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A veiled threat from ANCWL president Bathabile Dlamini that they will break away from the ANC.

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@SundayTimesZA When incompetent men were about to be removed ANCWL naba thiba le ka Dibokong so whose to blame?.

@FloydShivambu @PublicProtector I love what i see the EFF wants to do here contributing towarda a good course,not this my nonsense ANC members fat cats,big bellies are failing their own member Public Protector,i so wished members of the ANCWL take cognizant the good done by the opposition party.

@VusiSambo @errolbsk ANC decreased by 10% in the province, even some RET people were not happy with uMsunduzi and ethekwini leadership, too many people died, conferences postponed all the time. They had to go even ancwl is not angry that gumede was fired bt they want her to be replaced by a female.

#ZandileGumede KZN ANCWL Chair Nonhlanhla Khoza says the league doesn’t have a Mayoral candidate for @eThekwiniM but they want Zandile Gumede’s replacement to be a woman. #eNCA.

Imagine if the ANCWL showed up for rape victims like this..

@hlubizer @errolbsk The six men are a resource because sometimes we lose debates because we are emotional so now we want experts to argue, on her justification for the inclusion of men in the ANCWL delegation at the 2017 Policy Conference..

@SammySenamela I doubt. The aggrieved ANCWL is in KZN only where they are six and half. No mama outside KZN will join the #ANCWL #RETGang if they were to break away and form a stokvel. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.



On #XolaniGwalaShow PP files a record of the evidence she relied on in her BOSASA report, we speak to her office, Parly’s committee on basic education on Elijah Mhlanga’s “sultry” pictures promoting reading, also which male MEC will GP premier remove? also ANCWL Pres Interview.

@dolly_Imbo @shahlesonke is married to ANC and I love her love for ANCWL is in safe hands.


Literally nobody would welcome ANCWL if it were to break away.

@errolbsk 😂😂😂 Errol ANCwl led by Bathabile with Nomvula in the mix hehehehehe.

@DebbieBloodmoon @City_Press Isibindi esingaka .. Wow AboBathabile are used to this corruption. How do you threaten the Organization because one of your party wing members are found corrupt? The leadership of ANCWL must be disbanded if they push this.

@Penxenxe Ngabe seyinguye You are taxpayers money and when you caught you run and mobilize ANCWL to stand by your side and your fellow ziyamakha umntu.

#CyrilRamaphosa Meanwhile, the ANC Women’s League says the organisation will not be used to fight factional battles within the mother-body. ANCWL President Bathabile Dlamini says the survival of the ANC depends on its unity. RM Picture cred : BusinessLIVE.


I fully understand why ANCWL president Bathabile Dlamini is issuing thinly veiled attack on her political party, ANC for that matter. The timing of the removal or should I say firing is really bad. It is the #WomensMonth and they feel hard done, @GwalaBnews #SAfmTalkingPoint.

Who will break away with them? The ANCWL is a shadow of its former self..

When is the ANCWL 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 ingathi ayisafiki azosuka looMama.

@ewnupdates Uma irandi liwa sizolicosha kusho one of those capable women in the sisuka kude.

ANCWL: Women in ANC as capable as men.


@SechabaKatutu @IOL Seems the ANCWL in KZN is not singing from the same hymn sheet with its national leadership.


@eNCA Do it !!!.... You would fit in better with the EFF !!!? PS how do the ANCWL break away from the ANC ?.

Dlamini: ANCWL will not be used for internal factional battles.


A veiled threat from ANCWL president Bathabile Dlamini that they will break away from the ANC.

The @WomensLeagueHQ will be hosting President Ramaphosa’s conversation with women. The conversation with the President has been preceded by the ANCWL NEC Lekgotla in July, which provided an opportunity for women to reflect progress made in the 25 years of democratic governance..

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