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Andile Lungisa has been served with a notice to hand himself over within 48 hours to begin his jail term. | @MaliDayimani

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Advovolicious ()

South African Constitution Court: Release Cde Andile Lungisa - Sign the Petition! via @Change

MotshewaKeMama❤️🖤💚 ()

Had Andile Lungisa been white and a member of the DA, the courts would have recommended he goes for an Anger Management Course. Pho is being punished by the CR17 judges for supporting NDZ. #FreeAndileLungisa

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MotshewaKeMama❤️🖤💚 ()

If Andile Lungisa would have been involved in a fight with a black person,do you think he would have receive the 2 years sentence? #FreeAndileLungisa

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MotshewaKeMama❤️🖤💚 ()

Andile lungisa is going to prison but de Klerk is still free. #FreeAndileLungisa

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Sweet_T ()

Will these ANC voters claiming Andile Lungisa is unfairly prosecuted take their fight to the Justice Minister who happens to be an ANC person.

Sir SômNyamã Bhuqe
Sir SômNyamã Bhuqe ()

The silence of NDZ on issue of Andile Lungisa & Zandile Gumede is too loud. BlueTicking revolution!!! Salute to Bathabile & Mahambehlala 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🖤🖤🖤💚💛

Yola Mafuna 🇿🇦
Yola Mafuna 🇿🇦 ()

3 men are attacking Andile Lungisa , he uses a jug of water to defend himself and today he gets arrested for a sentence of 2 whole years 💔 what justice system??

Moo venda 🇿🇦
Moo venda 🇿🇦 ()

Andile Lungisa uzoba strong. He made his bed and it is only fair that he rest on it. Justice must be served GBH it is

Battalion 54
Battalion 54 ()

Couple of years back the same Anc was ready to bury Our President Julius Malema alive and we fought a good fight, today Anc is doing the same to Andile Lungisa and I see young Black people laughing, the day they wake up we will be back to 1652.

Patrone ()

This noise about Andile Lungisa going to jail is sickening. No one told him to hit someone with a glass in full view of the cameras. He must go to jail and shut up. There was never a conspiracy to remove him. He removed himself. #andilelungisa

Ren ()

So everyone else is to blame for #Andile Lungisa violently assaulting a person except him. This crime was caught on camera in a place full of people and yet many say he is not guilty. This is just insanely mind blowing! But then he is @MYANC and they are all angels. Not!

Lungisani Nkosi
Lungisani Nkosi ()

Cde Andile Lungisa is African National is Lungisa .. ANC current leadership will regret this

Cabanga Maluleka 🇿🇦
Cabanga Maluleka 🇿🇦 ()

South African Constitution Court: Release Cde Andile Lungisa - Sign the Petition! via @Change

SAfm news
SAfm news ()

ANC politician Andile Lungisa claimed to supporters outside prison that he had been prosecuted for fighting corruption in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. He claimed there was no bad blood between him and DA councillor Ryno Kayser. #sabcnews

Lungisani Nkosi
Lungisani Nkosi ()

Andile Lungisa is the first Cde after Apartheid to go to Prison for defending the Revolutionary ANC ✊✊

Butana ()

@pleshido_sp @tshidi_lee Are you saying so cause the league died with the departure of their former president ? And they fear being shown the door also as we witness the open letter andile lungisa saga

Teekay. ()

Ramaphosa released real criminals and prosecutes Andile Lungisa who was defending himself.

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T H A P E L O 🇿🇦
T H A P E L O 🇿🇦 ()

Andile Lungisa was charged, trialled and sentenced while his RET father Zuma was President. LEAVE CYRIL ALONE IDIOTS

Sunflower ✨
Sunflower ✨ ()

@Advovolicious @mrlungisa Andile Lungisa should’ve pleaded guilty, shown true remorse, and asked for forgiveness, and proposed true community service. Instead, he fought tooth and nail, shown zero remorse for the victim, and came across as arrogant. Bad lawyers.

Mokone Ngwato
Mokone Ngwato ()

This Andile Lungisa issue is good for the country, now his faction will be pushing for PPE thieves on the other faction to be prosecuted.

Jabu_Gumede ()

Your president murdered miners working in his mine, has been looting government contracts, sold out ANC comrades during the struggle, his administration looted over R500 billion. But Andile 🤦🏼‍♂️ay asazi

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Ndebele is 🔥🔥🔥 🇿🇦
Ndebele is 🔥🔥🔥 🇿🇦 ()

Cyril and Zuma must join Andile Lungisa 1. For killing of marikana miners 2. Stealing of our taxes 3. Killing of Collins khoza and Andris Tatane

Thojana Ya Thesele
Thojana Ya Thesele ()

@Noxxcee Do you feel this way because it’s Andile Lungisa or for all first time offenders? What would be a less harsh/fair sentence for him? We always preach that people must face the full might of the law. The law took its course here(a rare occurrence in SA) & it was fair to be honest

Musawenkhosi Dlamini
Musawenkhosi Dlamini ()

The media, all three TV stations are focused on Bizos funeral. That is what they want us to focus on !! They are not showing you that Andile Lungisa has a crowd bigger than Cyril. #ANCYL #andilelungisa

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Your Ex 🇿🇦
Your Ex 🇿🇦 ()

Andile Lungisa is going to prison today for his 2 year jail term but I can assure you he will be back home christmas

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Happy MJ
Happy MJ ()

Andile Lungisa - orange jumpsuits at St. Albans Correctional Centre? Emjiva is not nice.

Thohoyandou 🇿🇦 🇧🇼
Thohoyandou 🇿🇦 🇧🇼 ()

They misled poor Andile Lungisa to remain defiant after committing a crime instead of showing remorse. Now he is doing time alone while they are left to expose their stupidity in shouting from the rooftop

Sean Mr G Goss 3
Sean Mr G Goss 3 ()

Andile Lungisa incarceration is a warning to anyone outspoken about the Thumaminions, could face a similar This shit of Assault could have been settled out of court! Jooste, Diko, Pravin, De Klerk never saw a court, let alone, prison! @mduKuPhela


Former ANC Nelson Mandela Bay councilor, Andile Lungisa, is counting the hours before starting his two-year jail sentence today. #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

News24 ()

Andile Lungisa has been served with a notice to hand himself over within 48 hours to begin his jail term. | @MaliDayimani

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