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It was everything that came from Amber Heard’s mouth that ended up making her the liar! #TheFive.

Wall to wall coverage of @Liz_Cheney’s Sham J6 hearings & Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial ZERO coverage of the Food Processing plants burning down across America, 10,000 Cattle randomly dying OR the Ghislaine Maxwell trial THIS is why we call the Media the Enemy of the People..

1. Amber Heard didn’t “make a pledge.” She signed a legal document stating Johnny Depp would give her $7million that she would then donate = to ACLU & CHLA. He gave her the $. She kept it. 2. She went on National TV stating she’d donated the $. 3. She is pathologically delusional.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS! Is Amber Heard CAUGHT Cheating On Johnny Depp With A Woman??! You saw it here first! #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Get the word out:.

Amber Photo,Amber Photo by Andy Signore,Andy Signore on twitter tweets Amber Photo

Juror Reveals Why Amber Heard Lost to Johnny Depp: She Had ‘Crocodile Tears’ and Made Us ‘Uncomfortable’.

Everyone mad that Ekin-Su shaded Amber’s relationship but she threw Dami off him like she was resisting arrest last night so #LoveIsland.

The verdict in Amber Heard’s defamation trial means that it’s worse to survive abuse than it is to perpetrate it. In my first for @TorontoStar, I explain why identifying abuse is critical to trauma recovery. Read here:.

amber #izmir #cigli çiçeği iskorçina kumarcı tıklatabilme.

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Guys. Two seasons was over too fast. Thanks again to all my little friends. I love The Amber Ruffin Show so much. This crew, these writers, my king, @jennyhagel!!! It’s a dream!! #TARSWatchParty.

A member of the Depp vs. Heard jury said Amber Heard made him feel “uncomfortable” during the trial in which her ex-husband Johnny Depp sued her for defamation over a Washington Post op-ed she wrote in 2018..

Fox News
Fox News

Johnny Depp performs with Jeff Beck in Finland as Amber Heard is spotted shopping following defamation trial.

Trish should be thanking amber for that raft that’s taking her out of there. Ungrateful ass #NakedAndAfraidXL.

Not this bitch saying “you left us there to rot.” No yall talked shit about Amber and we’re tickled when she left so STFU #NakedAndAfraidXL.

can i get a bussy latte please, uhm. hold the latte- extra bussy. THANK YOU! 😣😣.

Trish really mad that amber left her to fend for herself after constantly attacking her. #nakedandafraid.

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Amber wouldn’t look twice at the same men who are doing up avengers for her that what’s funny. Ur no different to dami in her eyes lol #TALKSWITHASH.

@ReallySwara This is a brilliant thread explaining why Depp is the abuser and Amber the victim..

Poll results are in, the public has spoken, a verdict has been reached. Amber Heard can fuck ALL the fucking way off. #AmberHeardIsANarcissist #AmberHeardlsALiar.

I bought the flowers with my own money. I paid for the Uber that took me to the courthouse. It’s my handwriting on the card. I gave Amber Heard flowers because I wanted to give her flowers. Why are you all so desperate to turn something kind into something ugly?.

Johnny Depp aún hace latir el corazón de Amber Heard 😶 💓.

Amber lives rent free 24/7 in Trish’s head - such a bitter woman #nakedandafraidxl.

I think maybe Amber has done too little too late to save herself from eviction…. #TALKSWITHASH.

@EW Just go and pay him his money and shut up already. Haven’t you done enough Amber heard, haven’t you ruin that man’s life enough.

bitch i was using the words condescendingly. YOU PEOPLE WANT TO BE VICTIMS SOOOOOO BAD🥱 just like amber i guess 😗@lizziekins.

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미치겠네 죄송합니다 이제 봤어요 ㅋ ㅋㅌ ㅋㅊㅋ ㅋ.

When Amber took me to that Star Wars exhibit I damn near cried. I was in that bitch bumping metal with R2-D2. Shit was sweet!.

@hoginhiding @stillicides honestly tho i was quite keen for him to go for Amber because a Dami and Indiyah coupling - i would like to see it.

@Owl_Whisperer Thing is, Johnny admitted that something awoke within him when he met Amber. He took responsibility admitting that the marriage was a mid life crisis.

Amber needs a fat slap, sis is always saying Unnecessary shit #loveIsland.

Amber Photo,Amber Photo by lucy,lucy on twitter tweets Amber Photo

@PerezHilton Did you see picture of Megan in that white coat/dress? There was a mysterious rectangle under it on her chest. Who wants her around taping anything? As bad as Amber..

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