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They text yal bec yal not celebs and yal easy access Just last month u and I were fighting over a table at spur

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Eish shidi this one MSANGANO called Queen Sono, Anele go adjust or fix the G SPOT around your tooth 🦷 that’s how we gonna forget the Kelly Roland Saga

Thembekile ()

@Anele If you tell a reporter that the story is not true they absolutely have to capture your reply accurately. If that does not happen, the Press Ombudsman has been helpful in ordering publications to apologize/print retractions of stories.

Kim Smith🌈
Kim Smith🌈 ()

Why is anele trending? What beautiful picture did Kelly Rowland post now

Anele Photo,Anele Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Dr Ntozini Psychology Centre
Dr Ntozini Psychology Centre ()

@Anele Midrand In Vorna valley. Bookings can be done via WhatsApp on 0780260328🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Anele Mdoda
Anele Mdoda ()

See you in the vaccine queue 😂😂😂😂 call when you arrive so I can come get you. Like a club 😂😂😂😂😂

Anele Mdoda
Anele Mdoda ()

I see what you did there and we refuse to stoop to your level of petty. We are busy planning a vaccine roll out here and wa distracta.

Sibu ()

Bonang and Somizi are the only celebrities we have in South Ah, the rest are influencers. Rest Anele, rest.

Msira. ()

@Anele @mabumdluliii like what y guys did during real that was some good research your put inthose questions

🌟Woman of the Month🌟
🌟Woman of the Month🌟 ()

This hun trends whenever Kelly Rowland posts a new picture, and now she wants journos to camp outside in trees cause effort. D I Z Z Y

Mabheka™ ()

@Lihle_Shwai @siyamtitshana Bad,even the comedian dude was bad I watched the whole thing I was more interested in storyline,everyone was all over the place they somehow looked like the Kasi stories characters.

Champagne Pipi
Champagne Pipi ()

They text yal bec yal not celebs and yal easy access Just last month u and I were fighting over a table at spur

Anele Mdoda
Anele Mdoda ()

After you have delivered a link that was the heat. Naaaaaaah I will deliver it again just like that😝😝

T.S 🇿🇦
T.S 🇿🇦 ()

@anele_thethani Lendoda engabe iyasukuma ithathe, iyobheka omunye ozoysula izinyembezi

Anele Photo,Anele Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Lovable of AGC Courier
Lovable of AGC Courier ()

Anele Mdoda defends Somizi’s behaviour towards the journalists

Watermelon🍉 ()

So SouthA celebrities want paparazzi?!😂😂😂 Okay. #Somizi


Anele Mdoda defends Somizi’s behaviour towards the journalists

Vuyo Mkhize
Vuyo Mkhize ()

@Anele by the time they call you, they are done hunting it the stakeout is the long lenses are the helicopter is back on the they are only giving you an opportunity to exercise your right to pre-publication which you can POLITELY decline!

Thuli ()

@tidoo Anele wants reporters to be paparazzi and follow them home and hide behind trees

Lindokuhle Mponco
Lindokuhle Mponco ()

@Anele And then when journalists do that nizothi niyastalkwa and yiInvasion of privacy.

Lizwe Maphulumpana
Lizwe Maphulumpana ()

@UWFM88_106FM Bulisa 1. Andile Mrwetyana 2. Anele Mdlokolo 3. Tesh Dlabantu 4. Maxesibe Ngamlana 5. Wandile Dweku @PSJ ndise Mrhuleni #KhanyaGqiyazana

ModernRakgadi ()

@Anele I wonder what will be your excuse then once they hang on the tree for a

Mpinga ()

But when you want to rekindle your dwindling career you call the same journalists bloody hypocrites.

YT: Neo URL ()

Imagine hiding in trees and getting into helicopters to take top view pictures of Anele.

ModernRakgadi ()

Bathong Paparazzi style of finding the truth in South bo @Anele 😏

DIME 💎 ()

You guys go to the same gyms as these people probably even neighbours. Girl come on


soze ndikwele umthi during ipanasonic. and imagine renting a chopper for celebrities we don’t even have. aowa.

Harold Ferwood
Harold Ferwood ()

Yip, go all the way to looking for used condoms in

ECC🔻 #COVIDisAirborne 🌬️🌬️🌬️
ECC🔻 #COVIDisAirborne 🌬️🌬️🌬️ ()

@elsitacabello Yo lo hago desde marzo. Y como yo, muchos más. Pero los irresponsables mandan todo nuestro esfuerzo al carajo.

B✨ ()

Makes no sense cause you’re the same people who don’t want fake stories written about y’all, better heard from the horse’s mouth right?

Kesh-Flow ()

@Lilsislondz @Anele Theres paparazzi then there is a thin line but theres a difference

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