states Ajay Gupta was at Sahara Computers in Midrand and Rajesh Gupta (pictured) popped in. I am confident that there was a Gupta brother in the room, says Jonas. Photo via @amaBhungane..

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