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Thats It!Enough is Enough! If you think apartheid was a crime against humanity please join me in a non-partisan Citizens Campaign to approach the Nobel Foundation to take back the Nobel Peace Prize from FW DeKlerk At 10k retweets we launch formally!Lets go! #BringBackThePrize

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Madzenga ()

To the DA supporters what is your position with regard to apartheid. You are too quiet . Comment please. @Our_DA

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☀️👀 ()

oh and by the way protesters are right: israel is a racist apartheid genocidal settler-colonial state

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Nickolaus Bauer ()

Hey @steve_hofmeyr! We’re having a chat about #Apartheid & #WhiteSouthAfricans responsibility in building a prosperous country for all on @Radio702 this morning at 10am. Been trying to contact you but no Join the conversation? 📻 🎙

Dan Pollak ()

@RobertGSilvermn When i was in Israel last i had to go to a hospital for a minor injury. The (Jewish & Arab) medical staff treated Arabs who arrived after me as a priority because they were sicker than I was. That is not apartheid at any level.

Minister of Transport |Mr Fix ()

FW de Klerk Foundation apologises to SA, agrees apartheid was a crime against humanity (via )

Nomsa Maseko ()

I spoke to FW de Klerk on Friday following the @EFFSouthAfrica demand that he be ejected from parliament #Apartheid #CrimeAgainstHumanity

Dali Mpofu ()

Thats It!Enough is Enough! If you think apartheid was a crime against humanity please join me in a non-partisan Citizens Campaign to approach the Nobel Foundation to take back the Nobel Peace Prize from FW DeKlerk At 10k retweets we launch formally!Lets go! #BringBackThePrize

Siv Ngesi ()

FW was forced to end Apartheid, please don’t get it twisted!

PSC ()

Time for us to unite together against UK complicity with Israeli apartheid! 🇵🇸 Get involved in Israeli Apartheid Week 2020: #UnitedAgainstRacism

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The Game Changer ()

Strangely, Young Elon Musk is on the cover of this Uncle Kracker album with a tattoo that says Kracker that he got growing up in apartheid South Africa

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Champion tenza ()

FW de Klerk is a criminal 1966: UN GA labelled apartheid a crime against humanity Resolution 2202 A(XXI) of 16-12-1966 1973: Apartheid Convention adopted by GA on 30-11-1973 Resolution 3068(XXVIII) approved 1984: SC endorsed Resolution 556(1984) declared apartheid as criminal

SABC News Online ()

UN refutes De Klerk’s claims on apartheid The United Nations (UN) has rubbished De Klerk‘s claims that apartheid was not a crime against humanity.

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Jacaranda News ()

FW de Klerk Foundation insists Apartheid was not a crime against humanity

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Lerato Pillay ()

APLA Liberation Fighters are Still in Jail for Fighting Apartheid

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🔰Mary Ferreira🔰 ()

Vamos repassar até chegar em um advogado PATRIOTA, q queira defender esse homem das ienas q querem acabar com 📣Ele precisa de ajuda urgentemente 🙏😔 #HansRiverLivre Apartheid aqui no Brasil NÃO RACISMO É CRIME

Terriberry ()

With help like this apartheid will be here in no time flat. No thanks! #BloombergIsARacist

Terrill Tailfeathers ()

This is how white moderates roll. Why don’t they just help stand against oppression and stand with the proper titleholders to help end Indian Act apartheid in on reserve?


HEAT PODCAST: Does Trump’s Mideast peace plan normalize ‘apartheid’ for the Palestinians? Author @AliAbunimah joins @AnandNaidoo to discuss if the plan ignores basic human rights. LISTEN:

Koketso Resane ()

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Jacob Zuma stepping down as president. FW De Klerk was president for 4 Years 7 Months but there’s people who have been led to believe he was an apartheid autocratic ruler for 20 years. Jacob was president for twice as long, literally. #SONA

BDS movement ()

India’s new citizenship law and the abrogation of Kashmir’s special status resemble Israel’s apartheid and colonialism. Our struggles must unite to challenge this collaboration and the exchange of arms & methods. #UnitedWePrevail #MilitaryEmbargo on Israel

Mzilikazi wa Afrika ()

“There is nothing the apartheid government has not done to me. There isn’t any pain I haven’t known.” ~ Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

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♊Teebag 🐘🇿🇦 ()

So last night your ANC defended a guy who says apartheid was not a crime against humanity and DA was defending Its a mess

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Old Man Russell ()

Vou simplificar o tema, tentando ser o mais didático possível para até quem está passando o pano pro MBL consega entender o que foi o Apartheid. Conhecimento a gente pode propagar, já empatia é mais difícil pq a maioria das pessoas vivem fechadas em seus mundinhos. Segue o fio.

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O Pato Goodfellas da Casa 58 ()

O @jornalnacional já normalizou o relincho preconceituoso de Paulo Guedes e seu apartheid neoliberal, o foco são as reformas. Eu já avisei, se implantarem campos de concentração e fornos p pobres e minorias, a imprensa pré-paga vai relativizar em nome do projeto ultraneoliberal

Ray ()

@RLong_Bailey Well well, i never knew you was a Zionist, supporting an apartheid state , its something socialists do not do.

SABC News Online ()

WATCH | Prior to their walkout at #SONA2020 the EFF made reference to an SABC News interview with the last apartheid president, FW De Klerk denying that apartheid was a crime against humanity. FULL INTERVIEW >

Max Blumenthal ()

A malign foreign apartheid government boasts of the pivotal role it plays in undermining the constitutional rights of Americans

BDS movement ()

As India adopts Israeli methods of repression and buys Israeli arms, growing resistance to Israeli apartheid and Indian Hindutva unites Palestinians, Kashmiris and Indians. #UnitedWePrevail #MilitaryEmbargo on Israel

Santiago Abascal ()

Avanza el apartheid separatista, con la complicidad del gobierno. El racismo lingüístico es tan repugnante como el biológico. VOX estará pronto en el parlamento de Cataluña para hablar en las lenguas de los catalanes sin excluir a nadie. ¡Visca Espanya!

☚ #chooseday #Brits2020 ☛
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