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After wasting 10 years of her life anonza is selfish #AskAMan.

Anonza Photo,Anonza Photo by Samuel Jr,Samuel Jr on twitter tweets Anonza Photo

Anonza doesn’t wanna leave his woman because he is not ready to see her moving on with another man that will treat her better. Anonza is very selfish!!! #AskAMan.

#AskAMan Anonza is scared of breaking up with his baby mama but not scared of busy having kids out of wedlock 🙄.

Anonza must just let the lady go and stop wasting 10 more years with her knowing he doesn’t love her #Askaman.

Anonza is over this 8 year relationship mogirl should choose herself #AskAMan.

Anonza Photo,Anonza Photo by Samuel Jr,Samuel Jr on twitter tweets Anonza Photo

@METROFMSA @thebridge_sa #AskAMan Anonza is so selfish, manipulative and disrespectful. Let the GF go and find someone who loves and respects her enough to be faithful. Everything has consequences, you messed up and stop being a coward. He’s not scared his selfish & childish.

#AskAMan Anonza is not scared he’s just confused by his sticky situation he created..

#AskAMan anonza stop counting year and take time of yourself and love yourself cause what your doing now is cheating.

Anonza do you know that this will mess up her psychologically… bra man up please, let her go politely!!#AskAMan.

Naked: “Good fathers are transparent …” Anonymous: “Nah” Haibo, kanti Anonza ufunani?? 🙇🏾‍♀️ #AskAMan.

#AskAMan Anonza is hiding something. And the way he sounds so scared of talking something is.

Anonza legit called in to ask how to dump his baby mama? Yall need to think before you make babies cos here is a broken family already and anonza wants to move on and leave this lady with two kids. How will she explain to the kids? Cos he will not shame #AskAMan.

@METROFMSA anonza being scared of telling his 1st baby mama means he still loves her. Go see psychologist abuti @Naked_Dj #AskAman.

Anonza be a man sit your girl down, she’ll heal and move on and she’ll be glad that you’re honest #AskAMan.

@mog_moments @Naked_Dj can you please ask #Anonza #AskAMan if the new girlfriend on the side if she knows the one (10 Years relationship).Coz sound like bamloyile!!! hahaha!!!🤣🤣🤣.

Anonza u just want to hv ur cake n eat it ngapha na ngapha? U ddnt loose interest you were never intending to be with 1st bby mama u were just comfortable 🤷🤷🤷#AskAMan.

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Anonza is a whore , why didnt tell the new guy that she was in a she did the punk took advantage of the will all end in tears #AskAMan.

Wena Anonza you are suffering from “Abantu bazothini syndrome”…. You are hurting this lady , she really doesn’t deserve this #AskAMan.

Anonza is gonna say his story piece by piece and Marian have to Ask A Man #AskAMan.

Anonza Photo,Anonza Photo by Sello Somo,Sello Somo on twitter tweets Anonza Photo

Guy 1 never wanted to marry Anonza and Anonza is getting what she wanted when she allowed herself to be with a cheater in the first place. Now she has turned to being a cheater herself #AskAMan.

#AskAMan @Naked_Dj I say she needs to leave the 8 year relationship, the relationship has expired. If it was working and they were happy she would not have cheated. Move on to new D Anonza.

Anonza called in to ask for permission to leave her schitofied bf basically 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ #AskAMan.

Yhoo Anonza it’s really not nice to stay in a relationship for the sake of “Sibuya kude”…. Akubuywa ngoku, don’t waste her time bro… let her #AskAMan.

Anonza has paid lobolo guys, so he is traditionally married. He must also tell the families. #AskAMan.

@niqita11 The guy is married and he is very understanding problem with anonza she is used to fast guts who bang and leave her 7 weeks is nothing really. Patience.

Naked DJ asked uncomfortable but important questions to help Anonza decide how to move forward. The music played after the segment is so triggering 🥹 #AskAMan.

Women operate on a time clock. Men - financial clock. Anonza is racing against time and age is not on her side. As a result, you will make mistakes rushing to settle with the wrong person. #AskAMan.

Anonza should keep the 2nd guy & leave the 8 years one, she’s been waiting for marriage & it didn’t come. The thing about forgiveness won’t work shame. #AskAMan.

Anyway, I like hearing anonza saying, “yeah I see”, like the woman sees nothing, she’ll go back, she was just too lukewarm and no firmness in her statement. Indoda shame is a basic need for her. #AskAMan.

Anonza you have proven to yourself and the guy that you are not in a relationship with him because you love him you are with him because its convenient hence you found the man of your dreams/your husband ekhona, so allow him to find his wife also, #AskAMan #TheBridg @Naked_Dj.

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