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Because of course. Andrew Giuliani says he plans to run for New York governor against Cuomo

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𝑹ꭼꭼꭰ ()

Bueno. Creo, Creo que por primera vez en la vida le voy a hacer caso a la paranoia de Andrew. ——se levantó de su asiento desperezándose un poco——. Eso ya huele a gato encerrado.

ugly bastard
Ugly bastard ()

Andrew not realizing you gotta take it slow the first time so he thrusts in so fast and Edgar’s eyes just go blank and he goes slack jawed and starts drooling and


@NewYoursbitchas @Andrew_Mugg Yeah I will just gotta wait 😭 I ain’t trying to annoyed the gang that’s why

JT ()

@AdithyaR_YXE @andrew_croxford Got you, makes sense. Of course having to factor in other stuff like serious lasting damage etc to greater numbers in that stadium too.

Coley💤 ()

@itbeJonB i also grew up with tobey as the first spiderman and he will always be the nostalgic pic but imo andrew was just everything peter should have been. i love tom holland i just don’t like the way he has been brought into the mcu

Andrew Chester
Andrew Chester ()

@NFFC Nige with the worst attempt at an overhead kick the world has ever seen there 😅 Great days, my second season as an #NFFC fan when Wembley was an annual day out 😍

💛Fearlessly, Gemma💛
💛Fearlessly, Gemma💛 ()

@spideyupdated Tobey Maguire was amazing as Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield was great as Spiderman but Tom Holland has both aspects of the role nailed

Matt Simon
Matt Simon ()

Cuomo‘s NY: Illegals to Get $ More in Aid Than Small Businesses via @BreitbartNews

Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson ()

Because of course. Andrew Giuliani says he plans to run for New York governor against Cuomo

Ren💙💚||married to Jaime
Ren💙💚||married to Jaime ()

andrew d@bb i hope your ac stops working on the hottest day of the season

Otwarte Klatki
Otwarte Klatki ()

„Było to najgorsze miejsce, jakie kiedykolwiek odwiedziłem. Piekło na Ziemi.” @andrew_skowron ❗️❗️

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⌜Jessy⌝ 🍋
⌜Jessy⌝ 🍋 ()

Andrew Garfield aqui parece um personagem do Choque de cultura show 😂

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Coffee House
Coffee House ()

‘The events of the past week have not occurred in isolation. They are instead the inevitable consequence of a dangerous drift encouraged in different ways at Stormont, in Whitehall and in Dublin.’ ✍️ Andrew McQuillan

Catherine ()

Andrew Laming is a warped individual who needs help. He has no place in the Liberal Party, politics or public life.

Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors ()

Final 📊 Stephen 41p/6r/4a Kelly 19p/6r/1a/2s Kent 18p/1r/2a/2s James 13p/10r/2a/1b Jordan 10p/1r/6a Andrew 9p/4r/2a/1s/2b Draymond 6p/5r/8a/1b Kevon 4p/4r/3a/1s Damion 2p/5r

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L. Ron Howard
L. Ron Howard ()

@Anothon3584881 I agree that is what true Conservatives believe yes. You have to be honest though, Andrew. You are becoming a unicorn in your own party.

Beatrizrestrepo ()

@scrappymas A mi con los huracanes son muy distintos pero a pesar de cuando ocurre y lo largo muchas veces, me quedo con el huracán. Me toco Andrew en el muy asustador

on my way
On my way ()

I NEVER want to see Andrew on the TV again, no spin offs, oh and shame on his mom too #fakepanicattackmyass #90DayFiance

Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
Jon Cooper 🇺🇸 ()

Long Island GOP Reps. Lee Zeldin and Andrew Garbarino took a victory lap after the MTA and Long Island Railroad announced they would reverse service cuts, despite voting AGAINST the $ trillion stimulus bill that made the service restoration possible.

Breitbart News
Breitbart News ()

Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was paid more than $4 million to write a book about his “successful” handling of the pandemic at the same time his office was hiding coronavirus nursing home deaths, according to a report.

Marcelo Lopez, CFA
Marcelo Lopez, CFA ()

It was a great pleasure to talk to Andrew again about all things #uranium

Andrew Sebol
Andrew Sebol ()

Matt Carpenter is insane. 3 pitches. Swung once. Strikeout. Makes $18 million a year. He’s nuts.

Chey ()

unpopular opinion but i think andrew garfield is the best spiderman and that the amazing spider-man 2 is the best one

Samuel Cahow
Samuel Cahow ()

Andrew and Garrett finish the open 8 with find of 2:16 and 2:28 respectively! #DCSTigers

Ruairi ()

@_UTD_andrew @MxDgby France and Germany trying to turn a vaccine into another world war

Andrew Petter Nold Long 🇧🇷 🇺🇸 Bolsonarista 🧠
Andrew Petter Nold Long 🇧🇷 🇺🇸 Bolsonarista 🧠 ()

@cesarmaia Nenhuma novidade. Eles aderiram à agenda esquerdista e comunista. O Brasil mudou, e os cegos continuam os mesmos.

Meador ()

I can’t vouch for @Gekz4wex anymore He said ‘yo mama so fat she has a space orbit’ This is just lies and slander Truly disgusting, that some people would do this horrible thing

Janet Jacme
Janet Jacme ()

Never forget Santana, Rolling Ray and my sista Andrew Caldwell keeping MLK’s legacy alive during the protests last year. Icons.

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BeBe Burns
BeBe Burns ()

Prince Andrew is seen riding in Windsor with female groom amid fresh pressure for him to speak ... via @MailOnline ...meanwhile back on planet Windsor👇

Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô ()

Dr. Andrew Baker, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner: “[11 ng/mL of fentanyl] is a fatal level of fentanyl under normal circumstances.”

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